Gaurav Lath, Founder, TankUp
As a Project Fuelling Consultant, we aim at fuelling entrepreneurship and providing end - to - end consultancy services for enabling mobile fuel delivery and technological advancement,” says Gaurav Lath, Founder, TankUp

Today’s era of convenience demands for innovative solutions that bring almost everything at doorstep. At TankUp, we do exactly that. We are Digital Fueling Specialists that saves your time and money by delivering fuel directly to you and your equipment anytime, anywhere. Our manufacturing and technology management is focused on maximisation of performance. Our mission is to Eliminate Fuel Pilferage, Enhance Fuel Utilization, Improve Asset Performance and Reduce Emissions. We are Project Fuelling Consultants aiming at fuelling entrepreneurship and providing end - to - end consultancy services for enabling mobile fuel delivery and technological advancement. Quality of service and the commitment of the founders and staff have ensured that our customer retention rate is among the highest in the fuel delivery industry.

As Project Fuelling Consultants, we take pride in offering the following to our customers:-
  • On Demand Diesel delivery through Delivery Partners
  • Tech enabled PESO Approved Smart Mobile Diesel Bowsers
  • Stationary Smart Fuel Tanks
  • Identify and Establish New Fuel Delivery Partners based on location, i.e. Fuelling Entrepreneurship
  • Asset and Equipment Management
  • Petroleum Explosives & Safety Organization [PESO] and Weights & Measures Department [W&M] - Liasoning Services
All components used by TankUp is regularly checked and fully tested for fire safety on a regular basis. Our tech-equipped PESO-approved Diesel Bowsers are environmentally friendly and our Fuel managers are well trained to maintain our impeccable safety record.

The fuel delivery industry is identified as one of the growing industries with a lot of potential. Our company brings this service to a range of customers, having bulk consumption for their heavy vehicles/machinery, generators, stationary equipment, etc. We have enjoyed steady organic growth since 2017 based upon quality and customer satisfaction. At its present level TankUp is at a size where personal attention to all team members is ensured by the management. We believe that TankUp Petro Venture LLP enjoys lowest turnovers of staff in the refueling industry. Our employees are the key to our successful and growing business. Careful selection, training and support are of utmost importance at TankUp.

Sustainable Development Goals given by the UN has helped us understand risks and define and prioritize our plans to align our strategy to the SDGs to make the biggest positive difference on our part. We have successfully delivered over 98 lakh litres of High Speed Diesel with an average of 2.5 lakh per month. We also manage more than 12000 assets - as of now.
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