Prime Technologies
"Prime Technologies is looking forward to introduce the newest, cheapest, cost effective and most advanced technologies in the field of Diamond Concrete Cutting. In february, this year we have launched K3000 Cut-n-Break and now we are introducing earthmoving attachments from an Australian company 'Echidna Rocksaws,' into the Indian market. We are participating in Excon 2011 for the promotion of our products and also to make people aware of the latest technologies available in the Indian and global market," says Mr. Akhil Jain, in an interview with Maria R.

Could you please tell us about Prime Technologies and its presence in the country?

Prime Technologies
Prime Technologies is a company that came into existence in January, 2011. We as the Prime Technologies are the authorized and exclusive distributor for Husqvarna Construction Products and Echinda rock saws for entire India.

We are operating in India through our Dealers network. Currently, we have appointed the dealers in Delhi, Ludhiana, and Hyderabad.

Your company is representing Husqvarna Construction in India, so will you please introduce Husqvarna to our readers, its locations, manufacturing units, and products range?

Husqvarna Construction products is the world leader and global manufacturer for Diamond concrete cutting machines. The company is based in Sweden and for the Asia pacific, it has its central warehouse, product training centre in China.

Husqvarna's manufacturing facilities are in Sweden, China, and United States and its product range includes Wall Saw, Wire Saw, Floor Saw, Core Cutting Machines, Planetary grinders, Hand held Saws, Demolition Robots, Diamond Tools including Diamond Wire, Chains, Blades, and Core Bits.

We understand that Husqvarna Construction is a leader in developing machinery and tools for the construction and stone industries? What is its range of products distributed by Prime Technologies in India?

Prime Technologies is looking forward to introduce newest, cheapest, cost effective and the most advanced technologies in the field of Diamond Concrete Cutting.

For the same, we had launched K3000 Cut n Break in February this year. This is the only product with Single phase Electric consumption, Hand held, 10.4 kg in Weight to cut the RCC upto 400mm thickness.

The other product of similar nature is K970 ring which can cut the concrete upto 260mm with its 350mm dia. Blade.

We are now introducing the Echidna Rocksaws, an Australian company into the Indian market.The speciality of this company is the attachment for concrete cutting, rock sawing, and trenching that can be fitted in the excavators of 2-20 tonnes.

Are you planning to introduce any new product in near future in the country?

The new product is the Saws from Echinda Rocksaws, Australia, that can be mounted on excvators. The excavators will work as the mobile saw. Anybody can use these saws as Floor Saw, Wall saw etc.

Prime Technologies
What has been the response of Indian construction market towards Husqvarna’s products and services? How is the response being further consolidated to strengthen company’s presence in the country in the wake of emerging business opportunities?

The response from the applicators of this field is very enthusiastic. Anybody who saw the machine is being fascinated by it.

Regarding the service, we have the service engineers who roam all over India, also we train our dealers for the day to day service requirements of customers.

The training of personnel to operate sophisticated products is an important pre-requisite in the performance of products. Does the company provide training to operators to handle Husqvarna’s product range?

For the regular selling items, we have our trainers who do the onsite training for customers. For the high end equipment, we have the option for sending the customer to PTC in China for training.

Is Prime Technologies looking for any new association/collaboration with Foreign players to add new products in its portfolio in the near future?

Yes, definitely we are looking for ward for the same.

What is your overview of emerging market trends in the construction equipment/machinery sector and your company’s plan for the next two-three years?

The construction sector will grow more in the coming years. As the construction sector will grow, there will be a huge demand for these products.

Tell us about your participation at Excon 2011 and how would it pep up the promotion of your company’s marketing objectives?

We are going to participate in Excon 2011 for the promotion of our products. We are continuing with the participations in the exhibitions for the customers and people to know about the latest technologies available in the Indian and global markets.

NBMCW November 2011