CLEIA : New Arth Ceramics Brick Plant in India

    Hollow Blocks
    CLEIA, an engineering company specialised in turn-key solutions for heavy clay building material manufacturer – brick and roof tile plants – and ceramic industries, continues its international development and wins a new brick plant contract in India. The extensive revamping of this brick factory for Arth Ceramics (previously Red Ceramics Ltd.), located in Kolkata, West Bengal, will allow to reach an annual output of 200,000 tons of Hollow blocks, making it one of the largest brick plants in India.

    The ability of CLEIA to propose innovative solutions for existing units together with a strong commitment to secure the operation-including heavy clay testing for over one year was essential to Arth Ceramics company in its decision to select CLEIA as partner for the complete realization of this project.

    Arth Ceramics Brick Plant
    The hollow blocks offer a major positive evolution of the building market in India: in comparison with solid bricks, as it reduces the construction costs as well as the energy consumption and raw material quantity. They also preserve the natural resources and the environment with a better insulation construction method, whilst improving comfort of housing.

    New perspectives for the raw materials process in India

    CLEIA ceramic engineers with their extensive 4C laboratory - Cleia Ceramic Competence Center - will develop new technologies for the raw materials preparation process adapted to the local Indian context.

    Modern and automatic equipment

    For the drying CLEIA will install a new Sirocco rapid dryer perfectly adapted for the drying of hollow products.

    The existing kiln will be renewed and fitted with new firing and control equipment.

    The handling facilities will be replaced with robotic setting stations.

    All the equipment will be controlled by an OpenCer PLC control system.

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