TWF - Safety Shoring Equipment
TWF Shoring India LLP is an Indian subsidiary of TWF Tiefbautechnik GMBH which offers sale and rental consultation, in-house design of special customer-specific solutions, logistics, spare parts supply as well as training and sale services to its customers. The company provides a complete range of products that are manufactured at its German factory. These include light to heavy trench shoring boxes, pile chambers, single and double slide rail slide rail shoring systems, pit and shaft shoring, trench sheets, trench struts and individual solutions for special excavation support projects.

At Excon, TWF unveiled its mobile road system, which is a temporary roadways ground protection system for movement of heavy equipment like cranes, truck etc. The system has a life of over 10 years and can be customized as per the client's requirements.
The extremely flexible and elastic MRS – light panel adapts well to the respective ground and protects sensitive surfaces. The panels can be used as a temporary access road or off-road parking space for crane vehicles with up to two tons of wheel load.

The innovative MRS – medium panel is a heavy-duty mat that can withstand even the highest loads of 130 ton and can be laid manually. The newly designed profile with standardized ruts is suitable for driving over with a pallet truck or wheelbarrow. For use on smaller construction sites, up to heavy load use of tracked vehicles and heavy construction machinery, it offers application possibilities for event, construction and communal infrastructure. Two people can lay up to 60 MRS - medium panels per hour without using any aids.

The MRS - heavy soil protection plates are screwed together; the result is a fixed driveway or working platform, both in length and width. The load-bearing capacity of the ground is optimized considerably. The panels are designed for particularly heavy loads and vehicles such as for temporary access roads to construction sites; crane and assembly platforms (e.g. wind energy); and also in power line construction, etc.

Informed Kaushik Agarwal, Managing Director, TWF Shoring India, "Our TWF Trench Shoring Safety systems is finding applications wherever there is a need for trenching, excavation, or pits, whether its sewerage and drainage, oil, gas, water pipelines etc. The system can work in 7 meters of trenching range, has a long-life (can be used over 500 times), and is economical to use in comparison to sheet piles."

TWF - Safety Shoring Equipment
The shoring system provides sites with the much-needed physical barricades to prevent workers falling into open trenches and excavations; and risk of injury to workers from falling objects will also be reduced. The TWF Aluminium Adjustable Clamping Guardrail with adjustable clamping foot is available in lengths of 3,0 m, 3,5 m and 4,0 m. The product is modular in design and easy for storage and stacking on site and during transport.

TWF MRS-Mobile Road System-ground protection tiles are available in three different categories – light, medium and heavy. They are used to protect the ground by building temporary access roads or parking lots. They serve to protect or secure the subsoil and, above all, prevent it from getting stuck in mud or snow and guarantee safe movement of man and machine off-road. Unsightly ruts, plaster abrasion and other damages of the ground are avoided thereby. Furthermore, they offer a high flexibility, for instance, in hassle-free crossing of obstacles or curbs or at music festivals and other large outdoor events.

As regards TWF's rental and leasing services, Agarwal commented, "Since the Indian market is always reluctant in using new products and technologies, we are offering our products on rent also along with sales to make the end-users understand their benefits. Once they are convinced and satisfied, they can consider even buying the equipment for future use."

Ensuring safety is a concern that the company takes very seriously. "In western countries, it is mandatory to use a shoring system if excavation or trench is of over two meters. But there is no such rule in India as safety of workers has never been given top priority. We urgently need a safety regulatory body to keep an eye on construction sites and penalize users who are not using proper safety gear.

All our products are innovative, and they ensure safety. We are trying to bring more awareness among the end customers. We are confident that things will improve and shoring which is an important subject cannot be ignored any more. You could say that we have entered the Indian market with a 'product of the future.'

TWF has a well-stocked warehouse in Gurgaon for readily available material & spares.
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