Doosan Wheel Loaders - Highly Productive and Fuel Efficiet

Doosan DL 420A

ECE has entered into a distributorship agreement with Doosan Infracore, a global leader in manufacturing and marketing of crawler excavators, mini excavators and wheel loaders, for Sale and Service of its products across India.

Doosan wheel loaders

Doosan wheel loaders are available in sizes ranging from 2m3 to 6m3 as per customer need. Various tests have proven their ability to deliver high productivity, fuel efficiency and stability.

Features and advantages of Doosan wheel loaders:

Travel and Front Combination Performance: Doosan wheel loaders boast outstanding travel-combined performance and have been rigorously tested and proven to be 5% faster in both the travel acceleration test and the front cycle test, and 10% faster in the combination test on travel speed with the boom lifted.

Their powerful acceleration performance enables outstanding initial instantaneous thrust torque (power). This superior torque performance will reduce the cycle time when a wheel loader performs its main work of loading or V-shape loading. In other words, the machine’s excellent torque enables the highest work efficiency during simultaneous acceleration and front arm lifting. Doosan machines have been acclaimed for delivering greater speed and higher productivity in a shorter time.

Power and Fuel Efficiency: It is generally believed that strong acceleration entails weak power, but Doosan wheel loaders are mounted with a special system to correct such shortcomings. The hydraulic system makes it possible to efficiently use the power of the engine, which is determined by the machine according to the customer’s requirements.

Doosan wheel loaders are mounted with a hydraulic system that selectively transmits hydraulic power to the load-working drive to minimize unnecessary loss of power, thereby, boosting efficiency and generating sufficient power for digging, steering, and combination movement. Consequently, Doosan wheel loaders offer superior power and fuel efficiency, thereby, shortening work time and maximizing productivity.

Stability: Stability is one of the key factors of wheel loaders. Doosan wheel loaders boast excellent stability proven in various tests around the world. Another important factor is the tipping load, which is set after considering the machine’s optimal center of gravity and the scope of use of the front attachment. The tipping load can completely stabilize the wheel loader when moving with a full bucket, loading or stopping, and can also maximize its performance when performing its main work of loading and traveling. Together with good weight balance, the tipping load defines the reliable and stable features of Doosan machines.

These strengths enable Doosan wheel loaders to be sold throughout the world and operated at diverse worksites regardless of the weather conditions, topography or application.

Doosan wheel loaders with a bucket size of 4m3 or more, generally perform loading works in quarries and small mining sites, etc. As is the case with all applications, the performance of wheel loaders in mines or quarries enormously influences productivity, so when customers purchase large wheel loaders with a bucket size of 4m3 or more, they have to consider the machine’s performance, down time, and operating cost.

Doosan mainly sells two models: the DL420A and the DL550, which are optimized for emerging markets, and have proven themselves in terms of quality and performance in diverse environments around the world. As such, they will deliver the best performance and create the best customer value even in India’s unpredictable environment.

DL420A has an operating weight of 22 tons and is equipped with various bucket options including the 4.2m3 General Purpose Bucket and the 4.7m3 Material Handling Bucket. It also features a 210Hp Doosan mechanical engine and boasts superior performance.

DL550 has a weight of 31 tons and is equipped with a 394Hp Scania engine, and offers options such as the 5.7m3 General Purpose Bucket and the 4.5m3 Spade Type Bucket.

The company has also launched a block handler for the marble market. This machine is one of the members of the DL550 family; it will give powerful assistance at marble sites and quarries.

NBM&CW June 2018

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