Volvo Penta Adding Value to Business
"We are not only selling an engine but also striving to establish a long-term relationship with our customers thereby adding value to their business," says, Mr. S. Prabhakaran, VP Industrial and Marine Power Systems, Volvo Penta.

In coming years, the demand of engines from off-Highway sector is set to go up. What are Volvo Penta plans to boost its market share and to widen its products range?

Volvo Penta is fully aware of the market developments and is geared up to introduce the latest technology and emission certified engines ranging from 5 to 16 litres (155 to 770 hp). We are focusing on this segment by entering into various new applications to boost our market share.

Volvo Penta Adding Value to Business
Equipment and commercial vehicles manufacturers are finding difficulties to keep price stable due to increasing input cost, higher interest rates and induction of Bharat III emission norms. As Volvo Penta is one of the largest engine manufacturers; what initiatives the company is taking to keep the price of its engines stable?

Volvo is one of the world-leading developers and manufacturers of heavy-duty diesel engines, Volvo Penta utilizes the strength and expertise of the Volvo Group to offer customer-orientated Power Systems to a wide range of applications all over the world.

The Volvo Penta range of engines are built upon the stable foundation of the Volvo Group's medium and heavy duty engine platform. The same base engine is used in Volvo Group's other products offering, such as trucks, buses and construction equipment which allows flexibility to Volvo Penta to maintain price stability.

Volvo Penta Adding Value to Business
What are the various locations of Volvo Penta's facilities in India and what types of engines are manufactured,and extent of localizationachieved assimilating world's advanced technology absorbed and adopted suitable to Indian conditions?

Volvo Penta is utilizing the Volvo group's engine production facility at Pithampur to develop and manufacture the medium duty engines platform ranging from 5 to 8 litres (160 to 300 hp).

On which engine technology route, the company is engaged in to produce engines of clean technology, lower fuel consumption, ease of installation, besides keeping their cost effectiveness?

Volvo Penta is determined to make transition as simple as possible by offering engines with low fuel consumption, easy and compact installation, high power output and low service requirements. Volvo Penta produces innovative products committed to the Volvo core values of quality, safety, and environmental care.

Volvo Penta Adding Value to Business
The engine design features are based on the successful state-ofthe-art concept of the Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology (V-ACT), which results in low exhaust emission levels that meets EPA/CARB Tier 3 and EU Stage 3 and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology to comply with the EU stage 3B and EPA Tier 4i emission regulations which is followed by Stage 4 and Tier 4f. Volvo Penta is ready with both solutions to meet the demands of future exhaust emission legislation. The engines not only meete mission standards but alsodeliver substantial cost savings in both equipment manufacturing and operational use.

This is combined with EMS 2, Volvo Penta's electronic control system with increased processing power that manages common rail or unit injectors and turbo charger, to provide low specific fuel consumption, improvements in air and fuel management, this gives extremely fast response to throttle opening but with very low transient smoke, easily meeting the exhaust emission norms.

A word about company's after- market services, its distribution network and service outlets.

Volvo Penta Parts and service support is available throughout the life of every engine. Quality service from the trained technicians is available all over India, througha well-established 67 service outlets operated bydedicated dealer network. No matter where the equipment are, the end users will always have access to local Volvo Penta support.

We are not just selling an engine but also striving to establish a long-term relationship with our customers with a view to add value to their business. Volvo Penta has made it easy for customers to select the right service agreement for their business from a program of regular engine inspections to a comprehensive repair and maintenance program that removes the need for an on-site engineering workshop. Volvo Penta dealers offer customers different levels of service, all with the same level of renowned Volvo Penta care.

NBMCW January 2012