Doosan Portable Mining Compressors Deliver Optimum Performance

    12 years old and running everyday!

    Doosan (earlier Ingersoll-Rand) introduced diesel engine driven mining and water well compressors in the 1980s in conjunction with pneumatic drills for mining applications. Doosan's product range can be classified as following:

    Portable Mining Compressors -

    • with flow of 250 cfm to 415 cfm (100 psi pressure) for quarrying
    • with flow of 300 cfm / 200 psi pressure and up to 675 cfm / 210 psi pressure. These compressors can operate with a wide range of jack hammers in quarrying, crawler drills, wagon drills, and semi hydraulic drills that are available in the country today. Doosan also works with Drill Manufacturers and offers customized solutions for operation as drill + compressor combination mounted on a single chassis.
    The availability of a complete range of air flow and pressures helps customer to select a compressor that best suits their application based on the need for high productivity and lower fuel consumption. The products are used in drilling and blasting applications with both minor and major minerals like basalt (blue metal), silica, iron ore, copper, granite to name a few.

    Doosan mining compressors are designed to deliver optimum performance specific to Indian conditions considering that many of these compressors operate in high as well as low ambient temperature conditions. A typical mining compressor package comprises an air intake system, engine + compressor package, robust cooling system with fan and radiator combination, a sturdy trolley mechanism to tow the machine, air oil filtration system and accessories like fuel tank, batteries.

    Key Features of Portable Mining Compressors by Doosan

    • All packages are ergonomically designed with 2mm CRCA sheets phosphate and powder coated with copious provision of ventilation of heat emanating from the system.
    • Doosan compressors are meant for operating at high ambient temperatures of 52oC and the cool box canopy design aided by a robust cooling system ensures delivery of free air consistently at its rated pressure at application point. The Cool Box design is a hallmark of the compressors for its reliability to deliver performance in the harshest of conditions. This is one of the reasons why one can find Doosan compressors operating even at 1 pm in summer afternoons in most mining sites when the sun is at its peak.
    • Most mining sites operate in a dusty environment. Doosan compressors have a 3-stage filtration system that ensures that the air sucked is clean and the over haul life of engine and compressor air end are extended for longer cycles.
    • Mining compressors are provided with a copiously sized fuel tank to ensure continuous operation for 10 hours.
    • The sturdy towing mechanism comprising towing hook and axles can operate in uneven terrains and are built with good ground clearances as most mining sites do not have uneven approaches. The machines are designed for minimum towing speeds of 30 kms/ hr. The towing hooks do not get elongated due to repeated towing as most sites use a loader or a tractor to move compressors.
    • The machines are tested with the most popular hammers used in a crawler drill / semi hydraulic drills available in the industry and hence the performance of the product in terms of productivity and fuel economy is well established before commercial sales starts.
    • Doosan offers flexibility to customers by offering its products with Cummins/Ashok Leyland engine platforms. This enables customers to commonize fleet in terms of parts inventory, uniformity in service etc., which is unique to Doosan.
    • The compressors are provided with maintenance-free sealed batteries that are serviced at site and come with a specified warranty. This value addition to customers is unique to Doosan.
    • Doosan has also created working references for excavator-mounted compressors which have proved successful in coal mining application.

    Doosan's Product Support

    Doosan mining compressors are supported by a warranty period which has free service visits at specified intervals by the company’s authorized dealer representatives. Its wide network of dealerships throughout the country ensures seamless product support even if compressors migrate from one location to another.

    Frequent free health check up programs in mining pockets and for corporate customers are done by the company and its dealers throughout the year. After the warranty period, Doosan offers AMCs, air end exchange programs to increase longevity of compressors at affordable costs, and hands-on training to customer’s representatives to enable them maintain equipment as per Doosan’s maintenance manuals. It offers maintenance consumable parts as kits so that customers get all items needed for a specified mandatory service in a single part code.

    Doosan places a lot of focus in training its product support team at the company and at its dealers. Year-round training programs are conducted to improve skill building so that customer complaints are acted upon at the fastest possible time and increase machine uptimes. Compressors which were bought 10 -12 years before and are still running in mining sites, stand testimony to company’s product support to its customers.

    Considering that the timelines for infrastructure projects are coming down gradually, Doosan endeavors to improve its products and services through new product development and reliable product support.

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