Adding New Dimension To Marketing Tie–ups

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
As distribution tie-ups increasingly become the norm of the day among construction equipment manufacturers, companies having entered into marketing collaborations, are scouting for innovative sales promotional strategies for their parents. All to gain greater market access and depth. P. P. Basistha finds out the details.
The present growth of the construction equipment market in India is increasingly being characterized by marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers. The backdrops behind the collaborations is burgeoning equipment demand, which a better marketing tie-up among manufacturers can take upon. Tie-ups are also being carried with the business intention to promote newer products, for the fast becoming mechanized construction market.

Consolidation of market position is also one of the "prime intentions" behind collaborations in the fast growing competitive market. As per the equipment industry estimates, size of India's construction equipment market, based on its value is likely to reach Rs 12,000 crores in 2008 from Rs.9,000 crores during 2007.

A comprehensive random survey done among country's construction equipment marketing companies across the value chain shows, behind looking for greater market access, companies are banking on their existing market network under their own product domain. On this, manufacturers are undertaking right product positioning coupled with making promotional channels well structured, through upgrading networking capabilities, through adequate, well trained service engineers deployment, and sufficient components availability. All to aid better product promotion and create brand value for their parents.

Product sales are being done through business development, in case of newer equipment as well by distributors, who are also manufacturers in many cases. Notwithstanding, challenges confront many in way of sales through tie-ups.

Sound Product Placement

Right product positioning has allowed notable equipment manufacturers drive sales. Coupled with this have been adequate market knowledge base to push up sales.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
The proven case is Telcon, excavators manufacturing major, with more than fifty five percent market share in the Indian excavators market. Explaining the success behind the wholesome market share, Mr. Vikram Raje, Vice President and General Manger, Sales & Marketing, Telcon said, "the success behind our markets share has been our product offering, consisting wide range of excavators, based on the customised requirements of the end users."

He points out, "to gain business volumes in a construction market like India having heterogeneous demand requirement, it is much pertinent for an equipment manufacturer, precisely one's involved in producing earthmoving equipment to place wide range of products for its customers."

Mr. Raje informs, "Telcon can offer excavators ranging from capacity of 2 tonnes-120 tonnes and even beyond through import from Hitachi, our principal technical collaborating partner."

However, Mr. Raje points out Telcon's success has also to be greatly attributed to the competitive features of its excavators, which the company has been able to gain through its technical collaboration with Japan's Hitachi Construction Machinery Limited, ever since 1984. This has allowed Telcon create brand value for its excavators in the market over the years.

Construction Equipment
Mr. Raje elaborates, "Hitachi being a world leader in hydraulic technology have enabled us to create machines, which can operate with high productivity. Besides, Hitachi technology has allowed Telcon in creating machines by operating all its integrating functions, functions of the engine with the boom, engine with the under carriage and so on. Improvements through the collaboration have been done to reduce the overall weight of the machine to make it more flamboyant in its performance. The reduced overall weight of the machine as a consequence have gone on to minimize fuel consumption, thus checking its lopsided performance."

He adds, "All the refined operational features created through the collaboration have gone on creating acceptance of the product in an increasing order over the years."

Technical collaboration with Hitachi has allowed Telcon introduce new range of construction equipment in its basket, like heavy duty crawler lattice boom cranes, used for construction of ports, refinery, power stations etc. Telcon is the distributor of Hitachi-Sumitomo crawler lattice boom cranes in India.

Success for Telcon has also been due to its adequate back up service and component support capabilities. The company has a mother warehouse at Nagpur and four feeder warehouses. In addition, it has 35 dealers and 150 service outlets, operating across the country for providing after sales services support.

Taking service support further efficient, over the years, Telcon has been laying emphasis in offering customized support solutions and maintenance packages for the customer at a mutually agreed cost. Under the maintenance package it undertakes upkeep of the equipment for the customers over its lifetime.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
Right product positioning, efficient market knowledge, adequate network access locations across the country complemented with networking capabilities, through offering requisite service support have also yielded illustrious success for ECEL. As Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Chief General Manager Sales, Escorts Construction Equipment Limited points out, "for efficient product promotion market knowledge base is the prime tool. However, this has to be much complemented with right product placement having competitive features. Further, product offerings have to be backed by adequate service and component support and ECEL as a major Indian construction equipment manufacturer have always heavily adhered to this norm."

