LiuGong 818 – A Versatile Loader

    Liugong Loader
    LiuGong, a global leader in manufacturing a full line of extreme duty equipment, offers 2 ton compact loader in India.

    High configuration and advanced technology
    The CLG818C BSIII is equipped with Kirloskar 4R1040TC engine with rated power of 56kw. Ideally suited for the Indian market, the CLG818C BSIII meets India's BSIII emission standard. Featuring YJ280 single phase torque converter and BD05 counter shaft-type power shift transmission, the CLG818C BSIII offers big traction force with high reliability. The accurate matching of the torque converter and the engine ensures high speed and low fuel consumption.

    Spacious, comfortable operator station
    The machine features with large area cab glass allowing the operator clear vision of sight to the working environment. Safe and easy entry to cab is possible from both sides via full height access doors. The forward extended rearview mirror, matched with the rearview mirror in the cab, offers the operator a less obstructed view of the worksite. The operator can observe the condition at the right side of the machine clearly without turning around.

    The cab greatly reduces both vibration and sound levels, which eases the operator's fatigue.

    Double-lever control is installed. Controls are intuitive and ergonomically placed for easy and comfortable operation.

    Tougher structural components and high reliability
    The streamlined engine hood design is in accordance with the aerodynamics. Dual access doors provide large maintenance space and the mesh holes on the doors greatly helps cooling, which meets the requirement for working at 55°C.

    This machine features air over hydraulic disc type service brake system. Once the brake is applied, power will be cut off automatically to ensure stable and reliable brake performance. Low pressure protection technology is also designed for safety. When the brake pressure is lower than 0.4Mpa, the transmission can neither start nor the neutral gear can be engaged.

    Best in class Productivity
    LiuGong 818 is a versatile machine due to its usage in different application like in hot mix plant, Batching plant, Glass industry, Paper mills, Scrap handling in steel plant, sugar mills & various crusher applications that offers unmatched benefits in terms of fuel efficiency. Pioneer in 2 Ton segment 818 has an advantage of fixing multiple attachments like coupler pallet fork, log grapple, coupler grappler fork, 4 in 1 bucket, grass/scrap clamp, log clamp & coupler bucket.

    LiuGong is one of the first companies to begin manufacturing heavy equipment in China. Since producing the country's first modernized wheel loader in 1966, LiuGong has continued to maintain its leadership in the design and production of the machines. Like any other wheel loader of LiuGong, CLG818C BSIII gives the customers everything they need and nothing they don't. With the CLG818C BSIII, you can meet the requirements of various tough working conditions!

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