Revomac’s Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

    Revomac launches sustainable Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

    Jigar Khadela Revomac

    Revomac machines are an integration of hardware and software and hence enable customers with the most efficient and cost-effective production, says Jigar Khadela, Director, Revomac Industries

    Ahmedabad-based Revomac Industries is a specialist in manufacturing and developing machines, with a focus on waste management and waste utilization. The company’s main objective is to provide its customers with machines that are simple yet powerful, cost-effective, robust, reliable, environment-friendly and also sustainable.

    "The implementation of Hydraulic and Vibration technologies in our machines ensures the highest level of uniformity and quality. From putting in the raw materials to getting the finished product, our machines are completely automatic for a more efficient and cost-effective production. With their integration of hardware and software, the machines have the capabilities to provide our customers with the best quality products."
    Revomac FlyAsh Brick Making Machine

    Fly Ash Brick Making Machine

    The robust Revomac Fly Ash Brick Making Machine (FABMM) can produce bricks of any shape and size. According to Khadela, the strength, durability, and longevity of the bricks manufactured are best in class. The strength of bricks considerably exceeds the strength required for its various applications and with a low thermal conductivity. Also, the bricks produced have a flawless surface finish. The machine has the least cycle time so there is faster production with higher output in an equivalent amount of time. It comes in an attractive olive green and yellow colour.

    Environmental Commitment

    With zero discharge of toxic gases and other hazardous emissions, Revomac machines have a nearly zero carbon footprint. The primary focus of the FABMM is solid waste management. It uses fly ash generated in thermal power plants (waste material with zero utility for power plants) as the primary raw material and converts it into a useful product (bricks used in construction).

    Revomac machines consume minimum energy and release minimum waste products into the environment, which makes them safe and eco-friendly. "We are committed to the Swach Bharat and the Make in India mission, being advocated by our government. So we strive to make machines that do not harm our surroundings and are manufactured locally."

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