Rightfully said this, today ECEL is the market leader in pick-n-carry cranes with more than 66 percent of the market share. ECEL manufactures wide range of hydraulic pick-n-carry and rough errain cranes. The cranes have a lifting capacity ranging from 12 tonnes to 40 tonnes. The company has recently introduced TRX series yard cranes with a lifting capacity ranging from 16–23 tonnes.

The wide lifting capacities and operational features of the ECEL's cranes are suited for assorted industrial material lifting and construction application. Making in turn ECEL the cranes market leader in India giving it a competitive marketing edge.

Coupled with being a prime crane manufacturer allowing it to have a competitive edge, ECEL has well calibrated distribution channels across the country. The equipment manufacturing major, has 88 distributors and dealers across the nation. It intends to take the number to 100 by the first quarter of 2008 and further to 135 till the year 2009. Its well placed dealer and distribution network have been allowing ECEL gain sizeable business volumes. The company was able to sell 2,800 machine units during 2006 and 4,200 units during 2007-08.

ECEL's well spread distribution channels have allowed it forge further marketing tie-ups with number of prominent, global construction equipment companies for distributing their products in India.

This consists its tie-up with crawler cranes manufacturing major like IHI of Japan, for distributing its high capacity crawler cranes, with Weihai Huata Building Machinery of China for its tower cranes in India. Italy's Fassi for its articulated boom cranes. US's Altec for its power and Telecom Utility Equipment the collaboration was entered a month ago and with Doosan for distribution of its forklift trucks. ECEL as of now, has 550 service engineers in field and it has sold 1,500 units of Doosan's forklift trucks ever since its tie-up with the company in 1996.

Through the tie-ups, supported by its marketing and service network, ECEL has been able to provide sizeable business volumes to its partners. As per figures provided by ECEL, it has been able to book 35 IHI crawler cranes since September 2008 onwards. For Weihai Huata, it was able to sell 62 units of tower cranes during 2007-08. For Fassi, the tie up which has been seven to eight months back the manufacturer could sell 37 units.

The voluminous sales backed by wide marketing and distribution network have reinforced ECEL's position to become a further competitive equipment manufacturing and distributing company in India.

Right Network Access

ECEL's well laid marketing network has enabled Alpha Services reap dividends as well.

Alpha Services is a leading manufacturers of Mobile Tower Cranes & EOT Cranes having its works at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) and marketing headquarter at New Delhi. Recently Alpha Services tied up with ECEL, the dominant player in material handling and construction equipment for marketing of Mobile Tower Cranes.

Besides manufacturing Alpha Services is the distributor for ECEL products range covering tandem vibratory roller, hydraulic mobile Pick-n-Carry cranes, slew cranes, tower cranes and Forklift Truck in the National Capital Region of Delhi.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
On the tie-ups Mr. Umesh Punjabi, Manager Sales, Alpha Services mentioned, "arrangement with ECEL has allowed us to sell around 37 units of mobile tower cranes ever since our marketing collaboration agreement since December 2007." He added, "simultaneous gains has also been for ECEL through us." Mentioning that Alpha has been able to sell more than 800 ECEL's equipment in the NCR region ever since its tie-up with the equipment major from the year 2000.

Alpha is also distributor of Chinese equipment manufacturer Sany for its motor grader and concrete pump and has sold more than 100 concrete pumps in last one year. It is also the authorize dealer of US based JLG for Arial work Platforms.

Alpha is a thirty year old company; it has a well established service department at Delhi with Branch offices at Chandigarh, Pune and Chennai for rendering after sale service.

Material Handling & Construction Equipment
Successful product promotion, based on right market knowledge and well structured back up support can be cited for Mumbai based tower crane distributing company, Spartan Engineering India Private Limited as well.

Spartan is the distributor of Chinese made JWY tower cranes in India. The company entered into a marketing collaboration agreement with the Chinese equipment company three years ago. Ever since, it has been able to sell at least 50 units of tower cranes in the country. With the booming cranes demand, Spartan aims to sell more number of cranes in the coming years.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
On large number of cranes sold by the company for its parent, JWY, Mr. Vikram Mehta, Managing Director Spartan Engineering India Private limited says," behind the burgeoning sales have been our market knowledge for the product based on its demand areas." The company claims to have created its market knowledge base out of selling bar cutting and bar bending machines to contractors across the country.

