Gilco Global and Orona are synergizing in elevator segment

Gilco Global Pvt Ltd and ORONA: A Synergy that Marks the Beginning of a New Era

Sitting: Mr. Aman Moudgil (second from left),Mr. Saral Gill (centre), Mr. Peio Duran (second from right), Mr. Gaurav Moudgil (first from right)

Gilco Global, the Indian metal fabrication major, has joined hands with Spanish elevator giant ORONA S.Co op. Through this tie-up, both the entities are looking forward to enter the Indian elevator market. In an interview with NBM&CW, Mr. Saral Gill, Mr. Gaurav Moudgil, Mr. Aman Moudgil, Directors of Gilco Global Pvt Ltd, and Mr. Peio Duran, Export Area Manager, ORONA, reveal their future plans in the country.


What are the latest trends and development going on in the elevator industry globally with a special focus on Green and Smart Elevator Technology?
Mr. Duran: The latest trends in elevator industry emphasize a lot on the energy conservation in the lifts. In countries such as Spain, Germany and other EU countries, lifts are classified according to their Energy rating. ORONA is very conscious about the environmental impact of its offerings and is paving ways to create more efficient and low energy consumption solutions for the elevator world. Furthermore, ORONA is the first lift manufacturer in the world which is certified in ECODESIGN ISO14006 (ISO standards aim to improve product quality in an environmentally positive way). ORONA elevators can achieve maximum energy rating (A) through low-consumption drive systems using gearless elevators, low-consumption electronic equipment, efficient lighting using LED, automatic car lighting switch off, and elevator stand-by mode.

The growth story of India started way back in early 2000, and since then, many overseas players have made their way in the country and reaped the benefits. What is the reason of ORONA's late entry in this market when its products are whole-heartedly accepted and installed in over 100 countries from long time?
Mr. Duran: ORONA's policy differs from other overseas players; while they open manufacturing plants in low cost countries, ORONA's strategy is to produce all the elevators under one roof in Europe following the most strict quality standards and tie up with local companies that can offer a reliable installation and maintenance of our lifts. Although we have explored this type of cooperation and tried to approach the Indian market in the past as well, but it did not happen until we got in touch with the Gilco Global Group, which already has a diverse & wide experience in the Indian market for over 36 years. Now, we are seriously looking to establish our presence in the country in collaboration with Gilco Global Pvt Ltd.

ORONA Elevators
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A word about Spain based ORONA Group's tie-up with Gilco Exports and Global C of India. How this partnership is working?
Mr. Duran: This partnership is working very successfully. Global C, with their rich construction experience and deep understanding of the elevator technologies, is being very active in promoting & installing ORONA products. Its staff has gone through extensive training on our installation and maintenance methods. Gilco Group with their rich experience in technical support and maintenance and presence in over 103 cities of India is serving as the backbone for the entire set up.

Gilco is a renowned name in the metal fabrication industry; what prompted you to diversify into the elevator industry and how will your rich expertise in the aviation industry help ORONA to penetrate faster and garner major share in the Indian market?
Mr. Gill: Gilco Exports carries with them a legacy of over 36 years of rich and diverse experience in manufacturing solutions for the Airports, Agriculture, Retail & Consumer sectors. After establishing ourselves in metal fabrication making and supplying competitive cost passenger baggage trolleys and chairs to the aviation sector, we thought of expanding our reach to the elevator industry. In fact, it was the global name of ORONA in manufacturing elevators that pulled us into the sector. Our marketing skills and distribution networks combined with the product quality of ORONA will help it to get a good market share in the coming days.

Having in-depth knowledge of Indian infrastructure sector, what according to you are the factors driving sales and pushing the elevator market in India?
Mr. Aman Moudgil: Various factors are pushing the market for elevators in the country. While urbanization and vertical construction are the prime growth drivers, increasing concerns for energy efficient vertical movement in buildings and growing awareness of people provide the impetus. These factors put together have provided the impetus to the market, and as we continue to urbanize, the demand for elevators will further increase.

