FZQ2520: The Biggest Luffing-jib Tower Crane in Asia

luffing-jib tower crane
FZQ2520 anchorage luffing-jib tower crane (150t) is designed and manufactured by Shandong Fenghui Equipment Technology Co., Ltd (Finehope) and now become the biggest luffer in Asia. It is specialized for the lifting operation of tower boiler in 1000 MW power unit or above.

FZQ series anchorage luffing-jib tower crane is a sort of large crane applicable for thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, highrise steel structure and other erection of large-scale construction projects, especially suitable for tower boiler lifting in power station and construction of tall buildings at narrow site.

FZQ2520 anchorage luffing-jib tower crane is featured in higher lifting height, bigger lifting capacity, wider working scope, faster lifting speed, stronger anti-wind ability, lighter dead weight, more flexible arrangement, more convenient installation and dismantlement and lower transportation charges. FZQ2520 adopts cross box-type structure and spherical leg without fixed foundation, of which the leg can be arranged in randomly 360°and avoid the collision with buildings. The foundation only bears the compressive stress but not the balance of the tower crane and need no permanent concrete foundation, which will reduce the foundation treatment cost.


The tower mast adopts separable structure, which can be stacked transportation and improve the loading coefficient as well as reduce the transportation costs. The standard anchorage sections are processed with high precision tooling system and can be interchanged as per site service condition. The tower masts are connected with C column holders to simplify the erection.

The boom adopts ultra high strength alloy steel featuring with light dead weight and better tip load performance. What’s more, the boom is equipped with three combining forms (44.7m, 55.2m, 65.7m), of which the short boom has largest weight up to 150 ton, while the long boom has wider working range up to 65.7 meters. The various performance curves can satisfy the requirements of different lifting scheme at site.

The main lifting mechanism, aux. lifting mechanism, slewing mechanism, luffing mechanism, lifting wire rope adopt international famous brand. Every system adopts frequency conversion control featuring with smooth start up and brake, smaller impact load during operation, higher working efficiency, higher lifting positioning precision, better mechanical and safety performance.

The electric system is mainly composed by S7-300 series PLC from SIEMENS, ACS800 drives from ABB, photoelectric encoder, master controller, limit switch, frequency-converting motor, Overload protection device, and electric cables. The advantages of the electric system are as follows:
  1. Complete safety protection device. The crane is equipped with torque protection, overload limit, radius limit, mechanical limit, eclectric interlock protection with superior safety capability.
  2. Modular integrated electrical station. The electric station is equipped with air conditioning to guarantee the comfort of the maintenance personnel and the reliability of electric elements.
  3. The operator cabin is design and made from man-machine engineering. The cabin is equipped with linkage operation station, air conditioning and windscreen wiper.
  4. The crane is equipped with visualization monitor control system and touchable graphic screen, which can dynamically monitor the timely working status of the main components, equipment breakdown and maintenance guide.
  5. The crane is equipped with remote monitoring system, which helps the technician to monitor and control the system and operation status of the site equipment once in terrible weather or out of site.
  6. The crane is equipped with lift for up and down.

NBMCW January 2013

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