Husqvarna brings customer-centric products for high performance, reliability and safety


    The 328-year-old Husqvarna Group is a leading global producer of power products and innovative solutions for construction, forest, park and garden care. It’s construction division provides construction professionals with a wide range of machines, diamond tools and accessories for cutting, sawing, drilling, demolishing, grinding and polishing concrete, steel and other hard materials, along with the necessary after-sales support and service.

    The products are used exclusively by professionals who demand high-levels of performance, reliability, safety and technical service. Buyers of the products and services are dealers, rental companies and contractors. Construction products are sold under the Husqvarna brand, and stone industry products are sold under the Diamant Boart brand name.

    A unique aspect of Husqvarna’s work principles is that unlike most suppliers, it focuses on the operators’ work situation in a holistic way, and with 100% control from R&D to an in-house service centre, the company pushes the boundaries of performance, ergonomics and workers’ safety, which in the end, spells ‘More Productivity.’

    With a focus on customer-centric product innovations and market development, it manufactures the entire range of Diamond Tools to engine specifications – a capacity that enables fine-tuned and efficient systems.

    Construction Products
    • Power cutters
    • Floor-saws, tile and masonry saws, wall- and wire saws
    • Drill motors with stands
    • Floor grinding machines
    • Demolition robots
    • Diamond tools for construction and stone industries
    Application Areas
    • Construction industry: Infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges construction-renovation-demolition
    • Airports: Runway cutting and demolition, cutting expansion joints in green, as well as cured, concrete
    • Buildings: Renovation and construction of commercial and residential properties
    • Floorings: Removal and renovation of old concrete surfaces/floors before re-applying new coatings, polishing concrete to the highest aesthetic level, whether by traditionally poured concrete or special mix concrete
    • Demolition/Renovation: Precise, silent and remote-controlled demolition and renovation of commercial spaces without disturbing ongoing activities as in hospitals, shopping centres, and other public buildings
    • Natural stone industry. Cutting, processing and polishing natural stone.

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