Haulotte Launches Pulseo - New-Gen Electric Rough-Terrain Mobile Elevating Platform

    HA20 LE

    Haulotte, a major global player in the Aerial Work Platform industry, has launched Pulseo - an electric rough-terrain mobile elevating platform with increased safety and productivity. HA20 LE and HA20 LE PRO are the first two models in the Pulseo product line.

    The machine’s electrical architecture is designed to lower energy costs, reduce air and noise pollution, and give optimal performance. The platform can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. It has rough-terrain capabilities, with operations suited to low-emission and low-noise zones. Due to its high-quality materials and components, robust protection for the electric and hydraulic parts, and extensive endurance testing, the two models are being offered with a 5-year warranty.

    Battery indicator
    Salient features:
    Eco Responsibility
    • Designed to operate in silence, Pulseo’s all-electric architecture makes it suitable for work in downtown areas, low-emission zones, and in green construction sites
    • It’s low acoustic profile makes it most suitable for work in low-noise areas such as hospitals, schools, libraries, etc; public places such as shopping centers, airports, concert halls, pedestrian streets, etc
    • It can be used with flexible working hours, that is, at night time or in the early morning without causing any inconvenience to the residents in the area.
    • Equipped with non-marking tyres, Pulseo’s oscillating axle and 4-wheel drive ensure optimal adherence and stability for outdoor work.
    • Its silent electric operation does not cause any disturbance in the surrounding areas
    • Due to its non-marking tyres, Pulseo can be used indoors as well
    • It can be used on almost any floor with low ground pressure
    • The machine’s low tail swing and easy handling allow for operation in confined spaces
    • Independent 4-wheel drive, each wheel produces powerful torque and ensures excellent traction distribution
    • An oscillating axle keeps the wheels in contact with the ground for optimal adherence
    • Solid cured-on tires provide the wheels with the flexibility needed to properly hold the ground.
    High Productivity
    • Featuring the best performance in the category, Pulseo machines enable high productivity.
    • Ultra-fast elevation speed, 360° continuous turret rotation and simultaneous movements work together to enhance productivity.
    • Dual-load models make it possible to increase the load capacity while adapting the working envelope, thereby, ensuring stability.
    Optimal Safety
    • Proportional controls ensure precise movements, guaranteeing smooth operation on the way up to the work area, with no jolts, just fluid motion
    • Pulseo incorporates the latest safety innovations such as Haulotte Activ’Shield Bar 2.0m which is by far the safest and most effective system of its kind. Faced with a risk of entrapment, the operator is propelled against the bar. The machine automatically stops. Protected by the Safety Gap, the operator maintains easy access to controls and unobstructed visibility.
    • The Haulotte Activ’Lighting System ensures safe performance of the delicate procedures to load and unload the equipment. Comprising 11 LED spotlights, it provides full illumination of the basket, controls and the maneuvering area around the machine.
    LE application night

    Optimal Energy Management
    • High-capacity batteries and the ability to lower the basket by force of gravity with no power consumption, maximize battery performance for a full day's work
    • If extended battery power is required, the on-board range extender engine can rapidly recharge the batteries, while the machine retains its full operating capacity during the charge cycle
    • At the end of a shift, the built-in charger and its smart power management module optimize both the charge and life span of the batteries
    • The Haulotte Activ’Energy Management system, developed in partnership with LITEN, a major European research institute and a driving force behind the development of the sustainable energy technologies of the future, was designed to extend the lifespan of the batteries.
    Easy Maintenance maximize machine uptime
    • Maintenance-free electric motors
    • Extended maintenance intervals
    • Easy access to components
    • Simple battery maintenance
    • Haulotte Activ’Screen makes life easier for users and technicians on a daily basis. It can be used to configure the machine; it provides users with information to help them identify alarms; it allows access to the list of preventative maintenance procedures, and helps diagnose and resolve malfunctions, if any.
    Mobile Diagnostic Tool

    All Haulotte Activ’Screen functions are available on mobile devices via the Haulotte Diag app. Technicians can enjoy the mobility necessary for even more effective configuration and diagnostics.

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