BKT Earthmax
Manufacturers are constantly improving their tyres with research and development of better raw materials, new tread designs, along with advanced production systems, and stringent testing of the finished products, so that their tyres deliver a longer lifecycle to the machines while adhering to the standards of the OEMs.

Rajiv Poddar, Joint Managing Director, BKT
“The importance of good quality tyres cannot be overstated, especially in quarrying and miningequipment such as wheel loaders and rigid dump trucks, which perform extraction, loading and haulage jobs. Here, cushioning between the machine and the surface is vital, as is operator safety and durability of the tyres, affirms Rajiv Poddar, Joint Managing Director, BKT, “We are nurturing a closer pre- and post-salesengagement with our OEM customers so as to adhere to their standards and specifications and minimize the cost of ownership of the end-users with higher availability of the equipment and better performance. We are evaluating the downtime that customers are facing in quarrying and mining, and based on the information, making improvisations in the raw materials, tread patterns, production capabilities and testing standards of our tyres. We want that the equipment users should derive a lower cost of operation per kilometer by using tyres that require less changing and repair, and thereby increase the uptime of their machines.”

JK Tyre Plant

He adds, “We are gathering historical data from the OEMs and the equipment owners on machine application, duration of use, underfoot conditions at jobsites etc. We are also training equipment owners on the right type of tyres to use for their applications,maintenance of the tyres, their usage and storage to increase their life and durability. We have made certain improvisations in our tyre designs so that they can withstand cuts and abrasionsby stones and rocks, and have better heat dissipation during loading operations. We have developed new tyres for wheel loaders, backhoe loaders and tipper trucks which work onall kinds of grounds such as soft, loose, muddy, sharp and abrasive. Our newly developed tyres can now take on faster cycle times and carry more loads.”

BKT offers off highway tyres for use in equipment applied in agriculture, industrial, construction, earthmoving, ports, lawns and gardens, go-carting, with product range ofmore than 2700 skus. It has its production facilities at Bhuj, Chopanki and Bhiwadi in Rajasthan, Dombivali and Aurangabad in Maharashtra, and is catering to both domestic and global markets.

Debasis Khuntia, Head – OTR, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd.
We will be showcasing our new range of tyres for mining, roads construction & material handling equipment’s at Excon 2019,” informs Debasis Khuntia, Head – OTR, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd.

We (JK Tyre) design & develop OTR Tyres as per customer requirements. Our tyres are manufactured as per highest international standards. Our tyres are supplied to customers after various stages of quality checks etc.

“We maintain a close association with our OEM customers to understand their requirements, and supply tyres as per their product applications and requirements. Our new R&D wing named 'Raghupati Singhania Center of Excellence' ('RPSCOE') has engineers and scientists from some of the finest institutions, engaged in designing new and improved products for the OEMs.” Spread across 10,000 Sq.m, 'RPSCOE ' is a step towards creating a global hub for R&D by the company. “Our R&D team is strongly committed to developing technically superior products, along with our in-house talent pool, we plan to engage global technology experts to share their know-how. Our aim is to become a global tyre manufacturer, driven by sound technology, as we make our products future-ready.”

ATC Dahej Factory

The testing and validations are done along with the OEM to ensure that the tyre meets their specifications,” elaborates Mr. Khuntia.

JK Tyre manufactures wide range of Tyre for Various Applications like Reach Stacker, Empty Container Handler, Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane, Forklift, Skid Steer Loader, Self-Loading Concrete Machine, Backhoe Loader, Motor Grader, Soil Compactor, Pick & Carry Crane, Truck Crane, Wheel Loader, Underground Mining LHD, Tipper Truck, Pneumatic Tyre Roller, Drill Jumbo, Rigid Dump Truck and many more.

He informs that JK Tyre has recently developed ‘TREEL’ - a Tyre Temperature & Pressure Monitoring System 'TPMS' solution for improved tyre assets management by real time tyre pressure & temperature monitoring. This has been developed with ultimate goal of improving productivity & safety for our customers. .Benefits of TREEL also include increased tyre life, better fuel economy, minimizing human error, and quick decision making on tyre management and tracking. 'TREEL' also assists in automation and efficiency by minimizing down time on account of the tyres, with real time alerts to drivers and control cabin, which results in cost savings for the customers. Our 'TREEL' Technology has been widely welcomed by our customers.

Harshwardhan Honmode, Executive Vice President – Marketing & Strategy, ATC Tires
“A good equipment running on poor tires can be a nightmare for the user,” says Harshwardhan Honmode, Executive Vice President – Marketing & Strategy, ATC Tires. “Equipment owners spend a lot of time selecting the right tyres because if any one of the three variables – site, machine or the tyre – change, then the performance of the machine can be impacted.”

