PMP Industries Sees Positive Signs in the Indian Market
"PMP is active in the Indian market for the last 8 years and since then, there has been a very steady and stable growth which will be strengthened in the coming years. We feel that the Indian companies are more appreciating the innovations. The new solutions proposed by PMP have always found a big appreciation from the Indian customers. Our current plan is to start assembling of our Drives in India in the middle of the next year. We expect a 30% annual increase of sales over the next 3 years and also anticipate to be a market leader in our sector by 2013," says Mr. Luigino Pozzo, President, PMP Industries, in an interview with S.K.Khanna.

Please give an overview of PMP Drive System operations’ in India. What prompted PMP Industries Spa to set up its unit in the Indian sub continent?
PMP Industries Sees Positive Signs in the Indian Market
PMCI - Travel Drive with integrated Motor
PMP has been active in the Indian market since 2003. At that time we started to supply important companies in the construction machinery business. Ever since the first contact with customers in 2003, we under- stood the great potential of this market for the coming years, a market that is bound to play a key role in global economy of the 21st century. PMP philosophy has always been to follow closely its customers and markets, hence the decision to come to India not only as a sales and service unit but also with a production unit was very natural. PMP presence in India is part of our global plan which has seen in the last 5 years the opening of new subsidiaries in Eastern Europe (Bosnia Herzegovina), China and the USA.

A word about PMP Industries Spa and its business focus on enhancing efficiency and durability of PMP products.
PMP Industries Sees Positive Signs in the Indian Market
PMB - Mixer Trucks Gearbox
PMP products are well know all around the world for efficiency and durability. We gained this positive reputation thanks to our commitment to innovation and quality in all the aspects of the production process. How do we achieved innovation? With continuous investment in research, for instance this year we have invested more than 4.5% of our total turnover in research and development and we have a target to increase this value in the coming years. We have a strong group of R&D engineers in our company, which continuously analyze and test new ideas and new solutions. We also work with local Universities in Italy and also with research groups in the US. R&D for us means also a lot of testing activity, in order to immediately understand if the proposed solutions can withstand real working conditions.

An example of this innovative approach in past years: at the end of 1990’s PMP was the first company in the world to develop specific products for forklift drives with high speed-high efficiency AC solutions. An example of innovation in the present: PMP will present at Excon a new concrete mixer drive with weight and size reduction up to 40%. This means lighter machines, lower costs and higher yield of the machine at the end of the day.

Innovation for the future? We are already working on a new generation of drives (both mechanical and hydraulic) which will be characterized by: the use of innovative materials to allow extreme weight and space reduction, the optimization of contact profiles for gears and the maximization of power density. The results will be amazing!

What are PMP Drive System’s important business area, product line and their application areas?
PMP Industries is a group made up of different divisions: Power Transmission Division, Fluid Power Division, and other two division focused on Steel Works products.

The Power Transmission division designs and manufactures transmission drives for construction machinery like concrete mixers, excavators, soil compactors; drives for electric vehicles like forklift, towing tractors.

PMP Industries Sees Positive Signs in the Indian Market
PMS - Forklift Drive
The Fluid Power division designs and manufactures innovative hydraulic transmissions: pumps and motors of different sizes, specifically designed for heavy duty high pressure applications, working in the range of 450 bar peak pressures. PMP fluid power products find their natural application on PMP Power Transmission gearboxes, thus representing complete solutions for the mobile construction industry.

The Steel Works Divisions are focused on complete machines, heavy metal fabrications and manufacturing of special rolls for the steel industry.

Having tested waters in the Indian market; what has been the response of the industry for the company’s product range marketed in India?
PMP is selling its products in India since 2003. Since then there has been a very steady and stable growth which will strengthen in the following years. What we have noticed in these years is the high professionalism of Indian companies, which are more and more focused on achieving the latest technology and quality. Hence India is an ideal market for PMP products, where quality and technology are key points. Also we feel that Indian companies are more and more appreciating innovation. The new solutions proposed by PMP have found a big appreciation among Indian customers.

Currently your company is serving Indian market through local sales and inventory; do you foresee that in the near future you would be in a position to set up manufacturing facilities in India to strengthen your presence in the country?
Of course. Our current plan is to start the assembly of our Drives in India in the middle of next year. Our present investment includes not only a sales and after sales unit, which is already in operation, but also a production unit which will be ready at the beginning of 2012. Future developments will of course depend on the market situation, but we see only positive signs now from that point of view.

A word about your marketing and distribution network in India.
PMP Industries Sees Positive Signs in the Indian Market
PMR - Wheel Drive
Our Indian headquarters are based in Pune but our customers are spread all over India. The main areas for our business are Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Delhi region. With our well-stocked warehouse for both finished products and spare parts, we can guarantee rapid deliveries all over the country.

What is the size of market for your products and services in India, market share you command and plans to capture in the next 2-3 years? What is the USP of your product and services, giving you an edge over your nearest competitors?
We expect a 30% annual increase of sales over the next 3 years and we expect to be market leader in our sector by 2013.

Our most important selling points are: 1) Flexibility: to rapidly adapt to the market conditions and demands. Offering short lead times (i.e., below 12 weeks) is one of our continuous goals 2) Innovation: we constantly develop new products with new and patented solutions 3) Competitiveness: our global sourcing policy and our lean structure allow us to have the most competitive prices on the market 4) Integration: being both a producer of gearboxes and hydraulic transmissions we can integrate these products in smart solutions which have no competition in the market.

A word about the technical support services being provided to the clients in India.
PMP Industries Sees Positive Signs in the Indian Market
PMH-Hydraulic Pump
PMP is well known around the world for its fast response to customers’ requests, whether this means technical support, technical information, creative solutions but also after sales support, like spare parts availability. PMP India is following the same philosophy.

What is the focus of your participation in Excon-2011 and products are you going to display at the event?
PMP Industries Sees Positive Signs in the Indian Market
There will be two main themes at our stand. The first will be focused on our new innovative PMB6EC drive for concrete mixer, which sets a new standard in the technology of concrete mixer drive. This new innovative solution from PMP is a freshly patented breakthrough in this business, which allows huge weight and cost savings. This new mixer drive will be presented at Excon as a world premiere.

PMP Industries Sees Positive Signs in the Indian Market
The second theme is focused on our new range of drives for hydraulic excavators, which includes track drives and swing drives for excavators ranging from 6 to 50 tons. Innovative solutions in the hydraulic motors are presented and they set a new technical philosophy in this highly competitive business. There are many innovations that we have introduced in these products, many of them newly patented: new high pressure philosophy, new mechanical solutions in the distribution of forces, new solutions for the brake efficiency and temperature.

In both these themes we are expecting a great response from customers and visitors, and we are sure it will be a very successful Excon exhibition for PMP.

NBMCW November 2011