Trelleborg has invested substantial resources for the development of new lubrication management technologies through a deeper understanding of the functioning of hydraulic fluids within a sealing system. By designing components to work together more effectively with fluids and permitting lubrication to reach areas which would previously remain unlubricated, stick-slip and friction are significantly lowered with benefits of extended service life, optimum performance and lower total cost of ownership.

Mechanical Face Seals: Trelleborg is offering Mechanical Face Seals, commonly referred to as Face Seal or Heavy-Duty Seal, to meet demand of rotating applications in extreme working conditions where off-highway vehicles usually operate and must withstand severe wear and prevent ingress of harsh and abrasive external media. They are ideal for sealing in heavy duty rotating applications such as rollers, front idlers and final drives of tracked vehicles, graders, shovels, ploughs and scrapers on tractors, off-highway trucks, drilling machines, hydraulic excavators, conveyors, concrete mixers, asphalt plants, mining equipment, crushing equipment, mowers, hay balers and wind turbines. They are particularly suited for fitment on axles, gearboxes, mixers and stirrers.

Trelleborg Roto L Seal
The metal part of the Mechanical Face Seal is available in special heat-treated high-alloy corrosion-resistant mould cast iron or a forged roller bearing steel. Selection of material depends on operating conditions. Cast iron will operate in speeds up to 10 ft/s / 3 m/s with oil lubrication, while for rotational speeds up to 2.2 m/s, bearing steel is adequate. The bearing steel option offers significant cost savings on medium to large seals within suitable applications. "Up to 7.2 ft/s / 2.2 m/s the bearing steel option, due to lower process and material costs, can offer significant savings, especially for medium to large size Mechanical Face Seals," says Carlo Calvietti, Technical and Quality Manager of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Modena, Italy, where the seals are manufactured. "In addition, there is more flexibility in design, allowing the seals to be custom engineered for specific housings."

Turcon® Roto L: The first ever active seal, the new and unique Turcon® Roto L reduces friction, extending seal life on axle systems and lowering fuel consumption, thereby conserving energy. Used in central tire inflation systems (CTIS), this gives improved sealing life and most importantly, helps off-highway vehicle and truck operators save energy and fuel, lowering their overall operating costs.

The seal's patented design combines a PTFE sealing lip with a rubber jacket and a stable shape forming metal part. When pressurized, Turcon® Roto L has less than half the friction of standard axle sealing solutions and allows vehicle operators to deflate and inflate tires on the move. It can take between 20 and 30 minutes to adjust the pressure on a large commercial tire, so allowing this process to be performed on the move permits up to an extra 30 minutes of working time.

Turcon® Roto L, only seals around the axle of central tire inflation systems when required: when the tire is pressurized to inflate or deflate it. Conventional seals for central tire inflation systems are constantly heavily in contact with a vehicle's axle, wearing the seal and causing friction that uses energy, thereby consuming fuel unnecessarily. By eliminating friction when the tire is not pressurized, Turcon® Roto L prevents unnecessary energy loss, cutting fuel consumption appreciably. It also reduces shaft run-in significantly due to the material properties of the Turcon® M12 sealing lip. When combined with the zero-friction encountered when the seal is not activated, the result is a seal life that is at least four times longer.

ZURCON® Z25: This revolutionary new compound combines excellent viscoelastic properties and high tensile strength at extreme temperatures. It is ideal for use in heavy duty cylinder sealing applications where it can guarantee a long service life. These include industrial and mobile applications with limited cooling systems or cylinders exposed to high-temperature painting processes. It is also suitable for rotary applications such as swivel joints, where heat is generated by high pressures and low speeds.

According to Joe Woods, Fluid Power Segment Manager for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas, "It is able to perform at much higher temperatures than traditional polyurethane materials, allowing for the production of high-performance seals that can be commercially and technically competitive. This translates to better equipment performance for our customers."

Augmented Reality: The latest addition to the company's VR library is the extensive VR tour of its TSS Bengaluru manufacturing facility covering the Global Elastomer plant and the Global Plastics Manufacturing Unit, the tool machining centre, cleanrooms, production floor, etc. The manufacturing capability VR Tour joins the ever-growing range of Trelleborg's Digital Tools and Services.

Trelleborg is continually developing new technologies and refining existing solutions to meet the ever more stringent and complex requirements of the fluid power market. Its newly developed Hydraulics AR app assists engineers and designers to understand lubrication management in a much better way. The advanced AR brochure can be scanned with a proprietary mobile app to unlock interactive content on a variety of topics including innovative products for hydraulic applications.
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