Hyva India’s 20 Years Journey- Global Producer of Hydraulic Cylinedrs, Tipper Bodies...

    Hyva India 20 Anniversary
    Hyva (India) Pvt. Ltd., incorporated in September 1996, and started operations in 1997, will celebrate its 20th anniversary in November this year.

    The production commenced from 1998 and in-house cylinder manufacturing was started in April 2004. Cylinder production grew rapidly, alongside new production facilities for tipper in Bangalore (2001), Jamshedpur (2007) and Pune (2011). Hyva India made a large contribution to global cylinder production which reached cumulative totals of 95,000 units in 1995, 500,000 units in 2007. In 2011, the one millionth cylinder was produced and celebrated across Germany, Brazil, India and China.

    In 1998, Hyva India began supplies of fully built tipper bodies to Volvo and soon added other reputed Truck OEM Tata Motors. Today, Hyva is a proud OEM associate for leading truck manufacturing companies like TATA Motors, Volvo, Ashok Leyland, Daimler/Bharat Benz, Asia Motor Works, MAN, Volvo Eicher, Mahindra Trucks & Buses, Kamaz and Hino.

    Hyva India's wide range of products - Tippers, Tipping Kits, Cranes, Waste Handling Equipment, Compressors etc.

    Throughout this 20-years journey, Hyva India has produced and sold a wide range of products including Tippers, Tipping Kits, Cranes, Waste Handling Equipment, Hookloaders, Tail Lifts, Compressors and Power Packs. Today, three out of ten tipper bodies and eight out of ten front end hydraulic cylinders in the Indian market are supplied by Hyva. The company proudly celebrates being the first and fastest company in the Indian commercial vehicle industry to produce and sell over 100,000 tipper bodies.

    Hyva Tippers
    Tippers are deployed in tough terrains like Mining Sectors, Road Construction Projects, Irrigation Projects, Land Development and Ore Transportation. Keeping the varied needs in view, Hyva India has developed almost 30 different types of tippers like Box body tippers, coal transportation tippers, rock body tippers and exhaust heat body tippers. Hyva India designed and developed tippers from HCV & Super HCV Range (25 Ton and above) MCV Range (for 16 T GVW Trucks) and LCV Range (4 t – 7 t GVW Trucks).Apart from the standard Tippers, HYVA also has supplied Side Tippers (Two Way or 3 Way) which are aptly developed for hilly terrain, narrow roads and rural roads.

    Hyva also has got Hydraulically Operated Load Covering System – MULTIKAP for its Tipper Range. Considering growing need of environment-friendly Tippers, this products has got a wide application possibility in India.

    By 2016, the number of employees, technical staff and associates has reached 609. This includes a sales & service network of around 50 associates, while over 27 dealers across the country supplement its strength.

    Achievements over the last 20-years result from a culture which encourages dynamic people and processes across the organisation – creative thinking, product development, and implementation to respond to market requirements.

    As 2016 progresses, Hyva India can justifiably celebrate the achievements of its people in production, sales and service, and can look forward with confidence to the next 20 years.

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