“We are Striving for Increased Product Customization”

    Gurvinder Singh
    Mr. Gurvinder Singh,
    MD, VMT Industries
    Gautam Raj Prashar
    Mr. Gautam Raj Prashar,
    Director- Sales & Mkt., VMT Industries
    New Delhi based, Vishkarma Machine Tools known as VMT in project engineering cargo industry is a family owned business entity. The company has its origin, way back in 1960. Then it used to manufacture agriculture implements and machineries, featuring basic levels of technologies. Moving forward, sensing growing business opportunities in infrastructure sector and increasing modularization of industrial infrastructure and requirements to move precast sections for general infrastructure construction from fabrication yards, VMT ventured into manufacturing of basic multi axle trailers. This involved, skeletal container trailers, semi low bed trailers, bob cart trailers, tanker trailers and special purpose trailers. Adding specialization, in the value chain for transporting heavier over dimensional project cargoes, (ODC) safely for project sizes getting bigger, VMT entered into manufacturing of hydraulic modular axle trailers in 2006 and is continuing to produce the conventional trailers. Hydraulic axle modular trailers are essentially a robust platform carrying series of wheels with hydraulic suspensions and capable of being steered hydro mechanically. The relatively newer product line has enabled the company to make fair business penetration among prominent ODC cargo transporters in the country. During a recent interaction, Mr. Gurvinder Singh, MD and Mr. Gautam Raj Prashar, Director- Sales & Marketing, VMT Industries, spoke to P.P. Basistha on the proposed future engineering value addition which VMT is looking to incorporate in its product lines along with introduction of newer product and services. Excerpts:

    VMT Multi Axle Trailers

    Given your wide range of conventional trailers and the relatively new hydraulic axle modular trailers which are the new business areas in infrastructure and project engineering cargo, would you be looking to tap with your transportation solutions?
    While there is emerging demand from energy sector for moving the ODC cargoes, one of the newly emerging segment is renewable energy sector. This involves windmill farms and there are requirements to move bigger nacelles and blades for the windmills, almost 52 meters. Fair numbers of ODC transporters have been looking to gain business from the sector. Catering to the requirements, we have been supplying our trailers to prominent transporters. There are almost 42- 52 trailers which we have supplied to transporters across the country for moving sections of windmills. The trailers to transport sections for windmills are made of special alloys, which reduce the load of the trailers, enabling the prime mover to provide lesser tractive effort, thereby reducing the cost of fuel.

    Until recently, ODC cargoes were preferably moved by the transporters on multinationals' hydraulic trailers, having tow bar attachment coupled to the prime mover. However, looking forward to provide cost competitive indigenous solutions, we manufactured prototype and carried out modifications in the hydraulic axle modular trailers and came out with the desired solutions, featuring stability for safe movement of the cargo both through uniform and undulated roads. We manufacture hydraulic axles modular trailers between 2 axle lines to 6 axle lines with gross weight of the trailers ranging between 36 tons- 108 tons and with payload carrying capacities between 28-84 tons. One of our recent engineering innovations is manufacturing of 'A' frame trailers to cater the requirements of moving sections of precast concrete slabs and marbles between 26 -28 tons. Conventional in its basic design, there are frames on the top of the trailers on which the shipment is placed. This prevents cracks from taking place on the shipment and finally breakage.

    Axle Trailer with Drop Deck

    However, based on requirements of carrying additional loads, what are the solutions you provide through necessary engineering modifications in your hydraulic axle modular trailers?
    We provide trailers between 2 axles to single axle lines. However, based on the width, height and weight of the loads the axle lines can be tailor assembled. This could comprise 6+6+6 or 4+6+6+4, 4+6+2+6+4, 6+6+6+6 combinations, the transporter can make based on his requirements. Combinations can also be made of bolster with goose neck spacer combination or side by side combination based on the size of the load. The combinations can deliver higher load carrying capacities. Our hydraulic axle modular trailers come with advanced technical attributes. With maximum loads our trailers are capable of cruising at high speeds without wobbling. This is due to precise steering angles and a slewing ring mounting on the suspension which ensures the better load distribution. Our light trailers, made of special alloys and advanced fabrication techniques, allow the prime mover to smoothly tow it without pull or drag. This makes the driver feel comfortable and also decreases the wear and tear of tyres, resulting in increased availability of machines. The trailers are equipped with advanced suspension systems ensuring smooth motion even in rough terrain surfaces. All the critical hydraulic components are sourced from globally reputed manufacturers from Germany and France. All the brake components are from TVS/ Knorr. The advanced features and components make hauling of the heavier loads smooth and safe.

    Could you please provide us the examples of project cargo hauled with numerous axle combinations?
    210T Axle Trailer With Axles on Both Sides
    Couple of important consignments moved on combination of axle comprises transportation of 230 tons of cargo on 14 axles from Yamuna Nagar to Panipat Refinery. Transportation of 300 tons concentrates load on 20 axles loaded with spreader platform from Paradeep Port to Vizag covering a distance of 600 km. Movement of boiler tank on 16 axles from Paradeep to Korba in Chhattisgarh. Loading and transportation of 220 tons transformer on 10 axles for local shifting from Paradeep Port to .......

    What is the necessary coordination you have with the customers while designing the trailers? What is the nature of technical support offered to the customers for determining the load variants and most essentially calculating the centre of gravity?
    On our part, we have been taking efforts to manufacture robust and light weight trailers, so as to ensure that the client is able to transport the cargo without component failures. We provide our engineers to our clients during the first two loadings of the consignments. Further, we also train the operators for the period of one week in operation and maintenance of the hydraulic cylinders. We offer guarantee to all hydraulic parts, such as valves, cylinders and pumps for a period of six months from the date of manufacture. Our own components are guaranteed against any defects arising out of defective material or design for a period of one year from the date of dispatch.

    For safe movement of the cargo, we always insist our customers to secure the project cargo drawing from the consignee, so as to appropriately calculate the centre of gravity and resultantly prevent from any serious accidents from occurring. However, it is unfortunate that the advisories are flouted on many occasions by the product manufacturers, the freight forwarders and altogether the transport service providers. There is a requirement to have a serious look at the gap, which continues to be a major grey area in Indian ODC transportation sector.

    Hydraulic Axle Modular Trailer

    Would you please brief us the details of your manufacturing facilities and future expansion plans?
    We have our state of the art manufacturing facility at Binola industrial area near IMT- Manesar, Gurgaon. Our integrated facility, equipped with CNC machines, has a monthly production capacity of seventy mix of axles. We are in the process of acquiring space nearby to expand our production throughout.

    Lifting & Specialized Transport, April-June 2015

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