Praj Industries had the formidable task of transporting a 64-metre, 150-metric ton component over a 600-km distance

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For India's leading biofuels company, Praj Industries Limited, it was a challenging task to transport a gigantic column — 64m long and weighing 150 metric tons — over a 600km distance from its Kandla SEZ unit to an integrated phenol-cumene plant at Dahej in Gujarat's Bharuch district. Ideally, the conventionally preferred approach to transporting the cargo would have been via sea on barges from Kandla to Dahej, but it would have cost a huge amount of money.

The project team from Praj Industries learnt about Allcargo's expertise in handling over-dimensional cargo and reached out for a solution. Allcargo advised the team that the consignment could be transported by road, and at a much lesser cost. Within days of the initial discussion, the Allcargo team conducted a route survey, and confirmed that the project could be taken up.

Encountering challenges and finding quick solutions

The risks involved with handling the ODC were high, as the massive column had to be taken through highways and roads, some of which were not just narrow, but even in bad shape.

About five large consignments — ranging in length from 26m to 64m — had to be transported by road. Allcargo was confident about executing the project despite the formidable challenge of poorly built roads, massive traffic snarls, and traffic violators hindering smooth movement on the highways.

The very first challenge was encountered while taking out the cargo from the client’s factory. The divider outside the premises had to be demolished and reconstructed. As a proactive step, the accompanying teams would demolish and rebuild structures along the entire route. On some stretches, temporary roads had to be built, using sandbags to ensure smooth movement of the vehicles.

Allcargo Logistics

Ensuring smooth execution at every stage

The Allcargo personnel also had to demolish many poles and other barriers along the route, and then re-erect or rebuild them once the consignments cleared the obstacles. This involved taking the requisite permissions in advance from the respective authorities to ensure smooth execution of the movement at every stage.

There were quite a few hurdles on the 600km-long journey, requiring repairs and reconstruction of pavements, replacement of electricity poles and street lights, and a series of demolitions and rebuilding. Often, at the last minute, the route had to be changed as some of the structures could not be removed.

The project in itself was complex and required expert handling. Our experience and expertise in handling over-sized consignments gave the client the assurance that the project would be executed on time, and, more importantly, with utmost safety and responsibility.
The original plan envisaged would take about 25 days to transport the cargo to Dahej, but Allcargo did it in just 12 days.

Road runners

Allcargo Logistics
The 'Route Survey Report' from Kandla SEZ to Deepak Phenolics, Dahej, brought up unique challenges that were solved:

Challenge: Road width 6m, only unpaved road available.

Solution: Kachha road needs to be developed, compaction required.

Challenge: Turn left towards Gandhidham, go right to Kandla SEZ area.

Solution: One sign board to be removed, a 10-metre wide divider to be demolished. Few local stalls to be removed and tree branches to be removed.

Challenge: Turn left towards Deepak Nitrates using wrong side lane; go straight to Dahej port.

Solution: Divider of approx. 10m with one light pole to be removed.

Challenge: Road width 5m starts. Boundary wall of Nocil needs to be demolished. Seven electric poles to be shifted. Trees to be shifted.

Solution: Leveling and compaction required for safe turn; security watch tower to be shifted.
By successfully executing challenging projects ahead of stipulated deadlines, the Allcargo team is delivering value to customers, which illustrates the company’s ingenious solutions

Completing task to client’s satisfaction

The successful movement of huge components has become a landmark of sorts at Praj Industries. Rahul Rai, key accounts head, Projects and Engineering Solutions, Allcargo Logistics, says that his technical team did due diligence of all possible routes to transport the 64-m long cargo from Kandla to Dahej. "We also had the cost restriction to keep in mind," he points out. "We had a strategic focus and came out with this technically challenging project."

Allcargo Logistics

The Allcargo team undertook a thorough job by re-organizing the factory layout, moving the raw material store, and breaking the exit gate at the Kandla SEZ, all the way to the last point in the journey at the destination. ”Indeed, it was very difficult for the client's technical team to envisage this kind of a transportation solution. It took multiple reiterations from us to convince them and we finally and safely concluded the movement, and, most importantly, at 50% of what had originally been budgeted," avers Rai.

The original plan envisaged would take about 25 days to transport the cargo to Dahej, but Allcargo did it in just 12 days.

Delighted with the excellent job executed by Allcargo, Praj Industries has awarded another big project of transporting a 69m long equipment to Allcargo. Rahul Rai is confident that the Allcargo team would successfully handle the even more challenging task of transporting the longest, SEZ-manufactured column, safely again, and in a timely manner.

By successfully executing challenging projects ahead of stipulated deadlines, the Allcargo team is delivering value to customers, which illustrates the company’s ingenious solutions. A key to customer satisfaction is providing daily project status and responding promptly to queries; the reason why clients trust Allcargo Logistics for its reliability and efficiency.

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