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    Mr. Sun Mu
    "Lonking products are quite up to the standards of the Indian market. The current focus of Lonking India is to establish a solid distributorship with a local partner to provide quicker services to the local customers to improve the market position significantly. Lonking may consider to set up a manufacturing facility for more comprehensive availability of machines and their parts in the country with the increase of its market share," says Mr. Sun Mu, General Manager, Lonking Machinery India Pvt. Ltd, in an interview with S.A.Faridi.

    At the outset, please brief us about your current organizational presence in India. What are the specific construction equipment products and services being promoted and marketed by Lonking here?

    Now, Lonking Machinery India Pvt. Ltd., is eagerly looking for the competent distributors and its purpose is to supervise the operation of distributors in marketing and after sale services. Wheel loader is the main product being promoted and marketed by Lonking in India. Besides these, compactor, forklift and excavator will also be marketed.

    Lonking Machinery

    What has been the response of market to Lonking’s products and services and how does the company propose to consolidate its position in the country in the years to come?

    The products are quite up to the standard of the Indian market and the services are directly provided by Lonking. The most important thing now is to establish a solid distributorship with a local partner to provide quicker services to the local customers so that the market position will get improved significantly. Lonking is now in touch with potential distributor for long-term business relationship.

    India is emerging as one of the best destinations to promote and market construction equipment and services with high demand for such products and services. In such a situation, what products, components and services from Lonking would find increased usages by the Indian companies?

    Wheel Loader and Excavator will enjoy a big market share with the increasing demand from the Indian customers.

    Lonking Machinery

    In the process of promoting and marketing your products in the country, do you envisage competition from the existing players? What are the plus points in your favor–the price of the product, its engineering excellence, proactive after sales and customer care services to offset the competition?

    Lonking is at the top in terms of sales quantity of Wheel Loaders in the world. It has many advantages over other players which will help Lonking to succeed in the Indian market.

    On the other hand, Efficiency is the strength of our company. We serve the market most efficiently. Our products in customer’s job site work efficiently, as a result the return on investment for customer can be realized efficiently. “Efficiency” is present in the whole process from R&D, manufacturing, delivery, service, spare parts supply and all throughout.

    In the long-term, would you confine yourself with distribution arrangement or could consider for setting up manufacturing facility in the country to take advantage of India's vast market opportunities?

    In the first step, distribution arrangement is the mainstay of marketing. We intend to officially launch our partnership with our distributors in India whom we believe share the same goal with us and will be able to partner in serving the Indian market. Collaboration with overseas potential partners based on win-win principle is anticipated and such kind of cooperation should be beneficial to both companies and comply with both company’s long-term development strategy.

    Lonking Machinery

    With the increase of market volume and market share in India, Lonking may consider setting up a manufacturing facility for more comprehensive availability of machines and parts.

    A word about Lonking Holdings Ltd, its manufacturing facilities, technical and marketing strength in China, its complete product range, after sales services, market share in China and in global market?

    Lonking Holdings Limited one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers in China was founded in 1993 and has 18 wholly owned subsidiaries at present. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Fujian, Shanghai, Jiangxi and He’nan provinces with total site space of over 3 million square meters for maximizing geographical advantages.

    The company manufactures wheel loaders, excavators, road rollers, motor graders, forklifts and their main components such as transmissions, torque converters, axles, hydraulic components, gears, tubes & hoses, drive shafts, etc.

    Lonking’s after-sales department supports the dealers and caters to fulfill customers’ requirement in regard to servicing and supporting the products with the best parts back up. Lonking complete after sales service provides: training and technical support to distributors, field support to end users and also offers parts support in plenty.

    In 2008, Lonking sold around 30,000 units of wheel loaders with more than 20% market share in China that made Lonking No. 1 in terms of sales quantity of wheel loaders in the world. Lonking will continue to put its efforts in developing and manufacturing high efficient and environment-friendly products and play a major role in the global economic development and human civilization.

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