Liebherr at bC India

At bC India Liebherr is displaying ten exhibits representing the Group's vast construction equipment including a tower crane, two truck mixers, a crawler crane, a material handler, a wheel loader, a rotary drilling rig and three exhibits from Liebherr's components division.

71 EC-B 5 FR.tronic flat-top crane with interior climbing system

Liebherr is presenting its 71 EC-B 5 FR.tronic flat-top crane with the 63 LC interior climbing system. This combination of flat-top crane and compact interior climbing system is ideal for the Indian market. Extremely simple, safe assembly on the construction site is an additional advantage.

The 71 EC-B 5 FR.tronic, like all Liebherr EC-B flat-top cranes, is based on a modular design concept, so that the tower system is compatible with any other crane in this range. Its maximum load capacity is 5,000 kilograms, and with a working radius of 50 metres it can lift 1,000 kg at the jib head.

All drive motors are supplied with power through frequency converters, for smooth load movements absolutely free from jerking. Due to the continuous power flow, loads can be positioned gently and precisely, and even inexperienced crane operators can easily master the crane's controls.

Loads are always handled with a double-reeved hoisting rope, so that no time is wasted on re-reeving. With the 24 kW FU hoisting gear – standard on this crane – lifting heights of up to 226 m and a maximum lifting speed of 123 m/min are possible. These hook heights are also practicable when the 63 KC interior climbing system is used.

Liebherr has designed its 63 LC interior climbing system specifically for use on small to medium-sized construction tasks. It permits the crane to be located centrally inside the building. The tower is based on a module of only 1.2 x 1.2 metres and is therefore ideal for climbing even in very compact lift shafts or air conditioning ducts.

Liebherr at bC India

Economical truck mixers: HTM 704 and HTM 1004

From its truck mixer range, Liebherr is displaying the HTM 704 S and the HTM 1004 in Mumbai. The HTM 704 S has a drum of 7 cubic-metre capacity, mounted on an AMW-2518 chassis; the HTM 1004 has a 10 cu. m drum mounted on an MAN 31-280 chassis.

The drums of both mixers are manufactured from LH-37, a special alloy steel. This innovative material, developed in close cooperation with leading steel producers, is especially wear-resistant and capable of withstanding the rigours of day-to-day concrete transport. This benefits service life and reduces operating costs.

In order to make the truck mixers even safer and more comfortable to drive, both the HTM 704 S and HTM 1004 have been equipped with bigger drum sub-frames and eliminated the channel between the chassis frame and the drum sub-frame which is common practice among all Indian manufacturers. Liebherr has also introduced anti–clockwise rotation of the drum to the Indian market, which reduces the risk of road accidents.

Successful LR 1600/2 crawler crane

Liebherr is displaying its successful LR 1600/2 crawler crane. After its world premiere at the 2008 Conexpo in Las Vegas, USA, this 600-tonne crane has gained impressive customer acceptance due to its outstanding load capacities, variable boom and derrick systems and component weights and sizes optimised for economical transport.

The LR 1600/2 achieves its 600-t maximum load capacity with a 48-m main boom and derrick system at a 10-m working radius. Maximum load moment is 8,085 mt and maximum system length 192 m. Cost efficiency when assembling wind turbines was a vital criterion in development of the LR 1600/2. An SL main boom with a length of up to 102 m can be erected without a derrick system. As a development of this, a 108-m SL system with a 12-m fixed jib is available which, again without a derrick or second crane, can be erected to provide under-hook heights of 117 m. With load capacities of over 95 t, this configuration is ideal for mounting 3-MW class wind turbines on top of 100-m towers. With a derrick system, the same turbines can be mounted on 120-m towers. The SL system also offers operators the advantage of boom sections that can be inserted one inside the other for transport, thereby reducing overall transport volumes.

The LR 1600/2 at the trade fair belongs to the Indian crane company Shethia Erectors & Material Handlers Limited, which has made the crane available for display on the Liebherr stand. Shethia Erectors is one of Liebherr's major customers, and operates a large fleet of 350-, 400- and 600- tonne crawler and all-terrain cranes with capacities of up to 400 tonnes. The LR 1600/2 was purchased primarily for the erection of wind power plants.

A 934 C Litronic material handler with Vario Lift Plus

From its programme of material handlers, Liebherr is exhibiting the high-performance A 934 C Litronic at bC India: it has a service weight of approximately 37 t. The power unit is a robust Liebherr diesel engine with turbocharger and charge-air intercooler, which complies with Tier 3/Stage IIIA limits. It is of 7,000 cc capacity with a power output of 150 kW (204 hp) available at an engine speed of only 1800 min-1.

The A 934 C Litronic material handler has a wide support base with large pads for maximum stability. Depending on the working equipment, extremely heavy loads can be raised by up to 17 metres and moved out to the same working radius.

Liebherr at bC India

The exhibit at the bC India trade fair has an 8.60-metre long monobloc industrial boom, an angled industrial dipper stick 7.50 m long and a semi-closed Type GM 20B clamshell grab with a capacity of 1.50 cubic metres.

