Sany to Launch Its Backhoe Loader

Sandeep Nirmal
“Having introduced its excavator for the first time in the Indian market, Sany is working on backhoe loader and it is in its final stages of testing, and plans to launch the final product at Excon 2011. We will also launch new products like truck crane 75 ton, crawler crane 300 ton and advanced model of concrete truck mounted boom pump at the show," says Mr. Sandeep Nirmal, General Manager, Business Development, Sany India in an interview with Maria R.

How do you view the business potentials of the construction equipment market in India in the next two-three years and how do you rate Sany in the emerging Indian market scenario?

Keeping the present market scenario in view it seems a bit difficult but looking forward to the projects announced by the Indian government, we are very optimistic about the construction equipment market. Sany is one of the key players in the equipment market and would strive to be amongst the top three companies in the construction equipment in India.

Sany working on backhoe loader

Despite demanding top quality and high end products, the Indian customers are very sensitive on the price front. How is Sany maintaining equilibrium between affordability and reliability? What steps you are taking to motivate customers to go for quality products if future returns and value for money is guaranteed?

construction equipment
Quality comes with a price and the Indian market is very different as far as the price and quality is concerned but it is maturing fast and the Indian customers are mature enough to pay reasonable price for the right quality of machine. Earlier price was the prime concern for machines but slowly the trend is shifting on the right track and lot of emphasis is given on the technology, quality and services.

Sany is very serious about the Indian market and have invested $60 million in its Pune (Chakan) plant. The plant started its operations in April 2010 and manufactures its flagship product Concrete Pump along with Transit mixers and concrete batching and mixing plants.

Sany has always offered world class products to its customers, they have the same quality for Asian and European markets unlike its Chinese and other competitors.

Sany has taken certain aggressive steps to motivate customers to buy Sany products by giving a one stop solution. Sany offers a wide range of construction equipment like concrete machines, Road machines, lifting machines (cranes), Port equipment etc. We plan to have 6S facility to our customers in major six cities to start with where Sany will have equipment showroom with a workshop at its back and Spare parts depot. Sany also launched its Service van facility in 8 major cities with all the required tools and running Spares to service the equipment and reduce downtime.

Local manufacturing is the only way to reduce the equipment cost. What are the products manufactured by Sany in India and level of localization of these products?

As mentioned above, Sany manufactures concrete equipment like Concrete pump, Transit mixer and Batching plants. Apart from that, we have started Excavators and by the year end we will start assembling Crawler cranes with a certain range. In the Concrete machines, Sany has achieved localization of about 95% in Transit mixers and 45% in concrete pumps.

In view of products range, Sany is well-known brand in concrete machinery sector. How do you rate the positioning of your other products in India?

Sany focuses mainly on concrete equipment since we have a very strong backup and experts to support these products. Sany is also emerging in the Indian market as one of the big players in crawler cranes. As far as road equipment are concerned, Sany already established its Motor grader and now the focus is on wide range of excavators.

Sany has introduced its Excavators for the first time in India; so what are the special features of the product and the response that you got so far?

Sany launched its excavators in bC India Mumbai in Feb this year. and has started the distribution through its dealer network.

Sany’s excavator, the excellent piece of humanized design, is equipped with an extra ordinary Mitsubishi engine which is stronger and most powerful drive with lower maintenance cost and fuel consumption as well. This machine has faster, powerful engine and operates with low fuel consumption, outstanding energy saving technique between same modes and has a wear proof enforced structure which gives good performance even in the bad condition.

Advanced CDCS computer dynamic control system by electric-control measures and hydraulic measures realizes the real-time match of engine power and main pump power—it decides exactly how much power the machine needs and how much power the engine provides. Same 4 power modes ensure better energy saving result by optimizing the parameters of power and hydraulic system through electric device control, realizing better match result and maximizing the energy saving effect. Automatic idle speed arises when work stops. The throttle opening automatically reduces, and the engine goes to idle speed condition.

CDCS computer dynamic control system

Sany has announced to launch backhoe loader in the Indian market. When should we expect to see Sany’s backhoe loader working at the construction sites in India?

Sany is working on backhoe loader and it is in its final stages of testing, we are planning to launch the final product at Excon this year.

Sany’s 6S service centre in China has received very positive customer’s feedback. Keeping this in view, Sany India has also announced to set up 6S service centre in seven cities in the country. What is the progress in this regard and also please dwell in details about this 6S service centre?

Sany will open its 6S facility in 6 major cities to start with and the process is almost in final stages. We plan to start the first 6S facilities in the first quarter of 2012.

Acute shortage of skills for operating and maintaining machines, the biggest challenge construction equipment industry is currently facing. How does Sany address this issue at its end?

Sany has advantage over its competitors, we train the operators, supervisors from customers in our Pune plant and advance training is given in our China plants for certain machines. We plan to certify the machine operators who will be Sany certified operators after conducting practical exams which will help them to get better opportunities and the customers would prefer such operators which will help to reduce the machine downtime and achieve better outputs.

What is the focus of your participation in Excon-2011 and products and services you are going to display at the event?

To name a few, Sany will launch new products like Truck crane 75 Ton, Crawler crane 300 Ton and advanced model of Concrete truck mounted boom pump in Excon -2011.

NBMCW November 2011