Spartan has a pan Indian presence with its offices located in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata. The offices perform the role of sales and service points.

Making dividends out of tie-ups, supported by right network access is another Hyderabad based crane distributor, Conmech Auto Consultants India Private Limited, Conmech is the distributor of Chinese crane manufacturer, CMAC-CMAX. It is also the distributor of passenger & material hoists and suspended rope platforms.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
Conmench entered into a distribution agreement with CMAC-CMAX during 2006. Since then, the company has sold 26 products of its parent. Mentioning on the success of its tie-up, Mr. Ram Babu Cheruve, Director Conmench says, "our success has been based on the fact that we sell the products entirely on the requirements of the market. This is based on the requirements of the specific construction project." He adds, "understanding the project requirement is our knowledge base."

Conmech also takes to its credit on the right service support, based on annual maintenance contracts it takes for its customers among other services.

Well structured distribution channels supplemented with market knowledge base have been paying dividends to the CDE-Asia Ltd tie-up. CDE-Asia is a joint venture company with a 50 percent equity participation between CDE of Ireland and Kolkata based crusher manufacturer, Torsa Machines. CDE's product line consists of sand washing plant.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
As per Mr. Manish Bhartia, Managing Director, CDE, "the joint venture tie up has been much beneficial for CDE, with the tie-up taking place CDE has been able to get access of Torsa's Machine's customer base." He informed, "CDE has been greatly helped by Torsa's market knowledge base consisting the mineral belts. This has helped CDE exploit the market potential of its plants."

Mr. Bhartia adds, "Torsa's local technical contacts have proved to be much beneficial for CDE in selling its products, besides contacts with technical consultants also helped in promoting the technology involving the product." He informed, "Torsa's local contacts enabled CDE to set up its factory within a record period of five months, which other wise would have been not possible."

Material Handling & Construction Equipment

Material Handling & Construction Equipment
CDE has been able to sell 11 plants as a complete package till May. The company have made a target to sell 15 plants during the 2008-09 fiscal. The company imports 65 percent of the plant and machinery with the rest being locally assembled.

For efficient back up service support for its plants, CDE undertakes a sustained six months training for its service personnel in UK as an ongoing exercise. According to CDE, it has a complete team of experienced project managers and engineering team to offer complete after sales backup support, post installation of the plants.

The case of increased product sales based on well structured marketing channels is also for World Wide Machinery Solutions, exclusive equipment distributors of Vermeer Corp of US. World Wide markets Vermeer's trench less cable laying machines and surface excavators. The collaboration which has been ten and half years old have allowed World Wide sell more than 475 machine units till 2008. It is looking for selling additional 100 units during 2008.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
Behind the promotional success, Mr. Navneet Mathur, Partner, World Wide informs, "our strategic sales location across the country have aided in the sales of the products. The strategic sales locations have been complemented with our regional sales and service locations. The strategic sales point of World Wide are located in the potential demand markets of, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow and Ahmedabad. While its regional sales locations are in Ajmer, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

Mr. Mathur mentions, "Successful promotion of the trenchless machines could be made by us through dissemination of the technology linked to the product, at the grass root level among the project implementing agencies, comprising municipal bodies, gas and telecom companies made underground utility construction companies accept the product in increasing order over the period of time." He highlights, "the same marketing strategy applies for the surface miners as well."

Material Handling & Construction Equipment

Adequate component and service support allowed further World Wide, cement Vermeer's position. World Wide has tie-up with logistics major DHL for importing components from US. The company also maintains stocks for the fast moving components for the equipment.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
Company to promote products, based on right network access and networking capabilities is US based mining lubrication equipment manufacturer Graco. As per Mr. Ramesh Magadi-Country Manager, Graco, "our marketing edge is our prompt back service support within 12 hours of reporting time with our well–qualified US trained engineers." He says, "for efficient marketing of the products distributors are well trained on the application and utility of the product." Mr. Magadi mentioned, "for enhanced service support, we are looking to appoint more distributors."

Sales on Required Solutions

Appropriate market network and products for customized construction solutions have been good for Hess Polytech Pvt Ltd. Hess is a fully owned subsidiary of Polytech, concrete batching plant manufacturer. Hess Polytech is the distributor of German made Hess block making machines in the country.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
As per Mr. Prashant Kumar, Senior Manager Marketing, Hess Polytech, "long standing experience in the concrete industry have allowed us to go for a marketing arrangement with Hess." He says, "our main marketing USP for selling the Hess machines is that we sell the block making machine as an entire package with Polytech's concrete batching plant, to customers having large requirements of blocks comprising two million blocks per project or even more."

