Caterpillar - 777D Off-Highway Truck

Caterpillar - 777D Off-Highway Truck
Caterpillar Asia Pacific announces the continued success of the CIPL (Caterpillar India Private Limited ) sourced 777D for sale into the India market, first introduced in 2007. The CIPL sourced 777D is equivalent to the D-series products sourced out of Decatur. This truck is Caterpillar branded Caterpillar quality, built to Caterpillar specifications and is supported under the Caterpillar Asia Pacific's warranty guidelines.

The new 777D off - highway truck reduces cost per ton in the 100-ton size class by allowing a larger payload propelled by a reliable, high - output power train incorporating the electronically controlled Cat® B-series 3500 engine. The ROPS cab enables the operator to maintain peak productivity throughout the entire shift.

The 777D offers several advancements that increase productivity :
  • Cat®3508B engine with Electronic Unit Injection fuel system produces net horsepower of 699 kw (938 HP) decreases emissions and improves fuel economy
  • Body design increases capacity to 100 tons (90.7 tonnes) even when equipped with body liners
  • Laser hardened front and rear wheel spindles for increased reliability and durability.
  • Comfortable operator's environment features ergonomic layout and Caterpillar Monitoring System (CMS) display
  • Caterpillar® Electronic Technician (ET) support eases maintenance and speeds repairs
The 777D brings a new level of performance to the 100-ton off-highway truck class.

Cat® 3508B Engine

The 3508B engine boosts gross horsepower to 1,000 (746 kW). The air induction system, streamlined exhaust and after cooler design improves combustion and fuel efficiency and lowers smokes and emission levels.

The position of air cleaners provides easy access for servicing and prevents cross flow from the exhaust system.

To increase durability, the engine features a larger camshaft and a larger rear gear train.

The 3508B engine is designed for electronic control. The electronic unit injectors, sensors and electronic control module work together to optimize engine performance. The 3508B also monitors conditions and stores diagnostic information for access via the Electronic Technician (ET) service tool or through the CMS display in the operator's compartment.

In conjunction with the 777D's other electronic systems, the engine controller works to reduce machine wear and optimize truck performance. The system warns the operator and automatically prevents engine over speed; it delays acceleration upon startup so that all parts are lubricated fully; controls ether injection based on coolant temperature and elevates the idle speed in cold weather to speed engine warm-up. The system signals and adjusts for air intake restrictions; and adjusts for altitude changes. Coupled with appropriate electronic diagnostic tools, the system downloads sensor information and provides a cumulative fuel consumption record.

The system also activates engine oil pressure alarms as a function of engine speed thereby decreasing the risk of engine damage.

The electronic system can also be adjusted to derate the engine to 920 horsepower, which can benefit an operation when the loading match or other delays call for longer cycle times.

The 777D uses the field-proven Individual Clutch Modulation (ICM) with the Transmission Chassis Controller (TCC) that benefited its predecessor. The Control Throttle Shift feature electronically controls engine speed during shifting to reduce wear and enhance operator comfort. Directional Shift Management electronically prevents high torque levels when shifting from reverse to forward or from neutral at high engine speed. The electronic systems also inhibit coasting in neutral by selecting the proper gear to match ground speed. If ground speed reaches 12 mph (19.3 km/h) after the transmission shifts into neutral, the system elevates the idle speed to boost transmission cooling.

Body Accommodates Liners

The 777D offers a gross machine weight of 163,360 kilograms. This allows an increased body capacity of 60.1 cubic meters (78.6 cubic yards). The body can hold 100 tons (90.7 tonnes) with the liners.

Operator's Environment

The 777D operator's station provides a more comfortable and productive working environment.

The Caterpillar Air Suspension seat offers increased operator comfort, superior durability and enhanced safety.

A center console houses the transmission gear lever and the transmission numbers are backlit for good visibility. A padded steering wheel provides a comfortable grip. All controls are within easy reach of the operator.

777D Brief Specifications
Engine Cat 3508B
Net Engine Power 699 kW (938 HP)
Volume SAE 2:1 60.1 m3 (78.6 yd3)
Max. GMW 163,360 kg
Empty Weight (without liners) 64,670 kg
Max. Payload (without liners) 95,870 kg

The new instrument panel provides an easy - to - use operator interface. The CMS presents information to the operator through the speedometer / tachometer, a four - gauge cluster and message center with alert indicating lamps and a message readout. The "heart" of the system is the message center module where information is received from switches and sensors and other ECMs over the CAT Data Link. The information is processed by the message center module, which then activates various output components. When an abnormal machine condition exists, the system warns the operator with alerts that progress from a flashing indicator to two flashing indicators and a buzzer.

The message area can display one of five different functions, which include a load count for the operator and diagnostic information for service personnel.

Electronic Technician Aids Service

The 777D supports the Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET), which provides the capability to access the electronic control module and the electronically programmable transmission control from a personal computer.

A technician can display the status of a group of parameters, view and clear diagnostic messages and display current configurations of the electronic controls. ET gives the technician complete diagnostic capability to determine a solution quickly.

NBMCW March 2009

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