CSIR-CRRI's Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit

    Mobile Brige Inspection Unit
    CSIR-CRRI has designed a technically superior system 'Mobile bridge inspection unit' (MBIU) for bridge inspection, maintenance and repair. It is an electro-mechanical device which provides access to hidden parts of bridges or similar structures for proper inspection and maintenance.

    MBIU, the portable truck and trailer mounted platform units are ideally suited to serve the ever increasing demand for bridge inspection, maintenance, and repair. It is a non-hydraulic unit with automatic folding and unfolding controls and has automatic alarming and emergency cut-off system through PLC based controller. Its structural design conforms to Indian standards (IS 800, IS 806, IS 2266, IS 7205 & IRC codes) and the functional design conforms to American Codes (ANSI/SIA 92.8).

    In MBIU, the safety is compromised nowhere. It has been tested on a raised platform for its operation. It works on 15kVA, 3 phase diesel generator and has wind monitor for online wind speed information. Moreover, it is designed to be an economical solution which is easy to operate and maintain. The system has been recently used on a bridge near Hapur, U.P.

    Safety Features:

    • Twin additional rear axles for greater stability
    • Pneumatic rear suspension system for different mode
    • Parking assistant system for parking along the bridge railing
    • Dedicated power supply-DG set
    • Sensors for monitoring the stability
    • Automatic alarming and emergency cut-off system
    • Wind monitor and alarming
    • Twin control units for folding/unfolding
    • Dedicated PLC control box.

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