“We are selling our tyres mainly in the Western markets, and many of their advanced features and solutions are now coming into the Indian market. We have a robust library of compounds which can work for tyre applications in countries such as the Middle-East and Canada where temperatures, terrain and usage habits are very diverse. So, when we design for India, our experience in global conditions comes in handy, plus the lead time in launching new tyres is very short, which gives us an advantage over our competitors in India,” he adds.

According to Honmode, tyres are being designed for specific applications as the right combination of compounds, tread design and the carcass strength are key to their performance. “Our R&D team is continually working on improving the compounds and designs of our tyres based on the complexities of job sites. The carcass strength of the tyres needs to be more robust in India due to loading variations and poor maintenance of air pressure. However, advancements in tread pattern design are leading to better grip and traction, and improved protector plies for optimized load performance and operator comfort.”

He informs that ATC has pioneered many products for the OHT segment, particularly construction and mining, which are application specific and purpose built so that customers can pick the right fit as per the required application. “Customers’ selection criteria also vary; they may be looking for more operator comfort (softer compound) or tyre durability and longer life (stronger compound), or their priority could be speed and carrying capacity. We have recently introduced a new pattern in the 585 - a tyre designed especially for hard surfaces. But there is no single solution for all site conditions.”

ATC has a wide range of tyres for different machines working in different environments and with specific application requirements. The company’s sales and technical support team, accordingly, helps customers to make the right tyre selection by first studying their job-site requirements. ATC’s S-300 - the latest addition to its Galaxy range of construction and mining tyres – is designed for machines plying on soft muddy soil or on gravelly rocky terrains. The advanced S pattern with superior chip and cut resistant compound on the tyres provides exceptional traction, stability and durability.

ATC’s Alliance 321 Plus is specially designed for backhoe loaders which ply on various terrains and undertake different applications. The tyre has a greater tread depth for higher traction and durability, and a special heat resistant compound that safeguards it against damages and thereby prolongs its life. Honmode informs that the company’s channel partners and service providers ensure timely service to customers since tyres are a critical component of construction equipment.

Alliance Tire Group (ATG), a subsidiary of Yokohama Japan has an impressive line-up of tyres for use in machines working in construction, material handling and road building in their Galaxy and Primex brands. These include loaders, graders, compactors, tipper trucks, dumper loaders, skid steer loaders, reach stackers, handlers, forklifts, cranes etc. “Owing to the superior casing strength and special compounds used in their making, ATG tyres are resistant to cuts, wear and tear. We constantly fine-tune the tread design to increase their performance in every kind of terrain and application, and also provide application-specific, purpose built tyres for customers,” informs Brijesh Menon, (Head Marketing - APAC), Alliance Tire Group.

“We have over 3000 active SKUs and over 500 units are added every year. This ensures a wide choice as per customer usage, terrain and budget. We have many radials in our portfolio, which ensure higher fuel efficiency. During manufacturing, we try to use more silica, which improves tyre performance by lowering the rolling resistance as well as improving cut and chip resistance. Fillers like carbon black and silica can alter the rolling resistance and thereby the fuel efficiency. With collaborative research with our raw material suppliers, we have improvedthe heat dissipation in our tires,” adds Menon.

ATG is a leading tyre manufacturer with a presence in over 120 countries. Their brands are amongst the market leaders in Industrial and Construction tyres in North America and Europe. Its plants in India are amongst the largest and most modern OHT plants in the world. Along with its expertise of over 60 years, its R&D wing is drawing on the vast technology expertise of parent company Yokohama. ATG has a close association with equipment manufacturers globally to develop tyres that fit the various jobsite applications and meet the equipment owners requirement for performance and fuel efficiency.

“ATG is a valued partner to OEMs worldwide because our products meet all the global safety and quality standards as they undergo stringent tests. We have been increasing productivity at the plants with more automation and new technologies that also speed up production time and reduce wastage. In fact, ATG is at the forefront of such changes,” says Menon.

ATG Tyre Separator

ATG’s sales personnel and technical teams render the necessary pre-sales support to customers for making the right selection, and also for testing and evaluation. “Any downtime because of a malfunctioning tyre can cripple the business. In addition, these large tyres can be dangerous if they are improperly fitted or overinflated. So, we ensure that our tyre experts are available on field to guide the equipment owners in handling and using our tyres. We also have a good distribution network across India and have delivered impressive cost per hour (CPH) results in ports, cement, mining and construction industries” avers Menon.

For equipment owners, deriving total cost of ownership of their machines is also dependent on the proper selection, maintenance, life, and final disposal of their tyres. So, timely service and support from the tyre manufacturers will ensure optimum performance, minimum downtime, and long usage. So, more than the price, equipment owners should look at all the quality and performance parameters that the tyre brand promises.
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