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    Two new models added to the FASSI XE range

    Airports Authority of India (AAI)
    Fassi’s industrial strength is distinguished by the group’s capacity for innovation, which allows for the constant development of new products, focused on always satisfying the changing requirements of the lifting sector. Every project entails a series of new challenges and objectives which are informed by the natural maturation and evolution of the market. In this case, the XE range is enhanced by two new models in the medium-duty range: the F345A xe-dynamic and the F345RA xe-dynamic cranes. These models belong to the HC1 HD5 S2 class (if fitted on trucks), according to the EN12999:2011 standard, and reach a maximum lifting capacity of 33.4 tm, with a maximum hydraulic horizontal outreach of 20.5 m, which can be increased to 26.7 m in the version with six telescopic booms combined with the L214 hydraulic extension.

    Outstanding lifting capacity makes these new cranes the ideal solution for those looking for excellent performance from cranes in this lifting class: the weight and dimensions of both models make them perfect for fitting on 3-axle vehicles. Thanks to the excellent weight-to-power ratio, the F345A and F345RA cranes manage to provide ideal lifting performance together with generous load capacity in the truck.

    The new F345A model is a rack and pinion rotation crane, while the F345RA offers continuous rotation on a slew ring. They are both supplied as standard, together with the tried and tested FX500 control system and the D850 hydraulic distributor bank, Fassi RCH/RCS radio controls and FSC-S or H stability controls.

    The cranes will be available in various versions with a maximum of up to eight hydraulic booms in the standard configuration, and in three versions with a short secondary arm. To further increase the working range, a number of configurations are available with JIBs to satisfy all requirements.

    • Maximum moment: 328 kNm
    • Maximum hydraulic outreach: 33.4 m
    • Dimensions: F345A xe-dynamic: w 2.51 m, l 1.17* m, h 2.46 m, F345RA xe-dynamic: w 2.51 m, l 1.19* m, h 2.46 m (*without supplementary tubing)
    Electronic/hydraulic equipment:
    • D850 hydraulic distributor bank
    • RCH/RCS radio controls
    • Rotation: 400° on rack and pinion for the F345A xe-dynamic model, continuous rotation on slew ring for the F345RA xe-dynamic model
    • Prolink for the F345A.2 version
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