As you are well aware that though India is the second largest market in the world but still low-end products and technologies are more in demand here. So what are your plans for this market? Will you serve the niche segment of the market or the entire market including high-tech product segment to mid and low end segment?
Mr. Duran: ORONA is selling its elevators in more than 100 countries. Our product range includes different solutions adapted to different segments. We are very proud to supply high tech products for UK, Germany, France and most of the western countries but equally proud to be able to supply cost effective solutions for low end segment for African countries without compromising on the quality standards as our products are being manufactured in Europe considering the latest European directive for elevators and we cannot dilute the specifications anyhow. In India, we are not looking at mass numbers, which means that we are focusing on the quality conscious segment.

India is a price sensitive market and to compete with its peers, one's products should be reasonably priced. Is Gilco planning to utilize its metal fabricator expertise in manufacturing cars and other metal aggregates for ORONA to cut down the cost?
Mr. Gaurav Moudgil: Well, there will be no local manufacturing in India as the elevators and their entire components will be produced at ORONA's manufacturing facility in Europe. Everything comes in a packaged condition from there. So, without compromising on quality, we are able to supply European technology in India, and this is what will stand us in good stead in the years to come. On the pricing, since we are a 100% in-house solution manufacturer, we are very competitive w.r.t our Industry peers.

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As Indian weather conditions and usability are quite different from European market; how are you customizing your products as per Indian requirement?
Mr. Duran: ORONA lifts are sold in the 5 continents and they have proven to work properly under high temperature and high humidity conditions. Thousands of ORONA elevators are in use in Middle East, Brazil, hundreds in Bangladesh and going to the other extreme, we are also present in Siberia (Russia).

More often than not, when a person enters an elevator, he/she is greeted by a peculiar and unpleasant smell. And the dim lights make it even more suffocating. How are you overcoming these problems by creating a soothing ambience?
Mr. Duran: Passenger comfort is a priority when designing an ORONA lift. By comfort we mean a smooth ride, low noise travel and also to create friendly environment for the passenger. ORONA has recently released a new generation of cabins that fully complies with the latest European directive, EN 81-70 that establishes the minimum lux levels of lighting inside the elevator. Additionally all the materials have been carefully chosen to avoid unpleasant smells and provide a pleasant feeling for the passenger.

A word about spare-part availability and customer support services.
Mr. Aman Moudgil: The success of our global operations is a testimony to the excellent customer support services that we provide. We, after being convinced of Gilco Global's setup in India, are confident that the same practice will be replicated in serving the Indian infra sector as well. As a matter of fact, we claim to have the least breakdown time in the entire industry.

What are your USPs?
Mr. Duran: First and foremost, we are a 100% in-house European product. In fact, we boast of having the biggest complete lift production facility in all of Europe.

Secondly, we are the first lift manufacturer in the world which is certified in ECODESIGN ISO14006, therefore all our offerings are Energy efficient to the best standards in the world.

Thirdly & one of the biggest strengths is that we are the best when it comes to space planning and we can tailor-make a solution as per the shaft size convenient to our customers. Also, we are flexible in our door heights which can be in multiples of 100mm. Same is for our Car size. Our Lift Cars are 100% SS 441 and we don't offer inferior solutions of primed MS in the CAR/ Car ceilings. We being a total in-house manufacturing setup have better quality control/ Quality assurance of our product(s).

Fourthly, we are also the CHEAPEST in terms of MAINTENANCE COST.

Fifthly, we have a huge array of Interior Finishes: We boast a huge range of interior finishes for our lifts with materials ranging from SS 441, to vandal proof finishes in leatherite and elephant skin textures, High pressure & compact laminates in a wide range of colors shades (ranging from plain colors to wooden finishes). We have a huge array of choice for flooring solutions ranging from chequered aluminium, SS, Vinyl finishes of a wide range of shades/textures.

Also, we are technologically superior and capable of producing Shaft-less & Pitless elevator solutions. We have a rich experience in tailoring solutions for buildings where fitting an elevator inside a building is next to impossible. We have developed staircase lifts and platforms which run along the staircase railing. Also, we have solutions for erecting elevators on the building facades (you can therefore have an elevator even if you don't have a shaft in your building). We have solutions & references of elevators with pit depths of 280mm and Head room of 2800mm. This is a major strong point which has enabled ORONA to integrate elevators into architectural environments with high historical value, and with minimal impact on the building.

NBMCW July 2014

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