Casagrande Range of Civil Foundation Equipment
A Complete Solution for Infra Projects

Casagrande S.p.A., is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of foundation equipment such as large diameter piling rigs, equipment for diaphragm walls, CFA, stone column construction, DTH, small diameter drilling rigs, hydraulic crawler cranes, machines for tunnels, geothermal drill rigs and grouting plants. The company, with its proven XP Series, provides equipment of high performance, advanced technology and operation competitiveness.

Casagrande XP Series equipment gives tangible benefits to the customer, since it is the result of many years of experience and expertise, complemented by cutting-edge technology, improved performance, efficiency, flexibility and strong attention to safety, reliability and enhanced productivity. XP Series give extra performance for all foundation works. All casagrande machines are equipped with digital display system inside cabin and controlled through PLC which minimizes human intervention and results in better uptime and greater reliability of the machine.

Salient features of XP Rigs

Casagrande Range of Civil Foundation Equipment
Productivity and Efficiency: Casagrande XP Series feature Smart Power Management System (SPM), allowing for improved productivity and performance. The Power required for individual use such as rotation and speed of excavation and the power of hydraulic winches are regulated and monitored only to the extent that is necessary, using the maximum efficiency of hydraulic power available. If the soil is of hard rock formation or the pile is bigger, the operator can use extra power to complete the job. In the machine idle condition, the engine after a few seconds automatically reduces its rpm to minimum. All of this has led to a significant increase in efficiency and energy saving.

Fuel efficiency and safe Maintenance: Full Load Sensing (FLS) hydraulic power systems are optimized for Casagrande XP Series machinery, offering precision oil use and saving up to 25% of fuel through its power management. The Casagrande XP Series machinery also offers users improved flexibility, with completely customizable interfaces, remote monitoring, automatic integrated diagnostics checks, that facilitate identification of fault, keeping track of problems and interventions carried out. The system also indicates the schedule of periodic maintenance. The machine has built-in safety footrests that allow complete, safe and easy access to carry out routine maintenance.

The future is flexible: Built with a wide range of operations in mind, the Casagrande XP Series machinery has many additional features including a range of hydraulic connections for additional applications with the same base carrier. These Conversion kits can easily be fitted at project site and within a day. All hydraulic pressure settings are achieved by a simple push of a button inside the cabin and no human intervention is required to adjust the hydraulic system pressure settings for different applications like Diaphragm wall, CFA, Soilmixing, Micropiling, Jet grouting, Impact hammers, Foundation Cranes, Displacement Pile and DTH reverse circulation hammers for large diameter piles.

Casagrande (India) Piling & Geotechnical Equipment Pvt. Ltd. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Casagrande S.p.A. Italy, has its offices and spare parts warehouse in Delhi and Chennai catering to over 240 units of Casagrande machines presently working in India.

NBM&CW September 2017