The New Volvo FMX

Volvo FMX

The new Volvo FMX looks a lot tougher because the truck itself has become a lot tougher. Its honest design makes it a highly robust and durable piece of equipment. It expresses toughness and robustness in a distinctively Volvo way. It is built to take on the rough and tumble of the construction and mining industry. While it is strong enough to hold up 32 tonnes with its tow hook, even if it runs into a pile of rubble or even a concrete wall, the truck should be able to carry on as if nothing has happened. It has a likeable toughness that makes it true to the brand.

A tougher new truck Hans Bergqvist describes the work that's been done. "We've focused on robustness and maintainability. A lot of steel parts have been added but the weight gain is minimal – may be five or six kilos. Whereas robustness has increased many times over." It's boxy for a reason. The new towing member, the new bull bar, the new skidguard – everything has been connected to the front protection beam with huge brackets. This makes a box-like construction. The front becomes incredibly sturdy as it is an extension of the chassis. So it absorbs the energy of a low speed impact like a giant spring. And it almost completely eliminates eigenfrequency – and the shaking of the cab that comes with it,

It's important to keep everything calm inside. We've thought a lot about the cab in terms of a workplace. It's the place drivers spend most of their time – and where they keep all their things. So there's a new storage space beside the driver's seat for paperwork and a much better compartment on the side of the door. This is spacious but doesn't get in your way when climbing in and out

Born to work, the truck makes a powerful impression when you see it in real life. The lower front of the cab is in fact 40 millimetres higher and the front skidplate emphasizes its improved ground clearance. The new headlights incorporate the signature V-shaped LEDs like the rest of the new Volvo family, but in a unique, more compact form. The new Volvo FMX offers increased load carrying capacity with a new 33 tonne rear tandem axle with 4 planetary gears on the hub. The front axle design has been improved with 10 tonne hub bearing. Rear bogie suspension is further reinforced to better withstand high loads under tough conditions. With the improved axles and suspension, the vehicle is now certified for 51 tonne of Gross vehicle weight for 8x4 axle configuration.

Volvo Truck
The new Volvo FMX is configured with powerful engine starting from 440 hp and matched transmission in order to deliver best-in-class efficiency. With improved load carrying capacity and high horsepower engine, the volumetric capacity of the tipper body is also improved to19.5 cu.m which is best in class that brings high productivity advantage to the customer.

I-Shift for mining. Until now automated transmission in mining trucks has been a distant dream. Not anymore, now you can choose between manual and automated gear shifting at any given moment. This means that the Volvo FMX can take on rough and hilly terrain with the comfort and fuel-efficiency of our most popular transmission. This is particularly important in rough conditions and where there's a lot of manoeuvring involved. It allows the driver to relax a little and let I-Shift do some of the work. At the same time it makes sure you have the lowest possible fuel consumption.

On track with Dynafleet. Dynafleet Online, Volvo Trucks telematics solution for efficient fleet management. It keeps you updated on information about trucks and drivers in real time for better decision making, control of the fleet and potential savings.

Product Features
  • Higher body capacity (Best-in-class) – New 19.5 cu.m body capacity leading to increased productivity with equal performance on speed/fuel
  • A lot more tough – Front towing member tested for 32 tonnes, heavy duty bumper, and cab lower portion integrated with cross member providing strength to the vehicle front
  • More robust – 18 tonnes twin front axle, 33 tonnes rear tandem axle, and 10 tonnes front axle hub bearing, reinforced rear suspension
  • I-Shift for Mining – Automated gear box optimized for mining applications. The software for automatic gear shifts is designed for delivering best performance under varying tough road conditions of mines, ensuring better productivity and fuel efficiency
  • Spacious and stress free cab – New ergonomic dashboard, instrument cluster, driver's seat, stalks and switches etc. Air suspended seat for I-Shift variant
  • Electric Parking Brake – The parking brake activation is through an easy access switch on the dash. Also the parking brake activates automatically when the engine is turned off to ensure high degree of safety even if the driver misses it
  • Dynafleet Online – Enabled for "Fuel and Environment" service and provides information to the customer regarding vehicles performance & fuel consumption, so that customer can take required action to improve upon the same.

NBMCW March 2015

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