Schwing Stetter India Brings XCMG Aerial Work Platform to India

    XCMG aerial work platforms, with their small boundary dimension, wide working range, strong obstacle climbing ability, simple, safe and reliable operation, are widely used in the construction of buildings, roads, bridges and for repair & maintenance work at plants, warehouses, airports, event venues, municipal engineering and other facilities. XCMG AWPs apply an electric low-meter crank arm, while crank-arm and straight-arm products mainly driven by diesel are used. Currently, the work altitude of these aerial work platforms ranges are from 4m to 56m.

    XCMG AWPs are safe and efficient, and their usage is as per the related laws and regulations. Under the laws of developed countries, for working at heights of more than 3 meters all should use the aerial work platform in the project. Domestically, the AWP is seeing steady growth because of the safe and efficient operation requirements and the low cost.


    XCMG's 14m articulated boom AWP, for instance, has an intelligent and perfect control system; a humanized layout, and a lubrication-free design. It is easy to use & maintain and provides comprehensive safety protection and abundant configuration options. Its advanced motion optimization control program provides a better motion, stationary, and operating comfort. With the floating steering axle technology, it achieves balance adjustment. Its Isochoric levelling technology helps in the leveling to make it reliable and safe as the positioning is accurate. The machine complies with CE standard.


    Challenge of narrow space: “£” type boom design and zero tail swing guarantee rotation of operation within a limited space without repositioning, while improving the operational efficiency. It is suitable for narrow space operation.

    Complex road conditions: Uses the latest floating steering axle technology with a configured off-road chassis, four-wheel drive and perfusion tyres. The chassis flexibility and road adaptability reach the highest level in the industry.

    Simple and efficient operation: Advance motion optimization control program allows a better motion, stationary and operating comfort. Humanized operation layout, simple, intuitive control panel and ergonomic operation interface reduce operator training time and enhance operational efficiency.

    Flexible & efficient: “£” type double link jib has a compact structure and flexible extension, which can achieve vertical lifting and horizontal extension, and a very strong obstacle climbing ability. 180o rotatable platform provides bigger operation range. Narrow type rotary table with compact structure has “zero tail wagging” and improves efficiency in operation.

    Specific to complex road conditions: Applies the latest floating steering bridge technology, configured with off-high chassis, four-wheel drive, perfused tires, best chassis mobility and road adaptive capacity in the industry.

    Advance performance, safe & reliable: Full range operation, visual and friendly control panel and easy to operate. Electro-hydraulic proportional system control is accurate and efficient. Protective measures such as chassis incline protection, platform overload alarming, emergency landing, safety speed limit, flexible start-up technology, etc are provided.

    Super pavement adaptability: Four-wheel drive, off-the-highway wide tires, and new car axle floating technology, strong driving power and road adaptability, enable maximum climbing grade of 45%, which is of the highest level in the industry.

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