Spancrete Slipformer
New offerings provide automated, scalable precast production solutions

Spancrete, an industry leader in engineered precast machinery solutions, has expanded its line-up to provide more technology-based precast production solutions that are scalable to a company’s individual plant needs, be it one piece of equipment to supplement an existing system, a replacement machine that will adapt exactly to existing casting beds or a multiple products’ production system. Spancrete now has machinery to fit all precast business growth needs.

The expanded line-up include an extruder, plotter, multi-function machine, multiple saws and other ancillary plant production machines. Additionally, Spancrete offers replacement parts that fit most brands of hollowcore extruders.

“Everywhere in the world, precast manufacturing plants are adapting to the changing needs of customers, confines of the marketplace and available resources. In expanding our equipment offerings by focusing on automation, we are aligned to meet precast production system needs today, and in the future,” said Alan Antoniewicz, Chief Operating Officer and President of Spancrete.

All of Spancrete’s machinery is automated, making products easy to operate. New machinery offerings can take 2D and 3D precast designs and seamlessly feed production processes, creating efficiency and reducing operational expenses.

Additionally, Spancrete has introduced remote diagnostic analysis and maintenance capabilities on all new equipment. The new feature allows technicians to quickly assess issues and begin working on a resolution without needing to be on-site; minimizing downtime.