New road rehabilitation techniques from Neha Infra Services

Neha Infra Services

Director, Chetan Kanakia of M/s.Neha Infra Services (Mumbai), a road rehabilitation service provider, shared information on the company’s road rehab technologies and supporting service. He stressed on the importance of road rehabilitation in infancy and sees it a equal partner to surface travel. Applications of the technology is as much important for rural roads like PMGSY, State Highways, National Highways, Border Roads, Expressways as much for Municipal Roads and Airports etc.

“Road rehabilitation and its sustained maintenance has been gaining importance in India, especially with the emergence of hybrid annuity model(HAM)as much with Toll Operators and DBFOT & (BOT), where most of the project concessioners are under ambit of DLP terms and would be in its best interest to invest into correct road maintenance equipment may it be for improvement to
  • Soil – Soil Stabilization, Soil- Cement Treated Bases, Dust Suppression
  • Asphalt – Crack, Pothole repair options, Hot Mix Crack Injection, Microsurfacing, Chip Seal and Mastic repairs etc
  • Concrete – Crack and Patch repair, Concrete Road Surface Repairs with uTWT and TWT Concrete Overlays on old Concrete or old Asphalt Seal Coating etc
  • Special Applications for Airports, Jetty’s & Industrial Flooring repairs
Earlier, in many cases despite the toll being collected, it was observed that there was a lack of proper maintenance of roads due to non-availability or ignorance to implement the required technologies and processes. We at Neha Infra Services, have been looking to address the issue with our expertise in using the right machines, which are also financially viable to operate, and meet quality requirements as all of them are from the most advanced countries of EU or USA.”

For the common commuter on roads the Pothole is a menace and millions of rupees and more lives are lost on pothole deaths than terrorist related! This is a rude awakening and addressing this Neha Infra Services offers multiple solutions of Pothole Patching. Of them one of the most effective includes the truck mounted Durapatcher P#3, from Cimline Inc USA. Said Kanakia, “With the same features as the more compact trailer-Patcher P#2, but with truck mounted convenience, the product is useful in low clearance residential areas, or in areas with tight turning radius. The 5 cubic Hopper ensures over 100 square meters till the next refill. With its universal design, the Durapatcher can fill cracks and mend potholes complete from Shaping, cleaning, Tac Coating, Injection patching, Compaction, Dust Coating with full night working facility and best of all tracked with GPS software and cameras to guide 100% transparency of works.” This is approved by Matt McCormick, the International Sales Director for Durapatcher USA who was present at the occasion.

Other options in Pothole Patching offered are from Starttech (Turkey) & METONG (China) Hot Mix Pothole Patching, On site Hot Mix preparation and patching (Metong), Infra-Red Pothole Patching (K&M Intl USA) with numerous models to suit various project sizes.

For a multirole machine in road repairs Neha Infra has successfully demonstrated the Asphalt Zipper over the past few years completing over 25 projects across India including L&T. The Zipper essentially is an attachment to wheel loaders. According to him, the equipment when used for soil stabilization is the most portable and price worthy, and best suited for Indian road conditions. Benefits of soil stabilization and CTB are higher strength value including CBR, modulus compressive strength, and resistance value, including increased load spreading capabilities.

Another of Neha Infra’s solution from Cimline is the M-Series. According to McCormick, “This is probably world’s first portable Mastic Asphalt Plant that can also be used for crack injection filling with capacities of over 20 ton making it a suitable candidate for road maintenance companies that operate in municipal limits as they now do not need expensive plants and Cookers for this purpose, This unit on wheels ensures a large traffic intersection is finished overnight with ease and half the cost ! The company provides turnkey solutions through its OEM-trained technical team at site and takes keen interest in learning & understanding the customer’s need and then with thorough working with the principals offer them a long-lasting solution. It is this particular cliché which differentiates them from others.

NBM&CW January 2020

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