Due to the new "Vario Lift Plus" system, the desired working equipment can be pinned into position individually to suit the local operating situation and the nature of the load being handled. Attachment holes on the boom and slewing platform can be used to reposition the lifting rams for maximum load capacity within the same working range. "Vario Lift Plus" makes it possible to combine a wide variety of working situations individually with the most suitable kinematics for high load capacity. There is even a specially optimised mounting pattern for efficient loading and unloading from ships. Standard equipment on the A 934 C Litronic is a reliable semi-automatic central lubricating system, which can be upgraded without difficulty as an option to fully-automatic operation if desired.

The spacious Liebherr cab provides distinctly more freedom of movement; the version exhibited at bC India is mounted on the hydraulic elevating cab mounting that is available as an optional extra. With the aid of the hydraulic elevating system the driver can select the most suitable position for an ideal view of the work area during material handling. The ergonomically designed seat in the cab has a wide range of position settings and can be adjusted to suit the driver's weight. Automatic air condition is a standard feature, and helps to keep the driver fit and free from fatigue during the entire working day. For maximum driver protection, strongly constructed protective grids can be mounted as an optional extra on top of and at the front of the cab.

Fuel-saving L 580 2plus2 wheel loader

Another highlight at the 2011 bC India is the L 580 2plus2 wheel loader. The exhibit on Liebherr's stand is equipped with a universal earthmoving shovel that has a short, straight underside and push-on teeth, including a V-pattern overflow plate.

With a tipping limit of 17,850 kg, a service weight of 24.7 tonnes and a standard 5.0 cu. m shovel, the L 580 2plus2 has a relatively low service weight for this extremely high tipping limit.

The hydrostatic travel gear on the L 580 2plus2, a unique feature in its class, cuts fuel consumption by as much as 25 percent compared with wheel loaders that have a conventional drive train. Assuming that working conditions are identical, this can save up to 5 litres of fuel per hour of operation, yet operating efficiency is in fact higher. This level of efficiency reduces the burden on the environment, since in every 1,000-hour period of operation emissions of CO2 are reduced by as much as 15,000 kg.

Comfort and safety on the L 580 2plus2 also comply with Liebherr's high quality standards. The continuously variable "2plus2" drive train, for instance, permits the wheel loader to accelerate with no noticeable gear shifts or interruptions to the power flow, and with Liebherr's well-proven single-lever control principle all travel and working functions can be controlled accurately, safely and without operator fatigue.

The hydrostatic fan drive is located in the most suitable position directly behind the cab, where contamination with dirt is minimised and cleaning and maintenance work therefore much reduced. The diesel engine, which is manufactured by Liebherr, has been installed in a most ingenious manner in order to make access easier for servicing. It has been turned through 180 degrees, which means that when a single hood is opened there is easy access from ground level to major components such as the hydraulic pumps and tank, air cleaner, battery master switch and hydraulic shutoff tap.

LB 20 large rotary drilling rig: exceptional performance and equipment specification

The LB 20 exhibited at the bC India trade fair is a unit from Liebherr's drill-only rigs, with a torque rating of 24 mt. There are five models in the LB series, with torques between 16 and 36 mt.

Liebherr at bC India
The LB 20 is intended for bore diameters up to 1.5 m and a maximum drilling depth of 53 m, and has a rated torque of 20 mt. Its unusually compact overall dimensions mean that it can also be operated where space is limited. The rope feed system has a return force of 30 t, for high performance even when soil conditions are unfavourable. The kinematics of the LB 20 are 60 cm wide and of exceptionally robust construction. Another remarkable feature is the drive unit's low fuel consumption. The 270 kW (367 hp) Liebherr diesel engine consumes far less fuel than nominally comparable products from competitors.

The BA 240 drill drive, with a torque of 24 mt, ensures that the LB 20's installed power is always capable of reaching its rated performance level. The drill drive has a two-speed manual-shift transmission and a continuously variable operating speed, which permits it to react flexibly to soil conditions. Standard Kelly damping with springs and hydraulic shock absorbers protects the equipment and reduces noise emissions. Interchangeable drive systems ensure compatibility with other Kelly bar dimensions. The LB 20 on display is equipped with special rock drilling tools and a Kelly bar with a diameter of 419 millimetres.

The LB 20's basic unit and leader can be moved from place to place as a single unit, with a folding leader head and base.

Like all Liebherr pile-driving and drilling rigs, the LB 20 features the highly successful Litronic control system, based on the latest CAN BUS generation. This control system not only contains programs for operation of the various drilling routines, but also supplies servicing information and fault messages in an easily understood form. Available as plug-in modules are a modem and a process data recorder for remote maintenance and a process data report on the work performed.

Liebherr components at bC India

The programme of components that Liebherr develops and manufactures ranges from mechanical and hydraulic to electrical and electronic items for drive-train and control functions. To represent these products at the bC India trade fair, Liebherr is exhibiting a large anti-friction bearing and slewing and travel gear drive assemblies as a cross-section that illustrates the large number of potential applications for Liebherr components. The KUD 55VA four-point slewing bearing with a diameter of 1.4 metres is designed for installation in construction cranes. The SAT 325 slewing gear drive with an output torque of 20,500 Nm is intended for hydraulic excavator slewing movements; the FAT 550 travel gear assembly with a dynamic output torque of 150,000 Nm is used in mining excavators.

NBMCW February 2011

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