Shriram Automall – India's Trusted Service Provider for Pre-owned Construction Equipment

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    Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) is a leading service provider catering to the major needs of pre-owned construction equipment industry in India. By extending its services for a wide variety of equipment under one roof, the Company is committed to meet the varied expectations of its customers at all times.

    India is expected to witness a major upturn in the demand for construction equipment in coming months. Multi-billion dollars of investment are anticipated in building power plants, roads and ports. While the infrastructure sector is poised for major growth, construction equipment companies have a huge scope to enhance their business operation. This trend shall not be limited to new construction equipment alone but the pre-owned segment is also expected to grow manifolds. Today, with easy access to knowledge, both buyers and sellers look forward to utmost transparency in every deal. They expect complete value for their money invested in any transaction. Hence, the current scenario demands only well-structured and reliable service providers to carry out the exchange.

    Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) stands as a leading player facilitating transparent transactions between buyers and sellers of pre-owned construction equipment in a completely organized manner. In sync with the upcoming burgeoning needs of the market, SAMIL marketplace opens a plethora of options like - hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, loader backhoes, cranes, motor graders, crawler tractors, piling rigs, forklifts, OFF highway trucks and other mining machineries. All transactions are successfully executed in an extremely organized and professional manner. SAMIL today is the most reliable and largest platform in India for all customers who look for wide choices, transparency and holistic services, all under one roof.

    Shriram Automall

    The company offers various transaction platforms, physical bidding, online bidding, private treaty and one stop classified kiosk. Its private treaties or negotiated deals generate maximum business from pre-owned construction equipment as compared to commercial vehicles, buses, tractors, cars & SUVs, 3 wheelers and 2 wheelers. It has also gone beyond national boundaries by striking such offshore deals recently; thereby making an indelible mark through transparent execution of scope of work.

    The physical bidding platform of SAMIL is gaining immense prominence all over, more so because of the company's focus on setting up newer Automall facilities across strategic locations in India. Currently accounting for more than 40 Automalls, it has provided a well-structured bidding platform for customers where procurement and disposal of pre-owned vehicles and equipment is made absolutely simple yet exciting. Around 200 regular bidding events are conducted every month in which vehicles and equipment are put on display for live bidding.

    SAMIL's online bidding also makes a substantial contribution to the company's business. With a large stock of inventory listed online, this platform allows its bidders to bid on various types of assets, simultaneously from the comfort of their homes. Its website showcases around 400 bidding events, every month. The company also offers a unique interface through its One Stop Classified Kiosks, installed in every Automall and regional offices that allow its customers to access from over 20,000 saleable inventory of vehicles and equipment.

    Shriram New Look Refurbishment facility is available at every Automall to provide the repair and maintenance services for its parked vehicles. This helps the customers in enhancing the value of their asset, yielding profitable results. The company has 1-20 acres of parking space in around 70 locations where it provides safe and secured parking of assets in a well-organized manner. Third party valuation services are also provided to interested customers at competitive rates.

    Pre-owned Construction Equipment

    By offering end-to-end services, right from parking to disposal, SAMIL makes the customer experience extremely comfortable and a hassle-free one.

    It has entered into several strategic associations with industry's various giants, including TATA Capital, L&T Finance, Bajaj Finserv and many more. Under these associations, it provides organized and transparent disposal of their pre-owned vehicles and equipment.

    The company gives utmost importance to its corporate social responsibility and offers scholarship to the children of its customers. While associating with Shriram Foundation, it meets the educational expenses of the students from class 8th to 12th under the Education Scholarship programme. It also acknowledges its customer association through the Driving Your Trust. Under this programme, it offers free-of-cost Privileged Bidder Cards, including Star Bidder Card, Premium Bidder Card and Platinum Bidder Card. Along with various special benefits from time to time, these cards make the participation of customers at any Shriram Automall extremely flexible.

    SAMIL has various plans in stock to be an important part of Indian automobile industry. With its regular initiatives, the company has always led its journey as pathfinder. While the construction equipment industry is showcasing a major potential for growth, its strategies are afoot to make a substantial contribution to this growth. Moreover, the idea is to stand at the core of every segment with its revolutionary ideas and reforms to change the wheeling game of the nation.

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