GS Caltex: Fully Integrated Oil Company

    Jayanta Ray
    Jayanta Ray, GM (Ind & OEM), GS Caltex India
    GS Caltex is a Fortune 500 fully integrated oil company, with a modern refining facility located at Yeosu Complex in South Korea, and a refining capacity of 7,90,000 barrels/day. Its other facilities include Desulphurisation (274,000 barrels/day), Heavy Oil Upgrading like HCR, VR-HCR, Hydro-Cracker, Base Oil Plant and VGO FCC. Its Petrochemical unit has the world’s largest Aromatics Plant (2.8 million tons/year) and a high-quality poly-propylene plant.

    “R&D is the core strength of GS Caltex for developing competitiveness in our lubricants and polymers. GSC R&D facility located near Seoul in South Korea has developed many award-winning lubricants and forged partnerships with major OEMs and key accounts,” avers Jayanta Ray, GM (Ind & OEM).

    In India, the company has a Lube Oil blending facility in Panvel, near Mumbai, with accredited Quality Certifications like QS 9000 and ISO 14001, duly audited by major OEMs like Hyundai Motors, Hyundai Construction, Volvo, Kohler, Ajax Fiori and others.

    GS Caltex

    “As an integrated oil company, we participate in the full value chain and manage our supply chain through our own base oils ‘Kixx Lubo’ imported from our refinery in South Korea. In many industrial applications, oils formulated with GS Caltex premium base oils can dramatically improve performance over Group I formulations, with minimal or no cost increases. Due to the chemical and physical properties of GS Caltex Group II base oils, lubricants blended with them can withstand tougher operations and environments, including higher operating temperatures, smaller sumps, higher power densities, longer drain intervals, lighter materials, and more compact designs than their Group/ counterparts,” Informs Ray.

    GS Caltex Base Oils possess all five base oil attributes that are key to industrial oil quality as given below:
    • Operates over high viscosity range
    • Excellent Oxidative and Thermal Stability
    • Improved Water Separability
    • Excellent Low Temperature Properties
    • Enhanced Air Release Properties

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