Mtandt Launching the World’s Largest Tele-handler MAGNI in India

Subhamoy Ghosh
"With the new government at the centre, sentiment is back but not the business, however, when one sees all right actions are in place to pace our growth, we hope business also will not be far away. We consider next 5 years very important for Access Equipment business in India and towards this goal, we are taking all preparation. We are connected with World leading companies, who are continuously upgrading their products technologically in line with ever increasing demand of market and safety regulation. We are a part of this growth as their partner in India. During bC India, we will launch World's Largest Tele-handler in 5T Class MAGNI 5.35, which has got high reach possibility of 35 meter," says Mr. Subhamoy Ghosh, President, Mtandt Group.

How do you see the market potential for Access equipment in India in the coming years?
Although, it will be too early to say; there is light at the end of every tunnel, but certainly we can say that indication are very clear that we are moving in right direction and in good pace to see the end of tunnel. We all are hopeful about the turnaround possibility to economic situation, which has been in stagnant and sometime de-growth situation for the last 2 financial years. However, we would like to express our optimism with cautious approach.

It is true, that sentiment is back but not the business. However, when one sees all right actions are in place to pace our growth, we hope business also will not be far away.

Success of Access Platform will largely depend on changing our mentality about safety. In this country, we still consider "safety" as an added cost to our business and thus it becomes the last priority for investment in most cases. Obviously, there is some exceptional companies, where "safety first" is not just another signboard, but considered as "religion."

We will have to believe and understand safe working environment increases productivity and quality of work and thus safe practices can "save" substantial cost and can help in improving bottom line.

Also, as a matter of fact, in our country new application areas are being created. Overhead metro projects, flyover construction, new airports and shopping malls with high atriums, factory shades with high roofing is creating new opportunity of access platform business.

We consider next 5 years very important for Access Equipment business in India and towards this goal, we are making all preparation.

What according to you, should be done to address the safety related issues in the country?
In general, concern and respect for safety is improving in every level. However, as I mentioned earlier, unless we relate safety with productivity, people will not be enough motivated to invest on equipment related to safety.

We will also require Government to bring up right regulation and implementation process for working with safe man and materials handling equipment, which can really enforce companies to change their mindset.

Do you think that the Indian operators are skilled enough to operate latest and advanced technology products offered by Mtandt in India?
mtandt Access Platform
Firstly, we will have to understand the equipment, which we are labeling as "advanced" here, are already in existence in world market for the last 40-50 years. On the side, some of our so called "new generation" machines produced in India, cannot be found even in smaller economies like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc.

So, I would certainly not consider our offering as "advanced", but will rather say these are "progressive" equipment and a necessity for our current scenario.

We have seen some big construction and project companies are emphasizing on the right practices and methodology. Although, a lot of these initiatives get diluted in ground scenario, but concern of safe practices in Construction Industry is ever increasing.

Once, India comes back to the second phase of growth story, it will be quite important to complete our projects much faster than we have been doing earlier. We have lost substantial number of years in taking our infrastructure to world standard.

With demand of improved speed, need of such "progressive" equipment will be indeed felt. One good sign for us, people who have invested in these equipment do find them extremely useful and productive for their business environment and this motivated them for repeat buying already.

How do you see the equipment demand coming for your range of products in India?
In our Product pyramid, we expect volume sales through products like Vertical Lifts (solution for 5m – 14 m) and Scissor Lifts. There is big latent market of these products and we would like to create more easy connectivity between our potential buyers and our sales network to capitalize on the volume business opportunity.

We also see big growth opportunity for Truck Mounted Solution for Work Platform and Cranes, as mobility and productivity becomes an issue for faster execution of projects. Demand of Truck Mounted Access Platform (for insulated solution) will also come in a big way in India, as Power companies cannot afford shutdown for maintenance work anymore.

We are also very confident about future of Tele-handlers as the Multi-functional Materials Handling Solution in Indian industries. Our offering of Rotating Tele-handlers offers 360 degree Pick-N-Carry solution for users. Loaded with highest Safety features in the industry, these high value equipment can be handled by even lesser educated Operators, as the machine is intelligent for self control.

We heavily rely on Construction Industry, Big Projects and Plants, Electricity Distribution Companies and Municipalities for acceptance of our Truck Mounted AWP and Crane solution and Telehandlers.

On the higher side of our Product Pyramid for access platform, we have possibility of sales of Self-propelled Boom Lifts, Crawlers and Trailer Mounted Access Platform for utilization in new Airports, Shopping Malls, IT and Business Parks, Big Hospitals and certainly to the Rental and Façade Cleaning people.

A word about the scope of rental business in Access equipment?
There is huge opportunity of growth for Rental Companies for Access Platform business. However, currently the Rental Industry is facing enormous challenge due to poor payment flow from their organization, post contract negotiation for closing of long standing overdue.

Unless transparency is established between the Rental companies and their customers, the growth will not be sustainable at either end.

While we relate business of Rental companies to possibility of Sales of Access Platform, there is another scenario.

Electric Scissor Lifts
In all other developed markets, Rental companies are biggest contributor of growth of sales of access equipment. However, as of today a large portion of demand of these equipment are catered by uncontrolled import of second hand equipment. Regulation on second hand import and their usage can be a booster for the Sales of Access Platform. But, it is also important from the point of view of Rental Companies, as there has to be some incentive from the end user for deployment of new machines.

To what extent Mtandt has geared up to meet the expected demand in terms of capacity, upgradation of products and technologies, soft solutions and service back up support?
We are connected with World leading companies, who are continuously upgrading their product technologically in line with ever increasing demand of market and safety regulation. We are a part of this growth as their partner in India.

In terms with capacity, we do not foresee any challenge with any of our Business Partners overseas. They are all geared up to enter into this big developing market together with us.

What is the USP of your initiatives that you think is placing you ahead of your competitors?
As long as, we are able to communicate our value addition to customers, in terms of product knowledge and after sales support, we believe, we will remain market leader. Our main focus area is to build product range and we are now really in a strong position.

In a big country like India, coexistence of different brand is quite possible. The winner will be the one who reaches maximum possible customers and able to convince worth of their offering technically and commercially.

So enhancement of coverage is our key strategy to win new customer and market.

Vertical Access Lift
Mtandt along with IPAF initiated steps to set up an association for access equipment last year. How this association is working and progress it achieved so far?
The India council of IPAF is now formed and Mtandt is on Governing body of this council. We expect, with support of international IPAF Body and contribution of active IPAF Members in India, we will be able to make right representation to the policy makers of country for strict implementation of safe practices for work in height.

What are your plans of participation at bC India trade fair? Do you want to add more products to your portfolio?
The brand Mtandt is quite established in the business of Access Platform, we would like to utilize our presence in bC India to improve our image to our potential customer base.

Another big agenda for us is to announce our partnership with various world's leading companies during this show.

We will launch World's Largest Tele-handler in 5T Class MAGNI 5.35, which has got high reach possibility of 35 meter.

We are looking forward to upcoming show with great enthusiasm.

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