Material Handling & Construction Equipment
Mr. Kumar says, the collaboration which is a year old, has so far allowed Polytech, sell two machines as of now. However, with greater awareness of the product, Polytech expects to sell large number of machines. Polytech would be targeting construction companies engaged in construction of shopping malls, IT parks having large requirement of blocks for the machines. It would also be looking for cement producing companies for the product.

Similar approach to promote products based on required solutions have been for Chowgule & Company Private Limited. Chowgule & Co has a cranes division and is the distributor of Japanese Furukawa's truck and tractor mounted telescopic cranes in the country.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
Mr. Arjun Chowgule, Senior Manager, Chowgule & Co says, "we have a comprehensive knowledge data base on the lifting requirements ranging from core construction, real estate and industrial lifting applications. Based on the budget and lifting requirement, we provide the solutions through the products." The Furukawa telescopic cranes have been in use by majority of the construction companies in the country.

Chowgule has its sales and service locations based in Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore Ahmedabad, and Pune. The company have been able to sell 150 units ever since its tie-up with Furukawa three and half years ago.

Company willing to make ground in the construction market through offering customized lifting solutions is Mumbai based, C.S. Diesel Engineering Pvt Limited. C.S Diesels which has entered into a marketing alliance with Italian crane manufacturer, TCM during mid September 2007 wants to make it big in the Indian crane market.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
Mentioning on the tie-up and wide range of cranes available with TCM, Mr. Sowmil.C.Shah, Director, C.S Diesel mentiones, "TCM manufactures wide range of truck mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes and also a crane, apparently new for the Indian market, crawler telescopic cranes. The wide range of cranes on offer by TCM can be used for various customized lifting applications, ranging from industrial to construction applications."

Mr. Shah informs to sell TCM products, C. S Diesel would be looking to market the cranes directly to the end users, comprising, industrial users, construction companies rather that crane hiring companies.

C.S Diesel, which incidentally is the distributor of L&T Komatsu's excavators in Mumbai and Goa and also for Cummins, have adequate market network base on the equipment requirement of construction industry.

Solutions on other end of Value Chain

Offering products to suit customized construction solutions for end users is also the marketing strategy for distributors, selling products, away from the core value chain.

The top most category to fill this slot can be accorded to Multiquip. The company has reaped success on marketing collaborations front, through offering products for tailor made construction solutions is also for Multiquip Construction Equipment Pvt Limited. Multiquip Construction Equipment is the distributor of US based, Multiquip's construction equipment in Indian subcontinent, Middle East and at Common Wealth of Independent States of the erstwhile, Soviet Union.

Among the few prominent products, Multiquip sells out of its wide range of construction equipment includes, hydraulic power trowels, super screed fixed form pavers, generators, lighting systems for construction sites etc.

Multiquip Construction Equipment Pvt Ltd, entered into a distribution collaboration with Multiquip during 2004. Ever since the tie-up, it has sold around 1000 various equipment registering a 10 percent increase in turn over in recent years. Apart from distribution, the company has recently started manufacturing light towers for Multiquip USA in India.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
Behind the successful distribution tie up, Mr. Narinder Jit Singh, Director, Multiquip Construction says, " our success has been based on our ability to offer wide range of construction equipment, that a contractor can require for his project." He further adds, "Multiquip's success has also been based on the sustained efficient service of its sub-distributors to the end customers." It presently has four distributors and aims to increase it to 10 by 2009 fiscal.

Mumbai based Multiquip, has its sales and service points at Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Coimbatore for service and component support. The company's mother warehouse is at Mumbai.

Second to fill the category to offer range of products could be Delhi based, BellStone Hi-Tech International. BellStone offerings consists of, construction machinery, survey equipment, laboratory testing equipment, tools & hardware sourced from number of foreign and domestic equipment manufacturers.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
As per Mr. Ashish Sethi, Managing Director, BellStone, "we at BellStone have different departments for offering different construction equipment, with stock intact." He adds, "zxwe regularly keep on collecting regular feed–back from the construction market on its requirement of equipment, based on which we maintain our stocks and also introduce new range of equipment." However, Mr. Sethi mentions, "in order to maintain a brand loyalty we keep a product of a single brand at our disposal."

