HEICO has developed a new Compression Testing Machine with Auto Pacing, Model No. HLA 592 with interesting technical features, especially relating to automatic setting of rate of loading.

It is designed to withstand a few million times of full cycles of loading without any sign of distortion or fatigue with load frames. These frames are light in weight. The base carries a fine finished hydraulic ram and the lower platen. The top plate has the spherical seating to take care of any irregularity of the specimen surface or slight misplacement of the specimen from the central position.

Pumping unit is attached on the right hand side of the loading unit. It is a multi–plunger pump submerged in the tank and is powered by 1.5 kW electric motor.

The equipment has an arrangement for automatic pacing system, which is achieved by the combination of advance hydraulic and electronic system. Control signal from the electronic system is passed on to the stepper motor through the P.I.D. Controller. Stepper motor controls the flow to the hydraulic ram thereby keeping the pace rate within +/- 2% of the pre–programmed value. At the failure load, the machine is automatically released. All controlling is through the membrane key board. The electronic systems have an advance 8 bit microprocessor with 12 bit ADC. If connected to the computer, total controlling can be done through the computer. It displays online graph of load vs time.

The CTM's with the above feature are available ranging from 250 kN (25 T) to 10,000 kN (1000 T).

The equipment is produced by Hydraulic & Engg. Instruments, popularly known as 'HEICO' both to its domestic as well as overseas customers.

Established in Delhi, in 1972, the company has been serving the civil engineering fraternity with its comprehensive products range, covering Soil, Concrete, Rock, Bitumen Aggregate etc. HEICO equipment for material quality control labs and geotechnical investigation, come from the basic to state-of-the-art Servo Hydraulic testing systems for precision and research projects.
Compression Testing Machine from HEICO
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