JCB India’s Range of Compactors

    JCB India's Range of Compactors
    Offer Higher Productivity & Efficiency, Uniform Compaction Density, Ease of Operation, Saving in Fuel & Time

    JCB India offers a range of road compaction equipment with three world-class products - the VMT330 (a 3T Mini Tandem Roller), the VMT 860eco (a 9T Tandem Roller) and the latest JCB116 (a 11T Soil Compactor).

    The JCB116 Soil Compactor, a new world class machine from JCB India comes with JCB Diesel Max engine, providing fuel savings of upto 6%. Equipped with a variable fan as standard, the state-of-the-art engine delivers a massive 430Nm of torque at low engine speeds for optimum responsiveness. It provides unmatched fuel consumption in its class of machines. It is also equipped with proven German Vibration Technology and is designed to give more compaction per litre. It assures desired compaction density in minimum number of passes.

    JCB India is the first manufacturer in the industry to offer an in-built Compaction Meter in the newly introduced JCB116. Designed and developed in India, the Compaction Meter ensures uniform compaction as the operator exactly knows where to stop and the number of passes that are required to achieve the desired density. This leads to uniform compaction density and savings in Fuel as well as time. Salient advantages of the in-built compaction meter: -
    • Number of passes can be optimised
    • Over compaction can be avoided
    • Jump operation can be prevented.
    In order to make compaction operation as efficient as possible, the JCB COMPATRONIC systems can be fitted to JCB116 as an option. There are three systems available, ranging from basic to high-end; whichever the customer opts for. The accelerator sensor measures the reaction from the ground and provides feedback.

    The JCB116 Soil Compactor also offers the best-in-class operator environment with ergonomically designed steering wheel. The cab platform is mounted on 4 viscous mounts, to isolate it from any vibrations and to make the operator feel comfortable even during high amplitude passes.

    The JCB116 is built with highly reliable and latest hydraulics components from Germany. 100% access is provided for all hydraulic and engine components for easy serviceability.

    The VMT330 Mini Tandem Roller is designed keeping in view the ever-increasing demand for compact rollers from the contractors. This roller is best suited for applications such as highway road shoulders, retaining the walls of flyovers, for the compaction of road shoulders, footpaths, trenches, service roads, industrial and residential columns and rural roads. This is a versatile roller as it can be used for both Earth and Asphalt compaction.

    The VMT860eco Tandem Roller is equipped with the latest ‘Q’ built hydraulics from Germany. This compactor has an auto dust removal system and provides unmatched operator comfort which ultimately increases efficiency and maximises productivity. The VMT860eco offers greater visibility for ease of operation and is equipped with an automatic water sprinkler system which minimizes the effort.

    JCB India's Range of Compactors

    All the JCB compactors offer lifetime lubricated center joints and grease-free bearings. This saves the costs of lubrication and reduces the possibility of failures due to any negligence in greasing the joints.

    Operator Comfort

    The JCB116 has been designed keeping operator comfort in mind. Few key features are:
    • The in-built Compaction Meter is placed ergonomically for operator comfort thereby, helping in achieving the desired output
    • The steering wheel and console are designed to ensure fatigue-free operation
    • The cab platform is mounted on 4 viscous mounts, to isolate it from any vibrations and to make the operator feel comfortable even during high amplitude passes
    Similarly, VMT330 Mini Tandem Roller comes with –
    • Optional ROPS
    • Large steps on the chassis for easy access to the seat
    • Provision to lock the bonnet
    In the VMT860eco Tandem Roller, JCB India offers –
    • Two rotating operator seats
    • Tiltable steering
    • Hydraulic based anti-vibration pads
    • Ergonomically located controls with joystick
    • Rotating seats - upto 450 from both sides
    • Tool box near the operator seat
    • High visibility- front & rear glass
    In JCB’s range of world class Compactors, vibrations and heat levels are kept lowest to provide a comfortable work environment. Moreover, operator-friendly and ergonomically located controls with joystick help in easy machine operation.

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