Bell Stone International, which owes its credit to its construction department store for range of products to be offered, has a common service department for providing service back up support. The common service department coordinates with the department head below for offering components and service support.

Promotion on Value Addition

Offering improved product line under their own domain of product expertise is also a promotional strategy adopted by certain distributors. For this, they have entered into marketing tie-ups with foreign equipment manufacturers to promote new range of products in the country. This can be cited by the reference of Mumbai based, Allen Buildwell Pvt Ltd, distributors of US made Allen concrete pavers in India.

"Allen Buildwell have been very active since 1996 in promoting several interesting Construction equipment connected to Concrete Mixing and equipment for Slipforming Roads, Aprons, Irrigation Canals, Drains, Barriers, Kerbs and so on.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
The marketing of wide range of concrete slipform paving equipment is explained by Mr. Ashok. A. Rao, Director, Allen Buildwell, "Our Tie up with Pioneers in this field, such as M/s. Guntert & Zimmerman Inc. USA, M/s. Power Curbers Inc. USA, and M/s. Power Pavers Inc. USA. M/s. QICKERBER, Australia have given the Indian contractors a large range of equipment to cover all types of concrete slipforming jobs." The technical support provided by these companies before and after the machine is commissioned, cannot be matched by our competitors. Like Allen Buildwell, all our principales believe in Quality and not in Quantity. We do not want to be the Largest/Biggest, like our competitors aim to be but we are striving to be the Best with most customer satisfaction. It is our effort to educate the clients on proper selection of the equipment and the accessories. We have not appointed any sub-dealers or agents to avoid the clients being sold wrong equipment because of the zeal of the dealers in procuring orders at any cost. We have found this to our advantage during sales and after sales. The client is directly in touch with us and our principals, there is absolute transparency maintained in all dealing between Allen Buildwell, customers and our principals. This results in quick actions and decisions in case of any breakdown or need for urgent replacements.
Construction Equipment
The Logo of Allen Buildwell is a giant tortoise with a slogan that says "SLOW BUT SURE". Considering the excellent 100% growth since 2005, this has paid richly to our being accepted in the Indian market as manufacturers and representatives of qualitative with satisfactory service support throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

Sales through offering value added products is the marketing strategy adopted by umpteen number of Indian construction equipment manufacturers and distributors, representing the bottom end of the value chain, through their marketing tie ups with foreign manufacturers.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
This category is filled by Mumbai based, Ispat Infrastructure India Pvt Ltd. Ispat has a distribution arrangement with Piat of Italy for marketing its rack and pinion passenger and material hoists and platforms. As per Mr. Kapil Ghai, Director, Ispat Infrastructure "the platforms have its valued USP as compared to other construction labor material lifting platforms in terms of its safety offerings."

Construction Equipment
He says, "the rack and pinion technology used in the platforms makes it lift larger quantity of load and also renders it safer as compared to conventional bamboo platforms." Ispat, which entered into a collaboration with Piat during the year 1995 has in its credit to sell 140 platform units till date. Ispat has its mother component warehouse at Mumbai, while it has its sales and service branches at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

Offering value added products is also Mumbai based, Mehta EarthMovers under it's business domain. The company has a distribution tie-up with Korean rock breaking equipment manufacturers for distribution of their products in the country. It has tie-ups with manufacturers based on the time period ranging from 7-10 years each. Mehta Earthmovers is also into the business of crane rentals.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
Behind the gain made from the tie-ups Mr. Mehul Mehta, Director, Mehta Earth–Movers says, "wide range of product placement, aided by sincerity and efficient customer support have enabled us to gain dividends."

In the category to offer value added products also comes, Pakona Engineers (India) Limited. Pakona Engineers is a joint venture company with Colombia Machines, Inc USA. It manufactures automatic plant for interlocking pavers, hollow and solid blocks, flyash bricks, kerb stones, retaining wall blocks etc. The company claims the value added features of its products owing to its rugged and high output features.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
Competitive product features to marketing is also claimed by Mr. P.S. Gupta, MD, K.K. Manhole Grating. He says, "Macroza's wall chasing machine, used for electrical and plumbing applications are much convenient to use than the hand made tools and can work well both on concrete and cement blocks."

