BKT wins SQEP Silver Award from Caterpillar

    Winning the SQEP Silver Award from Caterpillar, along with Homologation of two of its Earthmax models for Cat Dump Trucks, is no small feat for a company that has strongly adhered to global quality standards to become a well-known international OEM supplier from India

    Balkrishna Industries Ltd (BKT) was awarded the SQEP Silver Award by Caterpillar for its Chopanki production plant, which was set up in 2006 for production of all-steel radial tyres for the industrial and OTR sectors. The prestigious Award is bestowed to Caterpillar suppliers who achieve the highest levels of quality and process control. The Award certifies the Indian multinational company’s commitment to high-quality solutions, product performance, and emphasis on sustainability and innovation.

    Arvind Poddar, CMD, BKT
    Comments Mr. Arvind Poddar, CMD, BKT, “The Caterpillar SQEP Silver Award not only confirms our product’s quality, but also the excellence of our production system. The homologation as official CAT supplier is a further acknowledgement of our high specialist level and evidence of our development and growth as an OEM, testifying the quality and reliability that BKT has achieved for large global manufacturers.”

    Homologation of two Earthmax models for Cat Dump Trucks

    BKT has obtained homologation for the supply of its two tyres: Earthmax SR 47 and Earthmax SR 45 for two different models of CAT dump trucks. The CAT 773E with a capacity of 60 tons is fitted with Earthmax SR 47 24.00 R 35, and CAT 770G with a capacity of 40 tons is fitted with Earthmax SR 45 size 18.00 R 33. The dump trucks are used for mining and quarry applications as well as in the construction sector. The dump trucks are highly productive and reliable, and designed to meet the user’s need to transport more material at a lower cost per ton.

    BKT Tyre
    Earthmax SR 47 has been specifically developed for rigid dumpers and material transport on the most critical surfaces such as of rock quarries. A characteristic feature is its long life-cycle, thanks to the deep E4-class tread and the special lug pattern that provides excellent traction in addition to regular tread wear. This pattern is also available with a special ‘cut-resistant’ compound version for enhanced resistance against cuts and punctures. Earthmax SR 47 is available in sizes E4-class 18.00 R 33 and 24.00 R 35.

    Earthmax SR 45 is also made of a special compound that is particularly resistant to cuts, abrasion and impacts, risks that often occur under extreme operating conditions. There in significantly reduced equipment standstill times, and thereby, increased productivity. Moreover, the special lug design provides extraordinary traction, while the deep tread ensures a longer tyre life, increasing productivity over time. The tyre is available in size 18.00 R 33.

    Rajiv Poddar, Joint Managing Director
    BKT is focussing on the Indian mining sector, which is reviving on the efforts by the government. Says Mr. Rajiv Poddar, Joint Managing Director, “We are seeing bigger vehicles being plied in the mining sector, which will lead to bigger tyres in India. We have less than 1percent market share in mining, so there is a huge space for us to grow.”

    In his view, the OTR tyre industry has gone through the consolidation phase, but the company does seek inorganic growth and is keen to bring more technologies and increase capacity utilisation. “The biggest challenge is to provide after-sales service. The OTR is a high technical segment, therefore, service of equipment and maintenance are critical and involve high costs. To tackle this challenge, we have tied up with service providers in key markets,” he adds.

    BKT is an India-based tyre manufacturer with over 30 years of global presence in the Off-Highway segment. The company is the preferred supplier to international OEMs in industrial, construction and mining sectors in countries that have stringent quality standards such as Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia.

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