"ESurvey Sections" is a complete Section Creation and Management Solution designed to help engineers, surveyors and designers to create industry standard drawings and to generate instant calculation reports related to Road/Railway lines/Irrigation/Pipeline design/Water Network Project.

ESurvey Sections is a result of deep market research by a team of Civil & Software Engineers. This application has been developed after studying and understanding practical problems faced by surveying and civil community while working with survey related drawings. Its interface consists of a built-in spreadsheet and CAD-like viewing screen. However, handshaking of Excel and CAD is done efficiently to utilize the capabilities of both the applications to maximum extent, thus helping the user to save time and money and increase productivity. It is a complete software solution for generating sections, converting point data into drawings and interpolating available data to generate drawings.

ESurvey Sections

Key Features and Benefits

Importing Data:
  • Import data from Excel for Generating Cross Section and Longitudinal Section Drawings
  • Import Alignment data from CAD
  • Import data from Field Book

Extensive Section Settings:

  • Change properties like Colour / Height / etc. for all the elements of a section
  • Print Graph and Projection Lines
  • Print Header / Footer with Scales
  • View Sections in different Horizontal / Vertical Scale
  • Font properties for section elements


  • Design Complicated profiles and shapes for various requirements like irrigation, roads, railway etc
  • Edit Profiles for specific Sections
  • Dimension Profiles
  • Inserts CAD blocks at given point of profile
  • Create Multiple Profiles

Area/Volume Calculations:

  • Generate Area / Volume Report in Excel and CAD using either of three methods Trapezoidal (End Area), Simpsons 1/3rd Rule or Nett Area Method
  • For area calculation use advanced techniques such as extend / extrapolate or join ends
  • Optionally print area calculation below the cross sections
  • Modify Sections Dynamically to arrive at required area
  • Print area between multiple layers in Table Format

Printing Sections:

  • Plot sections on your own drawing templates and export to CAD package
  • Alternatively print the ESurvey Sections from within the package

Exporting Section:

  • Export Section data to Excel
  • Export Section data back to CAD along an alignment
  • Export Multiple Cross Sections as different Drawings

Curve Design:

  • Design Horizontal Curve
  • Design Vertical Curve
  • Super Elevation
  • Road Widening
  • Curve with Optional Transition Lines


  • Save considerable time while generating multiple Sections and respective area and volume report from excel / CAD / Field book data
  • Extensive Section setting allows you to create highly presentable Sections
  • Design single profile for both cutting and filling requirement which will automatically adjust to suit the requirement
  • Sections related to Roadway, Railway, Tank and Pipeline can be done by learning only one package
  • Use E Section irrespective of your CAD Package as E Section works with AutoCAD® /BricsCAD / Gstar CAD / ZW CAD / ‘ESurvey Sections’ comes with two add-ons listed below:


Topodraw generates Topographical drawings from point data instantly with blocks and elevations in their respective Northings and Eastings from the data available in Excel or CSV.


An easy way to interpolate points at any intervals using the actual surveyed data for generating Cross sections along the Longitudinal Section.

"Interpolate" allows obtaining values at regular intervals. It interpolates elevations at each Cross Section along the Longitudinal Section, which may further be exported to Excel for Section Generation. Practically, surveying at regular intervals is not possible for various reasons. Thus, to obtain values at regular intervals, points are interpolated. This interpolation is often done manually with a lot of calculations. To address this issue, Interpolate has been developed. It interpolates elevations at each Cross Section along Longitudinal Section, which may further be exported to Excel for Section Generation. It also uses the three most commonly used and proven methods of Interpolation techniques for data processing - Straight line, TIN or 3D interpolation.
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