Goldhofer AG – a world champion in heavy haulage and oversized cargo transportation

Transport solutions for every type of operation: For over 300 years Goldhofer has been developing the heavy haulage and special transport technologies needed to translate customer requirements into practical solutions. Maximum vertical integration for the production of semitrailers, towed and self-propelled modules at its German plant in Memmingen and a commitment to R&D lay the foundations for its consistently high quality standards and full range of products and services in the relevant areas.

Semi lowloaders and semi lowloaders with drop deck

Goldhofer offers the complete range of axle technology that covers knuckle-type steering axles with air suspension or with hydraulic axle suspension, pendular axle technology and Mac-Pherson axle technology »MPA«. All the friction-steered vehicles are available as semi low-loaders, the vehicles with power-steering are also available as semi lowloaders with drop deck.

MPA 3 in operation
MPA 3 in operation

Goldhofer’s MPA technology: award-winning patent

In just three years, Goldhofer’s patented and multiple award-winning MPA axle technology has become the benchmark for the heavy haulage industry. With a system based on just a few high-strength components in combination with low-maintenance independent suspension for minimum deadweight, Goldhofer has developed a robust solution reduced to the essentials. These strengths give Goldhofer’s MPA axle technology the leading edge in comparison with other steering axle systems. A 60° steering angle for maximum maneuverability, an impres-sive suspension stroke with minimum track difference over the full stroke and a 780 mm minimum loading height combined with fifth-wheel loads between 20 and 35 tons set new standards throughout the industry. In response to market demand, Goldhofer now offers MPA technology as an option with all its models in the semi and low loader range.

STZ-P – reliable in all terrain

Goldhofer’s STZ-P with tried and tested pendular axle technology
Goldhofer’s STZ-P with tried and tested pendular axle technology
They have the lowest loading heights for semitrailers with ball-bearing race ring technology and pendular axles and combine payloads of upto 150 tons with low deadweights. Goldhofer’s STZ-P series is comprised of highly maneuverable transport vehicles that, with a suspension stroke of 600mm, take difficult terrain in their stride. With their pendular axle technology, these semitrailers offer highly dynamic steering with a maximum steering angle of 65 degrees. Goldhofer caters for customers’ individual needs with a choice of models with between three and ten axle lines. That is the key to flexible transport solutions for a wide range of cargoes, from big machines to bulky industrial plant.

STZ-VP (285)

Goldhofer ADDRIVE
Goldhofer’s STZ-VP (285)
Available as of March 2017: the first-in-class drop-deck semitrailer! The new STZ-VP with a tire width of 285 mm is a highly attractive solution, with an impressive payload combined with extremely low deadweight. With its high bending moment, wide steering angle and optimized excavator recess, the STZ-VP (285) is a real workhorse. For standard and exceptional operations alike, the STZ-VP (285) is the ideal solution. It enables customers to handle a big variety of jobs with one singe vehicle – a big saving in terms of capital costs. The STZ-VP (285) is able to cope with fifth-wheel loads of upto 52 tons and also an axle load of 16 tons and offers flexible front bogie coupling and uncoupling for a wide range of transport operations. The STZ-VP also continues to be available with a tire width of 245 mm.

The THP/SL family – non-driven modular heavy-duty solutions in all weight classes with proven ball bearing race ring technology

On the road or construction site: Low deadweight is not all that makes the THP/SL-S such a flexible solution. This lightweight vehicle has a high bending moment and is ideal for concentrated loads and high cargoes on the dropdeck, flatbed or vessel deck. It is designed for axle loads upto 15.6 tons with 245/70 and upto 23 tons with 285/70 tires. With the big tires, the SL-S is a winner for all-terrain capability, while the advantage of the THP/SL-L, which is equipped with 215/75 twin tires, is the perfect match between payload and axle loads. The torsion-resistant frame and continuous loading platform are the key to safe transport operations on the road and in the plant with axle loads of upto 26.1 tons. The THP/SL-L is also a real team player. It can be combined with the THP/SL and the self-propelled PST/SL and PST/SL-E to master even the most demanding heavy haulage operations.

The Goldhofer THP/SL family
The Goldhofer THP/SL family

The THP heavy-duty modules (SL) have earned their name in countless operations. Our “orig-inal” comes with 215/75 twin tires, and the axles are designed for loads of upto 45 tons. In addition, they are combinable with PST self-propelled transporters. The result: uncompromis-ing load-handling modules for cargoes in the super heavyweight class. And modularity is trump: The modules are freely combinable with various accessories including flatbed, excavator and vessel decks and goosenecks so as to guarantee an economical vehicle configuration for every transport operation. Moreover, different vehicles are available with pivot bearings.


Goldhofer ADDRIVE
Goldhofer’s »ADDRIVE« is already a big seller
With its in-house innovation by the name of »ADDRIVE«, Goldhofer has literally brought power to its modules with a switchable drive. A milestone for the heavy-haulage industry and another building block in the Goldhofer range of transport solutions, »ADDRIVE« has been on the market since 2016 and is already on the way to becoming a classic. Goldhofer’s ultra-modern switchable drive offers a unique combination of the characteristics of towed heavy-duty (THP) modules and PST self-propelled modular transporters: top performance in terms of speed, flexibility, tractive force, availability and sound economics in a single vehicle system. The »ADDRIVE« is quickly activated or disconnected by remote control for fast travel on the flat or additional power on a gradient.

PST – turning THP modules into self-propelled vehicles

PST modules constitute the all-round carefree package from the house of Goldhofer. These self-propelled modular transporters are autonomous systems, which deliver regular proof of their interoperability in a variety of transport operations handled by Goldhofer customers. Goldhofer’s hydrostatic drive turns the THP heavy-duty modules into powerful self-propelled transporters (PST). The PST series, for axle loads up to 60t, that is available in 2.43m and 3m width (depending on the type), is very economical as all vehicles are fitted with standard truck tires (215 mm, 285 mm, 315 mm and 385 mm). In addition, the electronic multiway steering with +/-135° maximum steering angle helps keep tire wear to a minimum without missing out on the wide range of steering programs including standard steering modes such as normal, transversal (90°), diagonal and carousel as well as several special steering programs. And they are all available at the press of a button on the remote. Moreover, the PST series is available with mechanical steering with 55° maximum steering angle.

Goldhofer’s modular vehicle systems give customers a decisive competitive edge. Goldhofer is the name for practical and particularly economical vehicles offering flexible combination options for the transport industry requirements of today and tomorrow.

Goldhofer PST SL

Lifting & Specialized Transport — October - December 2017

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