K.K Manhole is the distributor of Spanish made, Marcoza's wall chasing machine in India. The company owes its credit in selling 20 machines in the country, ever since its tie up a year and half back. K.K plans to sell 40 machines during 2008-09.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
Similar claims are made by Mr. Kamlesh Jain, Managing Director, Nakoda Machinery. Nakoda has a marketing tie-up with South–Korea based MSD Corp for selling its rock breakers in the country. He says, "the rugged features of the MSD rock breakers have provided greater acceptability for the products." He mentioned to enhance its back up support Nakoda would be expanding its dealer network by appointing 8-10 dealers more across the country.

Construction Equipment

Confronting Challenges

Though marketing tie-ups both with Indian and foreign partners and may have proved to be dividend paying for one and many distributors but the story has also been not too rosy with couple of distributors.

marketing collaborations among equipment manufacturers
As the case goes for Right Vision India Pvt Ltd, representative of Germany's Lasco Brick making machines. As per Mr. B.P. Bharti, "Director though our tie up with Lasco has been four years old but we are yet to make head way in sales." He attributes to the negative sales of the machines owing to its high capital investment cost. However, to promote sales, Right Vision would be targeting power sector and the steel industry.

Promotion of equipment sales based on tie-ups has also brought its set of challenges for, Kam-Avida, Enviro-Engineers Pvt Ltd. Kam Avida is the Indian distributor of U.K based Johnston made road sweepers and also U.K based Thredfort municipal garbadge compaction equipment.

As per Mr. Manish Chandra, G.M, Sales, Kam-Avida "the products, which are used in municipal applications have been finding slow acceptance due to modest business development initiatives and follow up by the dealers appointed by us with the municipal departments." However, the company is on the way to correct the anomaly.

Be as it may, challenges in way for manufacturing and distributing companies looking for sales is a silver lining. This can prove to be good learning exercise for the companies in making their marketing strategies reoriented and distribution channels well organized and be partner of the greater lot of the country's equipment marketing fraternity, that is enjoying business success.


Construction Equipment
Spartan Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd. has the distinction of being one of the most innovative and successful market players in the field of development, manufacture and marketing of construction equipment. Spartan's construction machineries and the products are well accepted and acclaimed by users like Defense, Infrastructure Developments, Contractors and Reputed Builders throughout India and abroad due to their hard to match competence, in depth experience, and the outstanding innovational strength.

Some of its products range include man and material hoist, Bar cutting and Bar banding machines, Tower crane and so on.


Greaves Cotton Limited, one of India's leading and well-diversified engineering companies manufactures a wide range of industrial products having core competencies in diesel/petrol engines, gensets, agro equipment and construction equipment.

To meet the challenges of construction industry, Greaves manufactures wide range of Road and Concrete equipment. The complete range of concrete equipment like Transit Mixers, Concrete Pumps, Batching Plants, etc. are manufactured at the Company's ISO 9001 certified Plants at Chennai and Gummidipoondi (Tamil Nadu). Greaves also manufactures the complete range of compaction equipment like Vibratory Soil Compactors, Heavy Tandem Rollers, Light tandem Rollers.

Greaves markets the entire range of CIFA and BOMAG machines, which include Shotcrete pumps, Tunnel forms, Moulds, Tampers, Plate compactors, Pneumatic tyre rollers, Recyclers and Refuge compactors amongst many other machines.

Greaves construction equipment is mainly used for construction of roads, bridges, buildings, ready mix concrete applications, etc. Greaves caters to the service and spare parts requirement of customers through their large network of qualified and trained service engineers located a various branches and dealerships.

Greaves also represents Sheffild Forgemasters Rolls Ltd., UK, internationally renowned manufacture of rolls for cold rolling and hot rolling steel mills. Further, Greaves represents special Metal Wiggin Ltd., UK for nickel alloys used in process and chemical industries as well as Timet, UK for titanium alloys used in petro-chemical industries.

C.S Diesel

Construction Equipment
C.S.Diesel is the sole distributor of TCM cranes in India. TCM is a dynamic Italian company specialized in design, construction and assembly of cranes. TCM is an ISO and CE market company and works with most countries in the world.

The company produces wide range of truck-mounted cranes from 30 tons to 180 tons capacity for booms extension with hydraulic system for lifting capacity and return with boom in horizontal position.


