Hem Care Corporation: The Green Building Solutions Provider

Jagesh Ladani Hem Care Corporation
Mr. Jagesh Ladani,
Managing Partner, Hem Care Corporation
Hem Care Corporation is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of CLC Bricks Plant, Light Weight Bricks Machines, Fly Ash CLC Blocks Plant, CLC Blocks Making Equipment and Light Weight Concrete Block Plant beside many more products. "Our products are technologically advanced, user-friendly, and most importantly competitively priced and reliable," says Mr. Jagesh Ladani.

What is Light Weight Block (CLC )?
Hem Care CLC Plant
CLC is called as Cellular Light Weight Concrete and it is also called as Foam Concrete. It is produced by initially making slurry of Cement, Sand (optional), Fly-Ash & Water, which is further mixed with the addition of pre-formed stable foam. The Concrete is pumped into assembled moulds of blocks. The foam imparts free flowing characteristics to this slurry due to ball bearing effect of foam bubbles enabling it to easily flow into all corners and compact by itself in the moulds without requiring any kind of vibration or compaction. Good Curing gives strength and dimensional stability to Bricks, which are cured either by Water Curing or Steam.

Why should a CLC Block Plant Be Setup?
Because of Low Investment, Quick returns, Future product for construction industries, Green Product, can earn more percentage of profit, Easy to Install, Less competition in market, Only 15 HP Power is required to run 30m3 plant.

We are only, who have in-house facility for training and R&D canter for CLC Blocks in our factory premise area.

USES of CLC material:
  1. Foamed light weight concrete in the form of bricks, blocks or poured in-situ is used for thermal insulation over flat roofs or for cold storage walls or as non-load bearing walls in RCC/Steel framed buildings or for load bearing walls for low-rise buildings.
  2. Fire rating of foamed concrete is far superior to that of brick work or dense concrete.
  3. Bulk filling, using relatively low strength material, for redundant sewerage pipes, wells, disused cellars and basements, storage tanks, tunnels, and subways etc.
  4. Infill to the spandrel walls of arch bridges.
  5. Backfill to retaining walls and bridge abutment.
  6. Stabilizing soil, for example in the construction of embankment slopes.
  7. Grouting for tunnel work.
Future Potential of CLC
The government is making all efforts to ban / stop Clay Bricks Manufacturing & Usage as it consumes Top Agricultural Soil and also the availability of soil is a problem. In a due course of time, an appropriate action will be taken.

Clay bricks are much heavy in weight and require heavy structural foundation and because of the heavy weight, labour problems are existent. Because of the heavy competition, Clay Bricks are available at rock bottom price and it would be difficult for them to reduce price any more. Several Brick Manufacturers who are already into Clay/hollow Bricks are converting into CLC Technology.

The biggest challenge in the growth of CLC is the lack of knowledge of its advantages and Users need to be educated about the benefits of the product. In areas with high demand of burnt clay bricks, CLC bricks compete favourably as an alternate material.

We, at Hem Care Corporation, provide green building solutions and technology in India for setting up plants for CLC, Precast Wall-Compound Plant, Construction equipment, Fly-ash Bricks Plant, and Paver Blocks Plant. "We are looking for small scale investor for these industries. We think small investors are always looking for quick return from his investment. This hot competitive market is very tuff for small scale enterprise. In this critical, only CLC Bricks plant industries is giving return quick at low investment," says Mr. Ladani.

NBMCW November 2015

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