Po Tech makes inroads in India; offers small concrete product machines at competitive price

    Po Tech Full Automatic Plant

    Po Tech Machine has made strong inroads into the Indian market over the past 16 months. The company has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, installing, and operating more than 100 plants in South Korea and South-East Asia.

    The company is offering two models of its small concrete product machines - PT5555 and PT5243, which offer many benefits for the Indian market, plus, they are very competitively priced.

    Three main features of Po Tech machines:
    Protech Colored paver brick
    • Even if Po Tech uses small size steel pallets by adopting different stamping methods (Vertical production) based on strong vibration power, both the models have 1.5~2 times the production capacity than similar machines used in brick production. For paving bricks (U shape), 8 pcs per cycle, there is an option to attach face treatment device, plus, 60 to 250mm height of various products such as blocks, bricks, kerbstones and pavers, can be manufactured.
    • Po Tech machine has a unique filling system ‘Impeller’ which can reduce filling time, and fill mortar evenly in a very narrow space in a mould. In case of hollow blocks, 14mm wall thickness is possible, so customer can reduce use of consumed material, and thereby lessen production cost, while maintaining the products’ high qualities of sound proof, insulation, and strength.
    • Since every system has been designed very compactly, with full automatic functions (rack loader / unloader, cuber), only 30 x 60m space is required even for a full automatic plant. So, the initial investment is less and maintenance is also easy.
    Customers need not worry of having to pay a high import tax because South Korea has a tariff agreement called CEPA with India. So, for Po Tech machines, including basic duty (1.56%), the total tariff comes to 19.89% at present. But if the customer is a manufacturer, then GST (18%) will be applicable, which is refundable, and a big benefit, thereof.

    Impeller and Hallow block wall

    The company offers support of its sales representatives, after-sales service and spare parts through its dealer Mr. J. R. Mohanty in Kolkata, who has an experience of more than 15 years with Colombia machines and 25 years in this Industry. In a highly competitive market, Po Tech thinks of its customers first by offering a highly productive machine at an affordable price.

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