Multiquip Construction Equipment Private Limited (MQ-India) is incorporated to promote the Sales and Services of Multiquip (MQ) manufactured/distributed brand products in the Indian sub-continent as Multiquip Inc.'s sole distributor.

Multiquip Inc., USA (MQ has grown to one of the largest and most diversified suppliers of construction equipment and is a world-wide well–known Manufacturer/Distributor of light and medium sized construction equipment. MQ's diverse product lines include the highest quality equipment for soil compaction, concrete vibration, placement, smoothing and finishing, concrete masonry, rebar cutting and bending, power buggies, water and material pumping, portable power generation, jobsite lighting and welders.

MQ-India maintains products, accessories and spare parts warehouse in Mumbai and provides its customers certain exstock equipment, spares, and accessories. It provides prompt after sales support and services to customers and also offer technical solutions for selection of proper and appropriate MQ equipment, keeping in view the required utility and economical usage.

Construction Equipment


Construction Equipment
Bellstone, an ISO 9001 certified having a big inventory of construction equipment survey and safety, lab and testing equipment under one roof. The company has a unique construction department store which has its own Research and Development facility with over 300 employees including 80 Engineers and has precision Instrument, advanced equipment powerful technical force, complete testing means and strict quality control system.

Bellstone Hitech International plans to add new state-of-theart- equipment to its stock, including high-tech lifts. The company has also plans to set-up such construction departmental stores in different parts of the country in view of good response to its existing venture.


Construction Equipment
Voltas Mining & Construction Equipment Division (M&CE) has been serving the cause of mechanisation and modernisation for almost 50 years, serving as a vital value-adding link between manufacturers, suppliers and end-users.

Over the decades, it has established a large and appreciative customer base from both public and private sector. In conjunction with globally renowned manufacturers, M&CE offers its customers a comprehensive package–proven expertise, long experience, the world's best equipment and value-added service support.

Voltas offers the world's best technologies for infrastructure building, along with a highly professional support engineering team. Voltas has technical tie-ups with some of the most reputed names in the field, such as Boss Trucks–UK and Terex Inc–USA, Terex Mining O&K, Germany, Terex Equipment, Scotland, Hyundai, Dressta, Powerscreen and P&H for their world-class equipment which they represent in India.


Construction Equipment
Pakona Engineers (I) Pvt Ltd. has been manufacturing machine since 1983 and has a well-proven track record of service backup. The company manufactures model 15L machines at its plant at Vadodara in India under license from Columbia Machine Inc. USA. The model 15 L can produce 4,000 blocks of 20x20x40 cm or 10,000 unistone pavers (225x112.5x80mm) or 30,000 flyash bricks per 8 hr. shift.

Columbia Machine Inc is a world leader with over 70 years experience in manufacturing machines for producing a limitless range of concrete products with its unique vertical vibratory sysem that enables the production of all types of premolded concrete products, including concrete blocks and pavers with quick and simple change of moulds and saving in cement consumption.

Dar Tiee

Construction Equipment
Dar Tiee Inc. founded in 1972 and headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan. Dar Tiee manufactures wide range of products that include Rolling Mill Equipment, Deform Bar Cutting and Bending Equipment, and steel equipment related products.

Dar Tiee has made its mark by maintaining the highest standards for quality at competitive prices. The goal of the company is to build longterm relationship with customers and strictly perform the quality control, and closely evaluate and analyze the performance of its products and keep up customer's satisfaction.

IPCC Interglobal Projects & Construction Co. Delhi is the authorized dealer of Dar Tiee products in India. Dar Tiee delivers top quality products at competitive prices.

Kam Avida

Construction Equipment
Kam Avida, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company has evolved itself to make sewer maintenance program more effective by providing the world-class sewer maintenance equipment to keep the roads, drain etc clean by using the contemporary method.

Growing industrialization has resulted in an explosion in urbanization which has caused a tremendous load on the existing civic infrastructure, thereby making it almost mandatory for the civic bodies to find better methods to carry their sewer maintenance programs.

