Hyva Launching ALPHA Series Hydraulic Tipping Solution

    Tipping Kit
    ALPHA Series: Hydraulic Kit
    Hyva, a leading global provider of transport solutions for the commercial vehicle and environmental service industries introduced ALPHA Series, a new range of tipping solutions, for the construction, transportation and mining sectors, which deliver higher transport efficiency and safer operation at lower cost.

    Performance improvement has been achieved through re-design and re-engineering of the complete hydraulic system, down to the component and sub-assembly level, together with improvements to installation and service procedures.

    "The ALPHA Series will extend and consolidate Hyva's record of innovation and leadership in front end hydraulic cylinders. This is the fifth generation of front end tipping solutions which Hyva has brought to market," explained Jacob Biemond, R&D Director. "We are proud that we are maintaining our position of offering the lightest, fastest, most efficient and safest tipping solutions to our customers."

    Transport Efficiency, Safety and Reliability

    In this new tipping solution, hydraulic cylinders are smaller, lighter, stronger, operate at higher pressure and consume less oil. Brackets are stronger, lighter and can be maintenance free. Wet kits have improved knock-off and control options, cylinder mounted tipping valves, new tank and filter options, and, pumps operating at higher pressure.

    These improvements deliver faster tipping, shorter cycle times and reduced system size and weight which can translate into more efficient working routines, increased payloads and reduced operating costs. Smaller space installations, quick connections of valves, cylinders and hoses, maintenance free seals and longer service intervals all contribute to lower levels of downtime.

    Alpha Series Mining Construction
    ALPHA Series: Mining ALPHA Series: Construction

    Safety is enhanced through re-designed cylinder overlaps and guide systems and new cyl inder mounted HT tipping valves with new pressure relief safety. These features reduce the risks of vehicle turnovers and hose bursts. The operator has complete control over the tipping system.

    Reliability has been improved through a programme of review of every single component. Wherever necessary, components have been re-designed and then tested to satisfy the required lifetime of that component.

    Hyva Tipping Solutions
    ALPHA Series: Transportation
    Environmental performance too is improved through lower fuel and oil consumption. Extensive field testing in India and China of a variant of the ALPHA Series has validated the benefits of the new solution and attracted praise from customers.

    Maximum benefits in terms of efficiency and reduced operating costs will be achieved with installation of the complete hydraulic system.

    Tipping Solutions Customized to Market Segments

    Tipping solutions are available for the following markets:
    • Construction, C-Line: All-rounder and Heavy duty Rigids for both On-road and Off-road applications
    • Transportation, T-Line: All-rounder, Heavy duty and Silo Trailers
    • Mining, M-Line: Heavy duty Rigids
    Hyva's unrivalled customer service and after-sales support comes as standard too. For truck manufacturers, body builders and end users who are all keen to find the right solution for their specific tipping requirements, ALPHA Series from Hyva delivers a market driven solution for every tipping application.

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