“Hess Put Fly Ash & Concrete into Shape”

    Manoj Kumar
    Hess Group, the global leader in Construction Machinery Manufacturing has been active in India since 2009 and opened the new facility last year eyeing on the highly potential Indian market. Mr. Manoj Kumar, Managing Director, Hess India, believes in Indian economy and took the strong step to invest when the economy is down. Based on his view point, the fluctuation is always there in all the major markets and sometimes it takes longer time to come back in the normal cycle. There are certain influential factors affecting any industry directly and indirectly. This may be political, economical or others, but it is the responsibility of the policy makers and the management to take appropriate decisions on time without missing the target. To be at winning front and to achieve the goal, a clear strategy and market feedback is very much important. Definitely, there needs to be an interaction between the leadership and the industries to prepare the right policy for the domestic as well as export markets. Sometimes, there is a confusion in this regard as lack of coordination and awareness of the actual situation of each industry sidelines the others. Quality, time, and location are the other main factors which mainly affect any industry in India. We need to enforce the necessity of this in the education system which may hopefully revamp in short period of time and these points may considered.

    KJS Concrete Fly ash Brick

    We have the slogan 'We put concrete into shape' which may prefer to change as "We put fly ash & concrete into shape" for Indian market. India needs a clear policy and understanding between coal industry, power plants, construction and related machinery industry to achieve the real goal by supporting each other. There is still no clarity or clear guidelines in this regard. Within four years of time after entering into India, we successfully installed and commissioned the plants for Ultratech, Ecologic, Jindal (JSPL), KJS Concrete, Kankaria, JK Lakshmi, Lafarge and further projects under progress with Lanvin Infra, Chelsea Concrete, MAAD and UAL Industries. Within this short period of time, the major Indian groups identified and selected Hess as the technical partner to lead the way. Hess always provides customized solutions to its partners with best technology and quality which the developed markets prefer. Considering the market size and other issues pertaining to Indian market, Hess has decided to address the challenges and provide the right, simple and cost-effective solutions. Advice and solution on ash handling and conversion from Hess technology will enable to avoid environmental and pollution issues, transportation and manual interference. At the same time, it converts this into a bi-product with maximum usage of ash in construction sector. The first plant under this system installed with JSPL which will transfer the top and bottom ash to Hess plant with a pneumatic closed conveyor system and only the finished product will come out of the plant. This process involves batching; mixing, curing and finally packing for storage and transportation. Just in a day such plant can convert around 400 tons of ash into building materials and eliminate the ash related issues. Most of these products are thermal insulated and sound insulated which reduce the electricity consumption.

    Concrete Products Machine

    Hollow Block

    According to Mr. Manoj Kumar, the mission to India will be challenging but, with the best technology, service support, spare parts and quality, Hess machines continues to stand on the top choice by default. India has highly potential and future market, Hess started to offer the concrete block and interlocking paver machines, light weight aerated AAC plants, high pressure wet cast kerbs and slab machines and other equipments for value addition to concrete. By doing the partial production and assembly in India will benefit to customer on saving import duty, freight cost, other than the price, local service and parts. With worldwide presence and an impressive range of products, Hess group emerged as the leaders globally and ready to share the knowledge in Indian market.

    A true testimony to Hess products can be seen in the rapidly expanding production facilities worldwide. The latest in this addition is the Schindler and Prinzing as part of Topwerk Group.

    Surface Treatment Machine

    As the leader in concrete and building materials industry, Hess always comes up with the latest technology on its machines which are adaptable and upgradable in all the older versions as well. In concrete block & paver plants, we are using the patented vibrating system called as the "variotronic" vibration system. The vibrating method based on servo/frequency controlled motors which gives better lifetime and accuracy compared to others. The blocks produced out of such machines will be uniform in size, shape, and density. This high level of precision is the major advantage of this technology. The latest addition to this is variotronic together with oil bath system which will avoid regular greasing and bearing changes for longer periods and time consuming act. Lets us go little deeper into the technology behind this system where the vibration system is integrated with the filling program (the position and number of shakes for the filler box and the filler box agitators can be positioned very easily). This ensures even and accurate filling of concrete into the moulds which will result in the production of high precision concrete products. Furthermore, the machines also have automatic height adjustment stops. The mould and tamper head vibration will automatically be stopped when the specified height is reached. This will avoid further compaction. The overall vibrations are comparatively lesser because the motors are mounted on rubber buffers and equipped with special bearings. The flexibility that we have in adjusting the frequency and amplitude will help in quality output. The machine includes the main press with tamper head and table vibrators and holding hopper with filler box and agitators. The machine is equipped with fast mould changer, compact hydraulic power pack from Bosch Rexroth and modern PLC visualization control system from Siemens. Remote operation through telephone line and modem systems are also part of Hess system for 24/7 service. Additional attachments like magnetic plate stacking buffer system, split line, washing machine and grinding line can be added to the machine. The most modern operating panel by Siemens with S7-400 controls the functions.

    Planetary Mixers Vertical Cast Pipe Machine

    The Planetary mixers manufactured by Hess, under the brand name Schlosser Pfeiffer are specially designed for semi dry mix applications. These mixers are the perfect choice for processing of wide range of different concrete types containing a large variety of aggregates, colour pigments, and materials of different kind. The mixing arms are connected with independent agitators and the feeding of cement will be from side instead of top discharge. This will avoid the ball formation inside the mixer. The level of precision used for fine-tuning and adjusting the tools translates directly into better mixing results, reduces wear and tear, and protects the drives from impact stress. The Schlosser mixers are designed with multiple discharge openings. A discharge accelerator is also available to reduce the time. Schlosser Pfeiffer also manufactures the pipe machines for different dimensions with radial and variant systems.

    In the case of AAC technology, Hess has introduced the green separator and back tilting to avoid the white waste and crushing of the same. Instead of this, the green separator removes the cutting waste and brings it back to slurry preparation which results in zero wastage. Because of separating the cakes after cutting process will allow the steam passing through easily results in faster cooking. Hess technology will help in achieving the lower density very easily which is not there in most of the other plants. Fly ash or Silica sand can be used as the main raw material for the production of blocks or reinforced panels. Considering the heavy investment in this industry, Hess is offering 50% local components which help the customer in saving import duty as well as freight cost and service support.

    Vertical Casted Pipes

    Hess is manufacturing the wet cast product plants together with Forest Press Hydraulics from UK. They are the pioneers in this industry based on the technology of Fielding & Platt. Lots of changes and improvements happened in these machineries and able to produce the Kerb stones, dish channels and flag tiles with ornamental finishes. The machine is working with 400 ton pressure and extracting the water out of it. This could be installed in a simple foundation and easier for infrastructure companies to relocate the machine according to the project shifting. This plant can also be connected with existing RMC plants that will be able to produce additional products while the plant is idle. An additional product and income could be generated with same employees and other facilities. All the machines manufactured by Hess Group is benefitted by the excellent control and conveying systems which are upgradable at any point of time. Hess machines work with electric, electronic and software and comparatively less hydraulics than the competitors. This helps in accuracy and makes the fault detection process easier and faster. Different conveying systems are used in process area for better results like belt conveyor, travel weigh batcher, skip hoist system, bucket conveyor, chain conveyor, frame conveyor and latch conveyor, for transferring the materials. All these operations are controlled and synchronized from a central system integrated to main PLC.

    AAC Plant Layout

    The art of the line Hess machines and production facilities using are the OEM components like Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, Lenze, SEW & Ifm. 24/7 service is available from Hess Germany as well as Hess India. Indian entity support the operations in neighboring South Asian Countries.

    Hess Forest Press Machine

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