Deshmukh Crane to expand fleet with Third unit of JCB Loadall

    JCB Loadall

    Pune-based crane renting company Deshmukh Crane Service Pvt Ltd., which has two units of JCB Loadall in its fleet, is planning to add a third one on the back of its various USPs. This multi-purpose equipment has the capability to serve various requirements at construction sites, minimizes the idle time of the machine resulting in high ROI, and increases the overall turnover of the company.

    Deshmukh Crane Service started operations in 1990 by providing cranes on a rental basis to the industrial sector in Chakan. Founded by Mr. Shamrao Deshmukh and now led by him along with Mr. Akshay Deshmukh, the company’s aim is to offer its clients the most technologically advanced construction and material handling equipment. Operational in residential construction projects, automobile sector, solar projects, FMCG companies and chemical plants, Deshmukh Crane provides services all over the country with its wide range of cranes from 10 tons to 100 tons capacity. It also offers road rollers, telehandlers, boom lifts, reinforcement steel processing machines and so on.

    Mr. Shamrao Deshmukh, Founder & Managing Director, Deshmukh Crane Service
    Giving an insight into what’s driving the market for material handling equipment, Mr. Shamrao Deshmukh, Founder & Managing Director, Deshmukh Crane Service says, “India is one of the fastest growing economies with many manufacturing units and constructional projects coming up. These units require material handling equipment during their set-up and even during production for handling various jobs and materials, in most cases in the outdoors. Material handling equipment makes distribution convenient and saves time, ensuring maximum retention of the quality and safety of the products. Thus, it finds applications in the warehouse and logistics industry and is a crucial element of the supply chain.”

    “As the Indian market is estimated to grow, the manufacturing units, residential and commercial construction projects are expected to increase rapidly. Also, various initiatives taken by the government like the smart city development will further increase demand for material handling equipment,” he adds.

    Deshmukh Crane Service has deployed two JCB Loadalls for use in different industries such as Construction projects with a general purpose shovel attachment for shifting sand, loose cement, tiles and crushed stone up to three floors. In factory construction projects the machine is deployed with man-lift attachment to work at a height of up to 11 meters. Besides this, the machines have been working in chemical and fertilizer plants, solar projects and FMCG companies for handling their material. The forklift attachment is used extensively for stuffing/de-stuffing material in containers.

    Mr. Akshay Deshmukh, Director, Deshmukh Crane Service
    Says Mr. Akshay Deshmukh, Director, Deshmukh Crane Service “What compelled me to add the JCB Loadall to my fleet is because it’s much like a Swiss knife, a combination of many machines. It is an all-terrain, multi-purpose machine and you can use it according to your requirement. It has many attachments like a man-lift basket, general purpose shovel, standard forks with crane hook, etc. Its compact size makes it suitable for congested spaces on sites, and being an all-terrain machine, it can be successfully used on uneven terrains. These dynamic features of the machine have given us a good reason to purchase it.”
    37037-JCB Loadall
    According to him, the JCB Loadalls give a good turnover to our company and increases the overall productivity of their clients. “This equipment is multi-purpose, which increases its capability to serve various requirements at the site, because of which the idle time of the machine is minimum. This increases the overall turnover of the company and results in high ROI on the machines. The machines have been working in good condition since the last two years. We have even deployed them in remote areas of Madurai, which is 1200 km from our workplace, but we have been receiving good and immediate service and support from the company despite the distance and remoteness,” he avers.

    Mr. Shamrao Deshmukh informs that the company has diversified into automated reinforcement steel processing services. Also, it will be adding another 17 meter JCB Loadall to its product range, along with man-lifts, cranes of higher capacities, and other construction equipment. “We are working towards becoming a complete construction plant hire company, from where our clients will be able to get all types of construction equipment under one roof,” he says.
    Our aim is to become a one-stop solution provider to help our clients get all types of construction equipment under one roof

    JCB Loadall: The 4 in 1 Machine

    Range: In India, its Telehanders range starts from 7 metres to 17 metres lift height. The made-in-India variants include 530-70 and 530-110, while its 540-170 for high lift and reach application is imported from the UK.

    Versatility: The Loadall comes with a variety of attachments such as the General Purpose Shovel, Heavy Duty Forks, Bucket with Grab, Crane Hook, Grain Bucket, Power Grab, Man Platform and Drum Handlers, all of which enable the machine to do a variety of jobs on site, thereby enhancing its overall utility.

    Operator Comfort: The Loadall’s robust structure ensures maximum strength in high stress areas. It is better suited for heavy-duty bucket application. An air-conditioned cabin, clean air kit option for ventilation in dusty environments, and rolling over and falling over protection systems enhance operator comfort and safety.

    Safety: With safety as its focus, JCB has introduced safety features such as ROPS / FOPS cabin, Load Moment indicator with alarm, Hose Burst Check Valves, Stabilizers, and 4 Wheeled Drive for better traction in the Telehandlers.

    Service and Maintenance: Livelink, an advanced Telematics Technology fitted as standard in the Telehandlers, helps customers in fleet and maintenance management. It provides information on the location of the machine, and also regarding the Service, Operations and Security of the machine, on smartphones or mobile devices in real time, and gives out SMS alerts in 11 languages.

    JCB Loadall

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