The market for used vehicles and equipment is highly unorganized. In such a scenario, Shriram Automall India Ltd stands apart as a safe, reliable and efficient company that has improved the purchase capacity of people in the construction industry by providing them with a wide range of used vehicles and construction equipment at fair prices.

The construction equipment market is witnessing a year-on-year growth. Thanks to the emphasis by the government to clear the stuck projects and introduce new ones and thereby fast forward infrastructure development across the country. The new projects have attracted the interest of construction business owners to buy new or pre-owned equipment, and be complaint with the government norms for applying to project tenders. With the new market witnessing good sales already, the pre-owned construction equipment market is also benefitting, and in turn, the buyers are reaping maximum benefits by buying used equipment. Most construction business owners now prefer used equipment over the new ones due to the major price difference.

Shriram Construction Equipment Finance

A Positive Market View

The construction equipment industry is on a fast growth path as the construction industry has begun to stabilize. It is set to gather momentum over the next two years as government reforms and policy measures in the infrastructure sector take root. The initiatives by the government have made the macro parameters favorable to the industry. The economy is reviving and inflation is under control. Reforms such as opening up the insurance and defence sectors for more foreign direct investment (FDI) will see more infrastructure projects coming up, which in turn will lead to increase in demand for construction machineries and equipment.

An investment of $1 trillion has been projected for the infrastructure sector until 2017, around 40% of which is to be funded by the private sector and the rest 60% by government. Around 45% of the infrastructure investment will be funneled into construction activities. These huge investments will drive growth of the industry.

India has become one of the key potential markets, globally, for construction equipment. The construction market contributed nearly 7 percent to India's GDP and is further estimated to reach 8 percent by the end of 2016. By 2025, the construction market is expected to emerge as the third largest in the world.

There is a positive sentiment amongst construction business owners who are keen to buy both the new and the used equipment as they bid for tenders. The Make in India campaign is also boosting the segment.

Shriram Construction Equipment Finance

The Game Changer

Shriram Automall, a leading service provider in India for the exchange of pre-owned vehicles and construction equipment for 5 years, is a recognized name in the construction industry. The company has built trust and loyalty in its customers due to its strong portfolio of pre-owned equipment, its range of services from bidding to financing, and its professional, organized approach.

In the highly unorganized market of pre-owned vehicles and equipment, Shriram Automall has brought an innovative, customer-friendly and transparent way of doing business with buyers that include OEMs, individuals, and professionals in the construction industry.

Shriram Construction Equipment Finance

Meeting Customer Demand

A booming infrastructure development across the country sees rising demand for pre-owned construction equipment. Shriram Automall is all geared up to garner a large share of the anticipated demand. It has a keen understanding of customer needs and is equipped to offer customized solutions and equipment that meet their requirements. The company's excavators, loaders and backhoes are the largest in demand today. Its other machineries include hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, loader backhoes, cranes, motor graders, crawler tractors, piling rigs, forklifts, off-highway trucks and mining machineries. The company is now keen on capturing the interest of international buyers for its construction equipment.

Shriram Construction Equipment Finance

Value-added Services

Purchasing used equipment or a used truck is no longer difficult now. From helping buyers in inspecting the vehicle onsite to enabling them to connect with the company from any location, Shriram Automall has various platforms to serve its customers for easy acquisition and disposal of vehicles and equipment.

Shriram Automall has helped millions of people to buy the vehicle or equipment they desire with utmost transparency & conviction. The Company has become the largest platform for exchange of used vehicles & equipment in India with over 21,000+ Bidding Events, 4 Lac+ Transactions, 3 Lac + Buyers & 150+ Bidding Locations. The company has been recognized as "Most Promising Brand and Best Online Market Place in Pre-owned Automobile Industry" by several industry experts time & again and holds 2 records in Limca Book of Records for conducting Highest number of Online & Physical Bidding Events in FY 2014-15.

Beside a wide range of vehicles & equipment, the company also serves various platforms for easy acquisition and disposal of vehicles & equipment. The Physical Bidding platform is the most popular one considered on the grounds of transparency and fair deals. But being an easy and instant platform in terms of market reach, Online Bidding has now gained much required momentum over the time.

Shriram Automall also has Private Treaty platform, where it serves as a negotiator between the owners of bulk or single assets at high value and the potential customers.

The company's another unique platform that provides real-time information about pre-owned vehicles for disposal is Shriram One-Stop Classified KIOSK. This platform helps individual and fleet operators to interact and strike deals. The Kiosk is an interactive machine from where it is easier for users to view and select the vehicle of their choice.

These platforms have been presented with highly strategic compliance and have proved to be successful to their niche of audiences. From helping buyers in inspecting the vehicle onsite to enabling the customer to connect with the company from anywhere easily, Shriram Automall offers every possible service a customer would need to have his trust built in a company.
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