Kam Avida is the India's largest manufacturers of drain cleaners, garbage collection and transportation system in a wide range such as walk behind and Ride on type sweepers in association with ISAL, chassis mounted sweepers in association with JOHNSTON and other attachment sweepers.
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Tesmec presents products and solutions under the banner of Digital Transformation
Tesmec S.p.A is a market leader in infrastructure technologies (overhead, underground and railways) for the transport of electricity, data and materials (oil and derivates, gas and water), as well as surface mining and quarrying

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Sir Meccanica Service India offers portable machines to reduce machine downtime by repairing onsite
Sir Meccanica Service India is offering its W-series of full CNC portable multi-function machines for inline boring and overlay welding; its F - Max series of portable flange placing machines; and its TOP series of full CNC portable orbital lathes

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Ensure personal safety and higher productivity with Hardox® wear plate
SSAB is a specialized steel company that manufacture its products in Scandinavia and the USA under the registered trademark brand Hardox®. The well-known Hardox® wear steel is available in India only through

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Manufacturing 4.0 Harnessing the Power of Industry 4.0
With constant digitalization, businesses have now realized the significance of technology and are revamping their strategy to drive competitiveness and innovation, improved productivity, and higher efficiencies

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TankUp: A Digital Fueling Specialist
As a Project Fuelling Consultant, we aim at fuelling entrepreneurship and providing end - to - end consultancy services for enabling mobile fuel delivery and technological advancement,” says Gaurav Lath, Founder, TankUp

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Goldmont revolutionizes underground mining bucket design with Hardox® wear plate with 25% lighter buckets
Goldmont Engineering, a manufacturer and supplier of parts and services to the mining, transport and construction industries, has produced an innovative loader bucket using specialty steels from global steel producer SSAB

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INNOMAC's innovative range of Bar Cutting & Bar Bending Machines
INNOMAC offers a complete range of new and innovative Bar Cutting Machines and Bar Bending Machines in 42, 52 and 55 models. The machines are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the Indian construction

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TWF offers Safety Shoring Equipment & Mobile Road System for sale, rental & leasing
TWF offers Safety Shoring Equipment & Mobile Road System for sale, rental & leasing TWF Shoring India LLP is an Indian subsidiary of TWF Tiefbautechnik GMBH which offers sale and rental consultation, in-house design of special customer-specific solutions, logistics, spare parts supply as well as training and sale

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BELLSTONE signs distribution tie-ups with ICARO Machinery of Italy, Masterpec of U.S.A, and Techno of Singapore
BELLSTONE Hi-Tech International is a ‘supermarket’ of construction machinery, concrete mixer, bar bending & bar cutting machines, testing instruments, laboratory equipment for soil, concrete and steel, and safety & survey equipment

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Gandhi High Speed Industrial Doors
High speed doors are typically designed to integrate with the traffic movements within your organization, whether pedestrian traffic, forklifts, vehicles or automated conveyors. For this reason, it is critical to plan the design and

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Sana Industries
Delhi-based Sana Industries is one of India's leading manufacturer and exporter of construction and earthmoving equipment. Products include Bar Cutting Machines, Bar Bending Machines

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Bar cutting, Bar bending - Rebar processing machinery
Bar Cutting and bar bending machines by Safari Construction Equipment are used for cutting and bending of TMT bars & rebars easily on construction sites. Bar cutting and bending machines are sturdy

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SSAB: Leading developer and manufacturer of wear, structural, protection and tool steels
SSAB is a global steel supplier and service partner in Quenched & Tempered Steels (Q&T) and Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS). The company has a global responsibility for the marketing and sales

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SAMAY – Mobile Diesel Bowser by Mehta Earthmovers
It is simply not economical to keep an equipment idle without refueling for any length of time. A Mobile Diesel Dispenser can reach your equipment, wherever it may be located – whether on uneven roads

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Husqvarna brings customer-centric products for high performance, reliability and safety
The 328-year-old Husqvarna Group is a leading global producer of power products and innovative solutions for construction, forest, park and garden care. It’s construction division provides construction

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Magnetic Autocontrol: Specialists in Vehicle & Pedestrian Access Control
Magnetic Autocontrol, a business unit of the FAAC Group, operates in the ever-growing market of pedestrian and vehicle access control. Headquartered in Schopfheim in the southern Black Forest, Germany

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Stone Cutting Tool
Piranha Stone Biter by TC Industries is an innovative and a professional way to cut stone. Piranha Stone Biter is a completely new way for professional Countertop Installers, Masons, and Stone Craftsmen to

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Patel Furnance Shot Blasting Machine
Shot Blasting is a method used to clean, to induce strength (shot peening) or polish metal surface. It is used in almost every industry that uses metal, including aerospace, automotive, construction,

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