JCB India expands range of road compaction equipment

    JCB116 Soil Compactor

    JCB India offers world-class road compaction equipment

    JCB India offers a range of road compaction equipment with three world class products - the VMT330 (a 3T Class Mini Tandem Roller), the VMT860eco (a 9T Class Tandem Roller) and the JCB116 (a 11T Class Soil Compactor), the latest introduction in the Compaction range.

    JCB India Compactor Range - Soil Compactor

    The JCB116 Soil Compactor is a new world-class machine that comes fitted with a state-of-the-art JCB Diesel Max engine, providing fuel saving of 5-10%. Equipped with a variable fan as standard, the engine delivers a massive 430Nm of torque at low engine speeds for optimum responsiveness and provides unmatched fuel consumption in its class.

    In order to make compaction operation more efficient, Compaction Monitoring System (CMS) has been introduced in JCB116 - an industry first feature from JCB India. Integrated with JCB’s Livelink technology, CMS allows operators to monitor compaction in real-time, thus, enhancing machine and operator efficiency. The first CMS in India with telematics connectivity enables consistent and uniform compaction through precise measurement and with accuracy. Suitable for both asphalt and soil surfaces, it allows operation in two modes: auto and manual, displaying both frequency and amplitude of vibrations.

    JCB India Compactor Range - Tandem Roller

    JCB also offers the VMT330 Mini Tandem Roller and The VMT860eco Tandem Roller in its compactor range. The VMT330 Mini Tandem Roller is best suited for applications such as highway road shoulders, retaining the walls of flyovers, compaction of road shoulders, footpaths, trenches, service roads, industrial and residential columns and rural roads.

    The VMT860eco Tandem Roller is equipped with the latest hydraulics from Germany. It offers greater visibility for ease of operation and is equipped with an automatic water sprinkler system which minimizes the effort. Both these machines have an auto dust removal system and provide unmatched operator comfort which increases efficiency and maximizes productivity.

    All the JCB compactors offer lifetime lubricated center joints and grease-free bearings. This saves the costs of lubrication and reduces the possibility of failures due to any negligence in greasing the joints. In the compactors, the vibrations and heat levels are kept lowest to provide a comfortable work environment. Moreover, operator-friendly and ergonomically located controls with joystick help in easy machine operation.

    The JCB116 comes with JCB Livelink, a revolutionary telematics technology that enables users to get SMS alerts on their mobile phones or smart devices on service alerts, operations and security of their machines. The information is available in real time regarding the condition of the machine including engines and gives vital information to the customer on the number of hours the machine has been operational, service intervals, fuel levels, malfunctions, if any, etc, and thus, enables better site management and equipment utilisation.

    Livelink technology in JCB machines benefit the customers in efficient fleet management, which leads to better expense management and timely completion of work. This information makes a huge difference in the efficiency and cost of the entire operation.

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