Along with more than 20 years of engineering expertise, the latest generation of Atlas Copco power packs combines approved technology with innovative and expedient features. Therefore the recent products line - the LP 9-20 P as well as the electrically driven LP 9-20 E - submits evidence that they are designed to serve maximum handheld working tool performance, power and reliability.

Atlas Copco power packs
When it comes to improved cooling capacity and full component protection, both power packs claim a state-of-the-art rating. In order to confirm this approach, the refined oil filtration system, a spin-on filter and a built-in bypass make significant contributions, whereas the included thermostatic oil temperature control appears almost as a matter of course. A direct mounted large scale hydraulic filter gauge completes the design of the new power pack generation. They also contain established features like the favoured POD (Power on Demand) throttle up regulatory system which automatically idles the engine when the tool is not at work and speeding it up immediately on reactivating for rush. The electric version (LP 9-20 E) additionally provides a motor protection relay and phase switch connectors for a constantly safe and easy operation and connection.

Powered the easy way

Proceeding the exceptionally operator-friendly design which already distinguished the Atlas Copco LP 18 power packs, the LP 9-20 line is extraordinarily easy-going. Due to their minimized weight (76 kg/LP 9-20 P and 68 kg/LP 9-20 E respectively), they are suitable for smart transport on site. With a foldable handle, cross bars and centrally located wheels for a well-balanced quantity distribution one person can move them with ease. "Any connections and operation levers are smoothly accessible, with easy access for air and filter replacement. A central hook allows convenient lifting, including the hoses supported by a frame during transport," states Product Line Manager Jan Byrresen.

Three of a kind: Atlas Copco hydraulic breakers

Hydraulic breakers
Connecting the power packs with Atlas Copco handheld hydraulic breakers offer paramount power delivery. A full range of T-handle breakers covering the full weight range on handheld and meeting all common chisel sizes suite the power from all packs. Most of these are available in three versions: Standard, E and HBP. The vibro-reduced E versions are as high performing as the Standard models, but superior in operator comfort with minimized levels of vibration, up to 70% less in comparison, which leads to less fatigue and enhanced productivity. When it is necessary to accept a more intense back pressure in the return line, choosing for the HBP (high back pressure) version becomes the method of choice. Destined to operate from almost any hydraulic outlet (including skid steers that often provide a back pressure that standard breakers cannot accept) they are also recommended when extreme long hoses are needed.

New post drivers version launched

HD (heavy duty) post drivers are the latest additions to the Atlas Copco handheld hydraulics range. Road barrier tubes, profiles, signposts, fences or a wide range of anchors - the HD post drivers deliver a stable and powerful performance. And when they are operated with an optional hose-mounted remote-controlled valve, they run with both open- or closed-centre systems. In summary, the combination of Atlas Copco tools and power packs face the peak of handheld technology for long-lasting benefits.
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