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    Extra performance for the man at the controls and the company that produces

    Casagrande XP Concept

    Machines designed for the man that works and for the company that produces since time immemorial
    Since 1963 Casagrande has had an active presence in the world of special foundations. It has addressed a variety of scenarios over the last fifty years nationally throughout Italy.

    Born with the boom of the sixties in which optimism and pioneering attitudes drove construction companies to experiment and try out new technical solutions that were sometimes also "traditional" in style, the Italian manufacturer has always been protagonist of the evolution of the industry: the transition from mechanical to hydraulic machines, the subsequent and gradual integration of electronics, the introduction and refinement of new technologies, thanks to its customers.

    Protection of the person and the environment: the search for maximum efficiency
    This is the concept that has guided the design of the new XP series: "Extra Performance" machines, lighter, more efficient, safer and with lower management costs compared to the previous range. With a presence on the market for three years, the small and large diameter "XP" boring machines are proving their worth, affirming what for 50 years have been the goals of the Company: performance, reliability and value.

    Cost reduction and increased competitiveness are the guidelines of any sector
    Casagrande responds to this need by acting on two fronts: on the one hand, the maximum search for technically and economically sustainable performance efficiency, on the other hand the introduction of new technologies and design concepts that have resulted in considerable savings in operating costs. All with great attention to two other very important aspects, namely the protection of the person and of the environment.

    The new design perimeter in which these choices have been developed can be summarised as:
    Automatic Efficiency and Cost Savings: the SPM system
    The SPM (Smart Power Management System) is a system of smart power management provided on board: the power required for individual uses such as rotation and speed of excavation and the power of the hydraulic winches and the turret rotation are regulated and monitored only to the extent that is actually necessary, using the maximum efficiency of hydraulic capacity and the motor power available. After a few seconds of disuse of the machine, the diesel engine automatically reduces its revolutions to a minimum. The combination of these elements has led to a significant increase in efficiency and energy saving. The fuel consumption has significantly decreased to a maximum, depending on the geological conditions of use, of 25% less compared to the previous version. The financial savings for each year of use are easy to imagine.

    Casagrande Piling Rigs

    Versatility and ergonomics for each operatori in the driving seat: TOTAL CONTROL
    With operators and their comfort in mind, special attention has been paid to the cab ergonomics. The ability to customise the command area in fact revolves around harmonising the excavation operations and control of the machine with the skill and driving habits of the operator by virtue of controls and functions on the manipulators that are interchangeable and customisable. New and intuitive displays ensure ease of setting with the different excavation technologies available, with recording and storage of the input data (capacities, pressures, safety aspects and calibrations for each individual piece of technology) and with the boring and excavation data being constantly displayed. Panoramic viewing and air conditioning, tilting and adjustment of the seat and the ergonomic positioning of the individual devices complete the operational comfort.

    Easy and Safe Maintenance
    Casagrande XP Boring machines
    The machines of the XP series are equipped with a system of integrated diagnostics, a sort of "black box" that facilitates identification of the fault, keeping track of problems and the interventions carried out on the machine.

    The system also indicates the schedule for periodic maintenance. The large diameter XP series boasts a patented system of automatic opening and closing of doors with built-in safety footrests and railings which allows complete and safe access to the machine during routine maintenance and repairs.

    Savings are also made regarding the environment: CO2 emissions and noise reduction
    The world of boring aligned with the widespread demand for greater attention to the environment, aspects that also combine well with the needs of a production-oriented company.

    Reducing fuel consumption leads to a proportional decrease in the emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere. Some clients and works in urban areas demand this requirement together with the new EU directives for the introduction of 3B class engines. Finally, an innovative control system manages the cooling fans on the basis of temperature. This means a significant decrease in the noise level of the machine, a standard that manufacturing companies are always asked to observe.

    Multipurpose and customerisation
    The efforts of the Casagrande engineering team are constantly evolving on a day to day basis. THE PRESERVATION OF VALUE over time is a requirement that can be reached with on site application that is as continuous as possible. The ability to change equipment and technology even after purchase enables this result, thanks to a number of extras which renders the machine "tailored made" even for the most demanding customer, in compliance with the industrial standards.

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