ACE Multi-Utility Lorry Loader Cranes

    ACE Lorry Loader
    Action Construction Equipment (ACE), India’s leading crane and construction equipment manufacturing company, is offering Lorry Loader Cranes. A Lorry Loader Crane is mounted on a truck chassis either between the truck cabin and load body or at the end of the load body/rear end of the truck. Its primary application is to load/unload the truck, and it can lift load from all sides, adding to its flexibility.

    These cranes are mostly mounted behind the cab, which leaves the entire bed of the truck empty. Though small and easier to use in tight spaces, they can effectively lift heavy loads also. The knuckle boom can even be outfitted with a winch for added functionality.


    Greater Payload Capacity: Considering all the different applications that it is used for; the crane is light enough for the truck to carry it along with its regular cargo.

    Attachments: The loader crane can be equipped with several different attachments at the end of the boom, making it application versatile. Examples include man-carrying baskets, pallet forks, brick/block grabs, wood log grabs, clamshell buckets etc.

    No Travel Limitations: Since it is installed on the customer’s truck, it will go wherever the truck goes.

    Horizontal Lifting: The articulating crane is excellent at lifting cargo horizontally, such that it can be used in low clearances and in tight spaces without causing any damage, and minimal space is required to operate it.

    Easier to Load & Unload: The loader crane allows the operator to load or unload the cargo with much less vertical clearance required compared to a straight boom crane. The option to rear mount the crane gives the operator the ability to load/unload the materials from another truck also.

    Another advantage of using these Lorry Loader Cranes is that they reduce the number of machines required to load-transport-unload a job from one site to another as they are capable of self-loading-transporting-unloading, hence reducing purchase of more machines, running, maintenance and labour cost to almost half.

    Range of ACE Lorry Loader Cranes

    ACE manufactures Lorry Loader Cranes in two configurations: Straight Boom and Knuckle Boom. The range comprises models from 6 ton-meter capacity, going up to 20 ton-meter capacity. Made of high tensile steel, the cranes are rugged and lightweight and have applications in the defence, construction and infrastructure sectors, in industries such as bricks, tiles, paver blocks and other material handling industries, in municipal services, pipe laying, timer handling, sawmills, electricity boards, pole erections, railways, metros etc.

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