Hess Group

Hess Group, the German Concrete Machinery Manufacturing Company has been purveying the slogan 'we put concrete into shape' for the past 60 years. With a worldwide presence and an impressive range of products, Hess Group emerged as the true machinery supplier for construction industry having the expertise in concrete, flyash and steel wastes. The company has recently entered into Indian market.

bC India 2011
HESS Group is very optimistic about its participation at bC India show. According to Mr. Manoj Kumar, Managing Director, Hess India considers bC India as a larger show in India because of its International experience. During the show, we will exhibit one of our Indian made Elevators as well as a wet cast press machine. Our main focus at this time will be on the concrete block and paving stone plants, pipe machines, light weight AAC plants and hydraulic wet cast systems. Apart from that we will provide more details related to the maximum usage of fly ash and slag with Hess machines. Country like India having big number of coal based power plants which will produce substantial amount of ash day by day and looking for some systems to get rid of it. HESS is a well known machine supplier worldwide for the usage of top ash as well as bottom ash upto 60% to manufacture different products for the construction industry, he added.

Recently, we launched our new wet cast system together with the British company Forest Press Hydraulics and the first machine of which is under installation with A&P Group in Trivandrum. Revealing about the feature of the machine he said, the advantage with this machine is that any of the existing ready mix plant can be utilized for the production of kerb stones, slabs, U channels and steps whenever the plants are idle with the same operators and facilities. In such cases there are several common factors which could be utilized easier to open another business line. Raw materials, operators, equipment and administration costs are same with an additional income.

Hess is providing the latest information on the new innovations in the concrete industry which are the patented oil bath vibration system with 3 year warranty. Special face mix unit which can be utilizing more wet material to give better finish, brightness and bonding with the bottom concrete. Also the possibility of washing, grinding, shot blasting, splitting with special color mixes and exposed aggregate on top.

bC India 2011
Apart from that, the HESS Group expertise on concrete pipes, manholes, wet cast slabs, steps, briquetting plants for steel industry and light weight AAC technology using fly ash. A country like India having a big number of steel and power plants which are using coal as the raw material, now looks for a real solution to reuse it. At the moment, everybody is talking of green products and the benefits for our environment. But in my view the basic education is not being provided in those areas. So far most of the states have not yet initiated any restriction on the clay products. The clay which they are using for the building materials is very good for the agriculture. Secondly, no interaction about the benefits for the builder, architect and the end user by using the right material has so far taken place. Other than the financial gain in the form of faster construction, uniform products, better quality and saving of cement and work force cost as the right material can be good in sound insulation and thermal insulation. In this case, we would like to share our knowledge and expertise with the visitors and a basic awareness on the new products to the market.

Talking about the Indian concrete machinery industry he said, image of the buildings changed from the place of survival to place of show. Indian market is in a premature stage to this industry comparing with other well-known cities. In this case, Hess is able to provide new technologies to give different finishes with the existing machineries. Basically we call it as a value addition to the standard products. With this special appearance in this new era, we are able to use different material finishes. Apart from the normal products, which have been, mentioned above is necessary to use different colors and finishes of interlocking pavers, flag tiles, kerb stones and split stones are necessary in this modern world. Technology grown in a way to give the best quality together with beauty not only to single houses but to the cities as well as to entire country. So we would like to inform this to the Indian market that we are here with the right technology.

NBMCW January 2011